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Witnessing the death of tens of wooden giants, nearly a thousand wooden giants on the surrounding mountains burst into thunderous growls.

Shadow leopards roared with deep voices as they carried the expressionless green spirits, leaped down from the wall of vines, and crazily launched offensives on Ji Hao's city. The fire rising from the ground set their light green hair on fire, but no leopard or green spirit made even the slightest noise because of the pain, just silently charging towards Ji Hao's city.

Gradually, the eyeballs of all shadow leopards and green spirits turned pure dark green. A fierce power released from their bodies and condensed into a light green cloud, drifting above their heads.

"Prepare!" Yi Di laughed wildly and raised the Thunder running bow high.

Were these green spirits good at archery? Yi Di and his elite archers laughed so hard about this. It was time for the proud Eastern Wasteland archers to teach these green spirits about true archery!

The shadow leopards that lunged in the front were less than a hundred miles away from the city, when Yi Di prepared to order his archers to release their arrows. But all of a sudden, the entire circulation of the great Dao of Pan Heng world paused. All living beings, local creatures in this world or newcomers like Ji Hao, uncontrollably turned to one direction.

In that direction, the space collapsed as far as Ji Hao could see.

A tremendous object shattered the screen of Pan Heng world, forcibly squeezing into this world from the Chaos. It was so gigantic, and came with such a terrifying power, that it was like a hill suddenly falling into a large pool. Because of it, the entire Pan Heng world quaked intensely.

All living beings in Pan Heng world felt like tiny fishes and shrimps in the pool, sinking in the suffocating terror and despair. Even Ji Hao temporarily lost his eyesight. He felt a giant hand gripping his heart, as his breath was blocked inside his chest, and his blood was nearly spraying out from his pores.

"How…can…he…be…so…fast…" With efforts, Ji Hao turned around and growled to Polo Jia with a hoarse voice, word by word. Every word coming from his mouth sounded like an outburst of his full strength and life-force.

Polo Jia's pupils shrank to the size of needlepoints. His eyeballs paled. In despair, he looked at Ji Hao and screamed hysterically. Hearing a series of meaningless scream from him, Ji Hao slapped heavily on his face.


Polo Jia was put down to the ground by Ji Hao. He gasped desperately for air while effortfully struggling back up. Within this short span of time, he managed to calm himself down and turned halfway back normal. Also word by word, he responded Ji Hao, "Things that happen in the Chaos, no one can tell about them for sure."

Raising his head and looking at the tremendous object breaking into Pan Heng world, Polo Jia continued through gritted teeth, "Perhaps, it will still take years for Holy Blood Crown to reach Pan Gu world. Perhaps, he only needs a couple of days to cover the distance between Pan Gu world and Pan Heng world. But, in tens of minutes, he will descend to Pan Heng world."

"Time, space, these 'natural laws' we know are completely meaningless in the Chaos." Looking at Ji Hao, Polo Jia shouted hoarsely, "Do you understand? Ji Hao! The time, the distance, the space, these mean nothing in the Chaos. Holy Blood Crown has chosen Pan Heng world to land, and he is arriving now!"

"Shut down all defensive seals! Shut down the earth fire trap! Shut down all divine towers! No one is allowed to use any power…We can't expose ourselves to them! We can't!" Suddenly, Polo Yan burst into roars from the side.

All non-humankind beings immediately started moving. Ji Hao too shouted out. He gave Wuzhi Qi a few words, then transformed into a clear gust of wind and merged with a strong wind blowing over from the forest. He activated the golden bridge and flashed across the air, heading to Blood Crown's landing site.

Loud cracking noises could be heard without an end. The screen of Pan Heng world was broken, as a hundreds of millions of miles wide hole was left on it. From the hole, a dazzling golden light poured down, dyeing golden all mountains within the area hundreds of millions of miles in radius.

A magnificent golden city slowly squeezed into Pan Heng world. From a long distance away, Ji Hao saw the decorative golden statues standing on the thousand-miles-tall city wall. Those statues were heavily armored handsome men, beautiful women in long dresses, or rare creatures wearing flowers on their heads. Every statue was exquisitely carved and enormous, seeming to be indescribably sacred.

Golden clouds and glows carried up this tremendous city. Countless golden flying ships hovered around the city with their sails raised, looking like enormous eagles. Countless Jia Clan warriors in golden armors stood on the ships, expressionlessly and coldly looking down at the continent of Pan Heng world.

Countless giant dandelion-like magical plants floating in the air buzzed thunderously and released sharp green seeds that shrilly swished across the air, striking at the ridiculously tremendous flying city violently.

On the wall of the golden city, in a tall tower, a Yu Clan young man held a large crystal book with both hands as he gave a scornful, faint smile. Next, he incanted a strange spell.


This Yu Clan young man's voice echoed through the sky of Pan Heng world. Sound waves spread out in the air thunderously. Amidst the strong sound waves, all green seeds were turned into strands of smoke, hundreds of miles away from the city.

The Yu Clan young man closed his book and held it under his arm, then slowly walked to the terrace of the tower, looking down at those gigantic floating plants in the midair.

Shaking his head, he gently pointed his right forefinger downward.

On the city wall, the eyes of countless decorative golden status glowed. Following a deafening buzzing noise, arm-thick light beams were released from the eyes of all golden statues, which swept across the entire sky like a thunderstorm.

The world-shaking explosive sounds gave Ji Hao a slight earache. In the dazzling golden light, all giant floating plants were crushed. More golden lights landed on the earth and flattened mountains. Giant rocks turned into smoke before they even landed on the ground.

The golden city descended from the sky unstoppably. Along with muffled thunderous noises, the city slowly landed on the ground.

Along with an earthshaking bang, Pan Heng world quaked for a few times. The mountains underneath the city were crushed completely. Countless Pan Heng world creatures which didn't manage to run were smashed to pieces, then evaporated instantly by the golden light.

Buzz! A thousand-miles-thick beam of golden light rose from the core of the golden city, violently reaching into the sky of Pan Heng world.

Surrounding the light, the space of Pan Heng world rippled like water. Soon, a hundred-million-miles wide swirling cloud emerged in the sky, with golden bolts of thunder sizzling in it and causing deafening noises.

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