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Powerful, extraordinarily powerful.

Ji Hao looked at the thousand-miles-tall tree in shock. How many years had it grown for to be so tremendous, and to have such a destructive power? Its soul power was far stronger than Ji Hao's, and soul power usually needed to be grown over time.

Ji Hao could swear that he didn't see this giant tree while he followed this non-humankind troop here. In the vast forest in the front, even the tallest tree were merely about three-hundred-meters tall. Where this giant tree abruptly appeared was a sparse woods with short shrubs, definitely without a trace of such a giant tree.

But within a blink of an eye, this tree appeared all of a sudden. Ji Hao didn't even sense any abnormal power or energy.

Back in Pan Gu world, living beings which could show up suddenly without catching Ji Hao's attention were at the same level as Po and Gui Ling, or even Priest Hua and Priest Mu.

In Pan Heng world, suppressed by the great Dao of this world, Ji Hao's sensations were weakened largely. But still, this giant tree, which appeared right in front of Ji Hao without causing any power vibration, was at least as powerful as Po and Gui Ling.

Despite the fact that Pan Heng world was way weaker than Pan Gu world, it was a reasonable thing that this giant tree managed to top this non-humankind troop. After all, this tree might be one of the strongest in this world.

A Yu Clan man in a golden long robe broke out of the dense smoke raised by the collapsed wall, with an utterly twisted, dark face. As the leader of this troop, he surely felt humiliated when his flying fort was damaged so badly by the enemy.

"Devil? Ignorant barbarians, what do you know?" The Yu Clan man widely opened his three eyes and laughed with a high-pitched voice, "We are 'gods' from Pan Yu world. We bring you civilization, we bring you a hope! Because of us, you now have a chance to free yourselves from this world. You should kneel under our feet…to lick the bottoms of our boots!"

"Devils!" The giant tree's voice rumbled in everyone's heart, "Lick your boots? Haha, haha, my tongue is too big. I'm afraid you don't have such a big boot to match it!"

The tree suddenly opened his mouth and let out an over ten-mile-long vine along with giant streams of green liquid, fiercely lunging towards the Yu Clan man's chest. Watching this, Ji Hao nearly laughed out loud. Such a giant tongue? As the giant tree said, his tongue was indeed too big…

Longbo Country people from Pan Gu world rarely wore shoes, but boots made for them in whale skin might be able to take a gentle lick from this giant tree's tongue.

While weird thoughts were popping up in Ji Hao's head, the Yu Clan man had already gripped a golden staff with both hands and pushed it slightly forward. Along with a muffled thunder, golden lightning bolts merged together before his face into a hundred-miles-wide strong wall, firmly shielding him against the tree's 'tongue'.

Bang! The golden wall was shattered, and the giant tree's tongue struck violently on the Yu Clan man's chest.

Yu Clan man's armor glowed brightly and transformed him into a stream of light, instantly flashing tens of miles away through the space. The cracking noise was loud and clear while the Yu Clan man's golden chest armor dented. Tens of thin cracks were left on it.

This Yu Clan man dodged this lethal attack from the giant tree, but before he could take a gasp, a thorn thrust shrilly into his chest from the trunk of the giant tree. To the giant tree, it was merely a thin thorn, but to the Yu Clan man, it was a three-feet-thick wooden stake!

The Yu Clan man was torn apart. His head and half of his upper body was sent flying into the sky. He opened his mouth and shrieked with a high-pitched but hoarse voice.

Far away, on the wall of the magnificent golden city, a golden statue suddenly opened its eyes and released a beam of golden light. Wrapping up the Yu Clan man's torn body. A scorching energy was delivered by the golden light through space. The pieces of the Yu Clan man's body were instantly drawn back together, and within a blink of an eye, all of his wounds were healed.

The Yu Clan man gasped desperately for air. In anger, he took out a golden crystal ball from his sleeve, then began shouting.

"Damn you old bloody wood, I lost three first-class merits because of you!" His eyes even turned green in rage as he glowered at the giant tree and yelled, "No, no, no, and…"

The crystal ball sparkled while the Yu Clan man screamed, "The wall of my flying fort is damaged, and eight-thousand credits of mine were deducted! Ah, do you know how many bloody barbarians I need to kill to earn one credit? Ten-thousand ignorant barbarians, as strong as high-level Jia Clan warriors, for one credit!"

"Eight-thousand! Eight-thousand!" The Yu Clan man's eyes dazzled. Subconsciously, he turned around and glanced at those puppet slaves in his troop. But next, he slapped on his own forehead in pain and said, "Oh, no, these are already enslaved by me. They can't be counted as credits even if I kill them. Ah, I am losing money in this expedition, I am losing serious money!"

Behind him, Ji Hao was enjoying this show.

Earlier, this Yu Clan man was actually killed by the giant tree. He was dead already. But, the golden city had a magical power, which brought him back from death. However, he had to pay for his second life with some so-called first-class merits.

Ji Hao had no way of finding out how did he earn his first-class merits. According to Ji Hao's estimation, repairing the ten-mile-long damaged part of the wall of this Yu Clan man's hundred-mile-square flying fort would cost a large amount of rare materials. But for that, he only paid eight-thousand credits!

Of course, credits weren't easy to earn. Clearly, this Yu Clan man was at a high position. Therefore, in comparison with ordinary warriors, earning credits must be much difficult for him. According to himself, he had to kill ten-thousand local creatures which were at the level of high-grade Ji Clan warriors, which equaled the level of human Magus Kings, to earn one credit.

Eight-thousand credits, did this mean that the credits he earned by killing eighty-million Magus-King-level local creatures were canceled because of the damaged wall of his flying fort?

Eighty-million Magus kings…Looking at this Yu Clan man, Ji Hao's heart even twitched.

"Since this has already happened, I don't mind wasting more." The Yu Clan man looked at the giant tree and said coldly, "I admit that you're strong, and I can't rival you. Asking for help will cost too much, so…With three third-class merits, I am now applying a lethal strike!"

The Yu Clan man pointed his finger at the golden crystal ball and shouted, "With three third-class merits, injure this old wood!"

Another thousand-miles-tall golden statue on the wall of the golden city opened its eyes. Held in the statue's hands, a trident sparkled and released a fork-shaped stream of light, that flashed across the sky and struck on the center of the giant tree's trunk.

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