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"A fight between devils, let them fight!"

The tallest tree giant, who was over ten-thousand-miles-tall, wielded his giant clubs and roared. He took a step forward and pulled up a mountain, smashing on the golden city with all strength.

The golden magic shield emerged. The mountain shattered against the shield, but opened a giant hole on it. The tree giant turned around and shouted to all world guards and tree giants, "War! March in! Kill all bugs!"

This tree giant had a hundred and twenty-four arms. His thousands of miles long arms were huge and strong. After breaking a hole in the golden shield of the city, he immediately reached tens of arms in, grabbed the edge of the hole, and tore it apart.

Along with a deafening sizzling noise, the hole was torn bigger and bigger by him. Golden thunderbolts burst from the golden shield and raised clouds of smoke from the tree giant's arms, leaving hundreds of meters diameter dents on his arms.

If he were an ordinary living being, he would have been torn into pieces.

But, he was such a giant, that even his bark wasn't broken.

On the city wall, the eyes of all golden statues shone and released golden light beams, which struck on his body. The erect eyes of thousands of divine towers opened, attacking him with dazzling light beams and setting his body on fire.

Raging fires burst from his body. Giant dents, from hundreds of meters to a million miles in diameter, appeared on his body. In some dents, his skin was broken, and large streams of sticky green 'blood' had been flowing out of his wounds.

From the air, dense green mists poured down, merging into his body. His body had been getting damaged constantly. But, supported by the great Dao of Pan Heng world, his wounds had been healing themselves speedily.

Trees had strong life-force; as a strong tree giant, his life-force was millions of times stronger than ordinary trees. Added with the support and protection given by Pan Heng world, his life-force was nearly inexhaustible. No external force could easily kill him and his brothers, unless one shredded them directly.

Eight-hundred world guards rushed to the golden city, even the shortest ones among them being over five-hundred miles tall. They wielded their giant clubs, opened large holes on the golden shield of the city, then tried their best to tear the edges of the holes, making them larger and larger.


Hundreds of tree giants, who were turned into warriors from ordinary trees by the world guards, raised their heads high and let out deep roars that sounded like horns. They charged madly to the golden city with giant steps towards the holes on the shield.

All defense mechanisms of the city had been attacking the eight-hundred world guards at the moment, and nothing was left to defend against these tree giants. Non-humankind warriors in the city had no choice but to watch them approach the city, then came in through the holes on the magic shield.

Countless tree giants came to the wall of the golden city and climbed up each other's bodies, quickly reaching the top of the thousand-miles-tall city wall. Strong vines grew out from under their feet and wove into giant rope ladders on the wall.

Before the golden city, the earth suddenly split up. Hundreds of thousands of enormous vines rose from the ground. The vines opened and formed broad paths, letting countless shadow leopards and green spirits out swiftly.

No one knew where all shadow leopards and green spirits were from. In Ji Hao's line of sight, the light green shadow leopards and green spirits had formed a boundless ocean, flooding to the city while roaring thunderously with fury.


The loud noise could be heard from midair, as fist-sized, bee-like poisonous bugs descended speedily from the dense green clouds in the air. Each bug was merely as big as a human fist, but the sharp dark-green thorn on its tail was half-foot long.

Ji Hao saw the intensely shaking thorns on their tails. Maybe because of the stimulation gave by nature, every big's poison gland was filled with venom. From the thorns of some bugs, sticky blue-green venom spurted out and dripped on the ground, corroding the earth and leaving fist-sized holes on the ground.

Such a powerful venom! But, the number of these bugs was even scarier.

By using his spirit power, Ji Hao scanned across the battleground and found over a trillion bugs. But those were merely one-thousandth of them all!

This was the retaliatory power of this world. Pan Heng world had woken up, and had been gathering all available forces to fight the invaders. Ji Hao sensed a weak yet fairly clear spirit from deep underground, where the roots of countless trees interwove. The spirit had been recovering and constantly growing stronger.

Raging growls of non-humankind warriors could be heard from the golden city. The defense mechanisms of the city had failed to stop these local living beings from Pan Heng world. Cities of great calamity and flying forts rose from the city, floating in the air tens of thousands of miles above the ground as they launched waves of destructive golden light against the boundless army of Pan Heng world creatures.

The fire reached the sky as giant explosions created enormous dents on the ground.

Every time a fire rose from the ground, hundred, even over a thousand green spirits would be killed right on the spot. Shrill screams of injured shadow leopards echoed throughout the battleground.

But, the light attacks were only effective on larger sized creatures. Facing the poisonous bugs descending from the sky, the destructive golden lights were completely useless. The bugs flew into the city shield and reached the top of the city wall in a moment.

The bugs surrounded all non-humankind warriors guarding on the wall, and pierced the sharp thorns fiercely into their bodies.

Some non-humankind warriors immediately burst into hoarse cries. The moment the thorns stabbed in, giant amounts of venom were injected into their bodies. Before long, all kinds of toxic reactions showed up. The venoms of this terrifyingly huge number of bugs actually had different natures; their toxins included all complicated kinds of toxins from plants.

Ji Hao chuckled as he pulled off seventy-two hairs of his and whiffed at them, creating seventy-two clones, all looking exactly the same as Pan Heng world green spirits.

His clones absorbed the natural green power and transformed it into longbows, dropping into the formidable green spirit army.

In the meanwhile, Ji Hao quivered slightly, gave a deep growl, and shifted his shape into a three-hundred-meters tall tree giant. Carrying a large club, he rushed into the broken golden shield.

Ji Hao darted to the top of the city wall swiftly, violently swung his club down, and smashed a ten-miles-squared flying fort into thousands of bits.

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