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Ji Hao stood on the crown of a towering tree, gazing at the magnificent golden city from a distance away.

Through a thick layer of soil, sand, and rock, Ji Hao saw tens of millions of golden underpinnings suddenly reach out from the bottom of the city, thickly covered in tiny spell symbols, drilling deep into the earth of Pan Heng world, then releasing dazzling golden light streams.

The sand and rocks seemed to turn into soft water to allow the golden streams to flow swiftly underground, towards the earth meridians of Pan Heng world, like a group of greedy beasts. The moment a golden light stream touched an earth meridian, it would immediately merge with it, releasing a giant number of golden spell symbols that spread along the earth meridian.

The earth meridians in this world were rich in pure green power, but under the effect of the golden spell symbols, a light golden color was added to them gradually. Meanwhile, a strong, violent, sacred and scorching power had been merging with the pure life-force flowing in the earth meridian.

Wherever the earth meridians traveled, the earth now turned light golden. As towering trees absorbed nourishment from the earth, this light golden color naturally flew into these trees.

Within a couple of hours, all plants near this golden city, hundreds of miles in radius around the city, gained a light golden color on their leaves and barks. A thin golden mist had been releasing from these plants, while pale golden dew drops were dripping from the leaves.

Living beings that inhabited in this area were shambling and staggering, seeming to be drunk. Surrounded by the golden mist, some living beings accidentally drank the pale golden dew. Soon after, the golden color emerged in their eyes.

Looking from a long distance away, one would find a sharp contrast between the area surrounding the golden city and the rest of the world. And, this golden area had been expanding gradually.

Countless wooden giants lived in this area, and the number of green spirits in this area was ten times greater than them. At the moment, they had all been screaming towards the sky in panic mode. They sensed the strange change happening to their bodies.

As plants, the body temperatures of these wooden giants and green spirits were constant. But at this very moment, their body temperatures had been rising. A golden light emerged on their skin while a boiling, awfully agitating force brewed inside their bodies.

The oldest wooden giants clearly sensed that once this force matured and erupted, they would no longer be themselves. Therefore, the wooden giants growled thunderously while leading their green spirits away from this golden city at their highest speeds.

"I am already here, so why don't you yield? What are you waiting for?" A deep, majestic voice suddenly came from the golden city. Following the voice, an extremely strong, irresistible spirit power condensed into a golden wave and roared towards all directions.

Ji Hao looked at this golden wave in shock. This was a thousand-miles tall, visible, nearly tangible wave of spirit power. How powerful a living being must be to release such an overwhelming spirit power?

Ji Hao activated the Pan Gu bell and wrapped himself in Chaos power streams. He carefully concealed his power and merged it with the forest in the surroundings. In this moment, Priest Hua's great Dao of evolvement did Ji Hao a huge favor, which made the sense of power released from Ji Hao's body variable and changeable, to perfectly merge with the ever-changing energy flows in the forest.

The golden spirit power wave scanned across all wooden giants and green spirits, who had been running desperately. Violently and brutally, this terrifying spirit power directly suppressed their independent consciousnesses, leaving a slave mark in the soul of every wooden giant or green spirit.

The wooden giants and green spirits quivered intensely. Then, they slowly turned around and kneeled down towards the golden city. Their eyeballs turned purely golden, while a pale golden fire burned from their bodies.

A thin golden mist rose from the ground. The mist was a mutated natural power generated from the earth meridians which were 'polluted' by the golden city. Inhaling the golden natural power, the bodies of all wooden giants and green spirits began changing.

The bodies of wooden giants were like thriving trees, while the bodies of green spirits were similar to human bodies. Purified by the golden flame and replenished by the golden mist, their bodies had been turning into a crystalline texture. Their internal organs changed even more severely. Every internal organ of theirs had turned into a tiny melting pot for energies, that began gathering natural powers. A large number of spell symbols emerged in their muscles and bones. All spell symbols were connected, composed of powerful magic seals for both defense and offense.

Ji Hao clearly saw every spell symbol inside their bodies, and knew eighty percent of them. These were commonly used in the energy transformation systems by Xiu Clan craftsmen for large-scale battling puppets.

This powerful being who released the scary golden spirit power wave had actually turned hundreds of millions of wooden giants and green spirits into battling puppets within a single moment. Their body structures had been constantly changing into puppets.

Ji Hao was severely shocked, such that even his fine hair stood straight up.

Fortunately, this was Pan Heng world. If he did the same in Pan Gu world, turning hundreds of millions of human warriors into battling puppets…Ji Hao wouldn't even know what to do with a situation like that.

The golden spirit power wave covered the forests hundreds of millions of miles around the city. Within this area, the independent consciousnesses of all wooden giants and green spirits and other living creatures were wiped out. They had all become puppet slaves under this powerful being's direct control.

Next, as more spirit power waves were released from the golden city, a series of authority conversions happened accurately in the air. The first, ridiculously strong spirit power distributed the rights of control of all puppet slaves to these new spirit powers. Some spirit power controlled more puppets, clearly they were at higher positions; some controlled fewer puppets, and without a doubt, their positions were relatively lower.

Within a second, the strongest spirit power distributed all battling puppets to over a thousand spirit powers. Afterward, all spirit powers began vibrating. Affected by the spirit power vibrations, all wooden giants and green spirits whose bodies had been changing thoroughly stood up, quickly gathering in the forest.

Terrifyingly fast, over one-thousand giant scale armies of wooden giants and green spirits were raised in the forest.

Golden light flew out of the city. Those were a series of small-scale, hundred-miles-squared flying forts, and large ones like the city of great calamity. These flying forts and cities were divided into about a thousand groups to lead all the puppet slaves in the forest, scattering in a formidable way in all directions.

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