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They invaded like a fire, professional and efficient.

Ji Hao followed behind a troop. From a long distance away, he witnessed the astonishing holocaust performed in Pan Heng world by these enslaved beings under Blood Crown's command.

Every time the troop ran into a tribe in the forest, the tribe would be encircled immediately by the warriors with a ten times greater number. When the tribe leaders questioned those puppet slaves loudly, the flying fort in the sky would directly and accurately smash these leaders' heads.

Afterward, the entire tribe would yield. A special magic seal would be stamped on their heads, turning them into another group of loyal slave puppets, so the troop would grow larger.

Non-humankind beings, whose eyes shone brightly with the light of wisdom, drifted out from the flying fort. Surrounded by large groups of guards, they walked into the treasuries of these local tribes and carefully checked and counted all valuable things.

Mineral resources were extremely rare in Pan Heng world, but the number of valuable herbs and magic drugs was astonishing. Most of the treasuries that belonged to these local tribes were filled with precious magic herbs, which were on an average older than one-hundred-thousand years. Back in Pan Gu world, herbs like these were all be extremely rare and valuable. But here in Pan Heng world, these herbs served high-grade wooden giants as food and daily used replenishments for cultivation.

Non-humankind scholars carefully evaluated all herbs, analyzed their effects and drug properties, and drew a picture for each herb in their specially crafted crystal balls. Ji Hao followed behind the troop and watched them sweep across seven tribes. Soon, the illustrated records entered in crystal balls by all troops under Blood Crown's command nearly covered all common herbs in Pan Heng world. The effects and features of each herb were clearly and detailedly recorded.

The analysis and records were done professionally and efficiently, in cooperation with a strong military force. These subordinates of Blood Crow were like the most professional bandits, who had been plundering the entire Pan Heng world systematically.

Local tribes were conquered one after another, and mountain-huge piles of herb were sent into the flying fort. The number of puppet slaves grew bigger and bigger, while Blood Crown's troops turned larger and larger like rolling snowballs. Suddenly, strong winds began roaring across the entire Pan Heng world, as a disturbing atmosphere was brewing in the air.

Somehow, Ji Hao felt that the great Dao of Pan Heng world 'woke up' with a start, with a rising rage. Pan Heng world sensed the damage caused by the invaders, and it started gathering its power to punish them.

Meanwhile, Ji Hao also felt that the golden city was like a 'stability anchor', as the golden light it emitted had been strongly hindering the operation of the great Dao of nature. The revival of the spirit of Pan Heng world was largely slowed down, and the accumulations of the natural power was interrupted a couple of times.

It was wrestling against the great Dao of a world with the power of a city; this gave Ji Hao a more direct understanding of Blood Crown.

Frightful, seriously frightful!

The original power of Pan Heng world wasn't as great as one percent of Pan Gu world, but after all, this was a mature great world. And yet, Blood Crown managed to suppress, or interfere with its natural power. What a terror!

For quite a few times, Ji Hao saw a green swirling cloud slowly emerge above the golden city from far away. But every time, the green swirling cloud was shattered by the golden light beam and torn into green light streams that poured to the ground.

Even from a long distance, Ji Hao sensed the terrifying natural energy contained in the broken green thundercloud.

According to Ji Hao's estimation, if he were there, under the protection of the Pan Gu bell, he would be able to hold for a couple of hours in the thundercloud. But once he ran out of power, he could only escape with the power of the Pan Gu bell. Without replenishment, he would have no hope to survive the natural punishment.

"Power, strength." Ji Hao reached out his hands. A wisp of light green sunshine landed on the back of his hand through the dense branches and leaves above his head. Ji Hao activated the cultivation method with nine turns and absorbed this wisp of sunlight. A warm, cool, gentle, and refreshing power went through his body, being devoured by the Pan Jia sun inside him.

The suns in Pan Heng world were all warm and gentle, without any fierce or aggressive force. Under the shine of the Pan Heng suns, the thriving green power took the place of the heat and pure positive power of regular suns. Warm, gentle suns like these…Ji Hao raised his head and looked at the few glowing green suns in the sky, suddenly having an impulsion to swallow a couple of them. The Pan Jia sun sensed his desire and quaked inside his body to applaud for this idea.

Ji Hao sensed this instinctive reaction of the Pan Jia sun. Pan Heng suns would become its best fuel, to greatly improve its power. If the Pan Jia sun could devour enough Pan Heng suns, it might even reach the level of Pan Gu sun.

After all, most of Pan Heng suns had the nature of green. Wasn't wood one of the best types of fuel?

The non-humankind troop suddenly whistled shrilly. Hundreds of thousands of golden, round metal plates flew out of the flying fort. Treading on each metal plate was a tall and muscular Jia Clan warrior, holding oddly shaped chains tied with sickles. They wielded the chains, making them rotate swiftly above their heads and transforming into giant light shields for their own protection.

In front of them, a thousand-miles tall, incredibly gigantic tree abruptly showed up.

An elderly humanoid face was clearly visible on this tree, with its eyes widely popped out in wrath. The tree opened its mouth, gave a deep, resounding growl. Following his voice, a wave of green thunder bombs struck to the flying fort of this troop, caused rumbling noises.

Thunderous bangs could be heard without an end. Layers of honeycomb-like shields emerged around the flying fort, but this giant tree was strikingly powerful. A water-tank-sized green thunder bomb went off against the flying fort and tore apart thousands of thin honeycomb magic shields. Then, tens of thunder bombs struck on the fort in a row, destroying the outer circle defense of the fort within a blink of an eye.

The booming noise lingered in the air as hundreds of green thunderbolts landed on the golden wall of the flying fort. A dazzling golden light shone from the fort, transforming into a strong light shield and defending against the thunder bombs.

The golden light shield was blasted by the thunder bombs too. The violent thunder bomb attack never stopped until a ten-miles-long section of the fort wall collapsed. On the wall, thousands of Jia Clan warriors didn't manage to dodge. Green thunderbolts flashed across their bodies and turned them into ashes.

Jia Clan warriors on the golden metal plates burst into raging roars while throwing their

chained sickles towards this giant tree.

Shining sharply with a cold light, the sickles swished to the giant tree. The tree swept across the air with a hundreds of miles long branch and smashed all of the chained sickles. All Jia Clan warriors on the metal plates were dragged down by the chains held in their hands.

"Devils, die!" The tree gave a resonant roar. It's raging voice echoed directly in the deepest area of everyone's soul.

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