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A raging roar could be heard. Ten-thousand-miles around the giant tree, the forest collapsed suddenly, while bottomlessly deep cracks appeared on the ground.

The deafening roar sounded like a thousand thunder bombs going off together on the ground. Jia Clan warriors were smashed to pieces. Enslaved wooden giants and green spirits remained perfectly unharmed, but fell unconscious because of the intense vibration of the earth.

Hearing the giant tree's roar, the Yu Clan man who summoned the strike started vomiting blood. Again, he transformed into a golden beam of light and fled thousands of miles away, breaking away from the range of the giant tree's voice. While flying backward, he was suffering a heartache and cursing through gritted teeth. Earlier, because of the ten-miles-long section of damaged wall of his flying fort, he lost eight-thousand credits. But now, a roar of the giant tree shredded the entire flying fort into a puff of metal pieces, drifting down from the sky!

In the flying fort, countless non-humankind warriors, slave warriors, and non-humankind slaves were torn apart by the violent sound waves into millions of pieces that fell from the sky along with a rain of blood.

In the forest, the branches of countless towering were shaking, causing loud and muffled rusting noises. Astonishingly, the giant tree's horrific roar caused such a severe damage to the non-humankind troop. But, except for having their branches shaking and some leaves falling off, the other trees in the surroundings barely suffered a harm.

The thousand-miles-tall trunk of the giant tree was twitching intensely, while its branches were shaking. Beside its wrinkled face, a large piece of its trunk was blown off, and from the wound, a large amount of sticky green liquid had been squirting out. The giant tree twisted its face, its mouth widely opened as it let out muffled and long howls in pain from time to time.

In the middle, two-thirds of the giant tree's trunk was blown off, leaving the remaining part near its face barely supporting its heavy crown. In the damaged tree trunk was a miles wide green crystal ball, sparkling with a gentle green light. Streams of natural power had been gathering towards the crystal ball.

From this green crystal ball, Ji Hao sensed a warm, gentle, and strong life-force, as vast as a sea. It should be the giant tree's heart, or his 'spirit Dan'. Without a doubt, it was the core of this giant tree, which contained all its life-force, even its 'soul'.

As for the energy contained in the green crystal ball…The total amount of the highly compressed energy, which had gone through a magical conversion process, in the crystal ball, roughly equaled to the total amount of energy contained in all magic crystals from one-hundred-thousand super scale crystal mines in Pan Gu world!

The total amount of energy contained in all magic crystals from one-hundred-thousand super scale crystal mines in Pan Gu world… Thinking of it, Ji Hao's scalp was even numbed.

But soon, he realized that it was actually nothing to be surprised at. His current source of energy was the Pan Jia sun, a genuine natural sun. The energy contained in the Pan Jia sun was thousands of times greater than the total energy from one-hundred-thousand super scale crystal mines!

"Hrr! Devil!" The giant tree growled in madness, as large green spell symbols sparkled quickly on it crystal ball. Meanwhile, green-colored gales were started from the forest, tens of millions of miles around it.

Soon, dark green tornados rose from the ground. These tornados were generated from the purest green power. Countless towering trees had been inhaling the power from the earth meridians underground and releasing the green power from their leaves and branches. Under the control of the giant tree's crystal ball, the green power was turned into a series of thousands of miles tall tornados.

The sounds of tornados even vibrated the earth and the sky. Green leaves swished swiftly in the air. The leaves flew way too fast, that gradually, they became thin beams of green light that screamed shrilly in the tornados.

Dark green tornados moved to the giant tree and merged into its body one after another.

All towering trees in the surrounding forest generously gave a half of their life-force to the giant tree. The trunk of the giant tree, which was injured badly by the golden light, was recovering quickly. Within the span of about ten breaths, the huge breach on the giant tree's body had disappeared.

The giant tree began shaking its body. The earth split open all of a sudden, and strong roots darted out of the ground, while its huge branches moved. Along with a thunderous roar, the giant tree slowly stood up from the earth.

The giant tree became a one-thousand and five-hundred miles tall, eight-armed, eight-legged giant, with four-faces on its trunk.

Following a series of creaking noise, the dark green tornados shrank in the air, as the pure green power condensed into an emerald-like crystal. Eight tornados condensed into eight thousand-miles-long clubs in the giant tree's hands.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The giant tree wielded the eight enormous clubs and smashed in the air, generating waves of dark-green air ripples that spread speedily. Its violent strikes left countless thin space cracks in the air.

Looked at this tremendous tree giant, Ji Hao was dumbfounded.

He closed his eyes and observed this tree giant with pure spirit power. He saw the bright light of energy inside its body, no weaker than the Pan Jia sun. Besides, as an inexhaustible green power flowed into its body from all directions, the tree giant's power had constantly been growing stronger!

How terrifying! Sadly, this tree giant didn't seem to know how to cultivate itself. Instead, it had been instinctively using its immense power.

Somehow, Ji Hao felt that if this tree giant could join Yu Yu's sect, follow Yu Yu's guidance, and learn Yu Yu's art of Dao. In a few years, with its rich natural foundation, it would become a powerful being like Po and Gui Ling.

This tree giant was exceptionally strong. Even though it wasn't as talented as Chaos creatures like Priest Hua and Priest Mu, it could indeed be counted as a top-grade powerful creature.

"Devil! Fight!" The tree giant stared at the Yu Clan man, who stood stupefied in the distance, and roared, "Great Pan Heng creatures, we like peace, and hate killing. But, we do not mind turning the fleshes and blood of extraneous devils into our nourishment! It will be the best sacrifice to Pan Heng!"

"Fight! I am Giant Kui! Devils, I am Giant Kui, one of the second generation of Pan Heng world life! During the long years when our ancestors are asleep, my brothers and I are the guards of Pan Heng world! All extraneous devils must be shredded to pieces!" Giant Kui roared toward the sky while wielding his eight giant clubs.

The Yu Clan man looked at this crazy giant, seeming to want to cry but failing to shed any tears.

"My merits, my credits! My…troop! God, such a great casualty, my pension money!" Suddenly, clear teardrops dripped down from the Yu Clan man's three eye sockets. He couldn't help but start crying.

So many troops were sent out from the golden city, but of all, why was he so unlucky to encounter a freak like Giant Kui?

The guards of a world? Like 'the guardians of the great Dao of nature'? If he knew that a world guard existed in this area, he would leave this area to the powerful ones. He was a small leader of a small expedition troop. Why was he even a part of this?

Suddenly, a man showed up before Giant Kui's face. That was Priest Mu. Forcing a smile out of his bitter face, Priest Mu looked at Giant Kui, nodded in satisfaction, and said, "My friend, you and I are destined to meet each other. Are you willing to join my sect? I will give you the unbreakable supreme great Dao!"

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