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"Supreme great Dao?" Giant Kui vigilantly looked at Priest Mu and said, "Devils! Don't try to delude me with tempting words!"

"Supreme great Dao!" Priest Mu smilingly looked at Giant Kui. As a powerful Chaos creature, Priest Mu had clearly seen through Giant Kui's great talent. The more he looked at Giant Kui, the more he liked him. Giant Kui was amazingly talented.

Sadly, Giant Kui was like a wild beast that had merely learned to use his power based on his instincts, without knowing how to cultivate himself. If he could join the sect and be elaborately guided by Priest Mu himself, in a thousand years at most, he would have the qualification to compete with the best disciples of Priest Dachi, Priest Qing Wei and Priest Yu Yu. Priest Xuandu, Priest Guangcheng, Priest Po, and other disciples from Yu Yu's sect were indeed gifted, and Giant Kui was no less talented than them.

Compared to Priest Mu's current disciples, Giant Kui was way more talented. Even Priest Miao Xiang, Dragon-slam, Tiger-blast and the four weren't as gifted as Giant Kui!

More importantly, Giant Kui was a prehistorical plant. He was a tree!

The more Priest Mu looked at Giant Kui, the more he liked him. He even showed a sincere smile on his never-changing bitter face.

As he was smiling at Giant Kui, the Yu Clan man was scared to death. Held in his hand, the golden crystal ball had been sparkling with a blinding red light, as an alarm of extreme danger. A shrill voice was warning the Yu Clan man, while Priest Mu's portrait clearly appeared in the crystal ball.

Priest Mu smilingly turned around, glanced at the Yu Clan man, and said, "Supreme great Dao, like this!"

Straightening his right forefinger, Priest Mu slowly pointed to the Yu Clan man. The golden crystal ball held in the Yu Clan Man's hands suddenly burst with a blood-red light. Looking at Priest Mu in a soul-deep fear, the Yu Clan man shrieked in despair, "All merits, all merits, strike, full strike! Full strike!"

Facing Priest Mu, the Yu Clan man didn't have the courage to fight; he even forgot to run.

At the moment, he only wished to trade all his merits for a full strike of the golden city to kill or badly injure Priest Mu at least, so that he could survive from the hands of this scary being.

In fact, at his current level, he couldn't tell how strong Priest Mu was. But, the crystal ball held in his hands was a magical tool made by Blood Crown himself, with a function to sense and show the power level of enemies. The golden crystal ball suddenly turned blood-red, which meant that he had encountered the strongest enemy. At the very least, this enemy was at the same level as Blood Crown!

On the wall of the golden city, the eyes of a whole hundred golden statues with long tridents shone simultaneously. A hundred statues 'looked' at Priest Mu, while the long tridents in their hands quaked suddenly and released a hundred fork-shaped light streams towards Priest Mu. The light streams tore apart the space.

"Quietus!" Priest Mu reached out his right forefinger. Somehow, the Yu Clan man felt that Priest Mu's finger had flashed across the sky and landed gently on his forehead. In the following moment, the Yu Clan man disappeared. His robe, the soft armor under the robe, boots, the crystal ball, and everything he had fell from the sky, but he disappeared without a trace.

"Devil! Watch out!" Giant Kui saw a whole hundred light streams striking towards Priest Mu and hurriedly warned him.

Priest Mu was also an 'extraneous devil', but Giant Kui wasn't silly enough to think of him the same as the ones who had been slaughtering Pan Heng world creatures. Just now, Giant Kui suffered a fork-shaped light that nearly struck him into two. Therefore, he clearly understood how dangerous those fork lights were.

He hurriedly warned Priest Mu and told him to be careful.

Priest Mu gave a resonant shout, wielded the green staff in his hand, and sent streams of warm mist into the sky, emitting a splendid, colorful glow. The wooden staff transformed into a branch with smooth lines and swept down towards the hundred beams of fork light along with a beautiful melody.

As a seven-colored streak of rainbow flashed across the sky, the hundred fork light beams were gone, as if they never existed.

"I am willing to give you such a great Dao, but are you will to follow my guidance?" Priest Mu mildly looked at Giant Kui. He had paid all his attention to Giant Kui, who was a gifted tree.

With eight arms and eight feet, Giant Kui looked at Priest Mu without knowing what to do. Did this extraneous devil actually want to take him as a disciple?

Earlier, when Priest Mu reached out his finger, the mysterious power he released and the dreadful lethality of that strike even frightened Giant Kui. Afterward, Priest Mu simply 'brushed' away a terrifying wave of offensive from the golden city, and Giant Kui didn't even know where did those fork lights go.

How amazing! If Priest Mu were a powerful being from Pan Heng world, Giant Kui would have kneeled and called him 'Shifu' long ago. But, Priest Mu was an extraneous devil, an extraneous devil…Giant Kui was a guard of Pan Heng world. How could he ever bow to an extraneous devil?

"No!" With a muffled voice, Giant Kui roared. On his giant trunk, his four mouths opened widely and growled thunderously in chorus, "No! I am Giant Kui. I am a descendant of Pan Heng, a guard of Pan Heng world! Devil, you can never make me yield!"

Priest Mu's expression changed slightly. He looked at Giant Kui coldly, while the anger started rising in his heart. Back in Pan Gu world, taking high-quality disciples had always been extra hard for Priest Hua and him. Now here in Pan Heng world, the first potential disciple he chose actually rejected his offer. How could that happen?

Snorting coldly, Priest Mu said in a bland tone, "You and I are destined to meet each other. This is your fortune, a precious opportunity. Don't mislead yourself!"

Priest Mu looked at Giant Kui coldly, while slightly shaking the branch in his hand and continuing, "Do you know where that golden city came from? Do you know how powerful those people who are invading Pan Heng world are? Can you protect Pan Heng world all alone?" Priest Mu's voice turned harsh.

Shaking his head and snorting again, Priest Mu gave a conclusion, "This is a joke! You are just… naive!"

Giant Kui raised the eight giant clubs and yelled with his muffled hoarse voice, "Giant Kui is not afraid of death! Giant Kui has many brothers! We, together, we are not afraid of any devil!"

Roaring towards the sky, Giant Kui glared at Priest Mu and shouted, "You, devil, you are not like the other devils, you have…a smell that is like Pan Heng! So, I will not harm you! Leave! Don't interfere in our war!"

Turning around, Giant Kui marched to the golden city.

"Devil, war, Giant Kui is never afraid of wars!"

Priest Mu gritted his teeth in anger and murmured to himself, "Stupid…but brave and pure. For a great disciple like this, we can only be patient and take it slowly…Does he have many brothers? Great, great! They all destined to join my sect!"

From the golden city, golden light beams rose into the sky and drew giant arcs in the air, flying to this area.

Priest Mu killed the Yu Clan man, and the non-humankind beings in the golden city had already noticed something. Immediately, they sent the reinforcements.

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