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Deep voices could be heard from the basin, incanting a spell.

A force, which was never found in Pan Heng world before, now rolled in the basin. The ground was shaking slightly. The world didn't like this force, but it could not control it. Pushed by the force, giant rocks rose rumblingly from the ground.

Together, tens of thousands of Maguspriests strenuously yet successfully raised faint rocks from underground, knocking them perfectly together to build a hundred-miles squared, ten-miles tall city.

Warriors left the city of great calamity and got stationed in the city. Flow Moon magic formation artists began buildings formations. With the help of Maguspriests, they quickly drew spell symbols and put divine towers at important spots on the city wall. These divine towers were from Pan Gu world, and were filled with top-grade crystals. Above each tower, an erect eye slowly opened, as it coldly and emotionlessly scanned across the surrounding mountains and forests like sharp blades.

Surrounding the thousand-miles wide basin, on the tall wall of green vines, a large number of light green leopard-like beasts growled with deep voices. Following shrill whistles, wearing the armors made from barks, troops of Pan Heng world green spirits mounted on these leopards-like beasts darted down the wall.

"Bloody barbarians, their heads are made of wood!" Standing on the city wall and looking at these Pan Heng world people, Polo Yan stroked his face, which used to be covered in scars, but was now fixed, turned flawlessly smooth by a special ointment. Baring his teeth, he said, "These are shadow leopards, fierce beasts. We must be careful of the wind bombs from their mouths; those green spirits' bows are dangerous as well. Their arrowheads are poisonous, so do not touch those."

Rubbing his healed face, Polo Yan continued seriously, "These green spirits keep a kind of dead leaf snake, mind those snakes especially. From my point of view, dead leaf snakes are generated from the powers of all the withered things in this world, and are very harmful. One dead leaf snake attacked me with its poisonous gas and nearly corroded a half of my head."

While speaking, Polo Yan had been looking at Ji Hao from head to toe.

He couldn't even dream that such severe changes would happen in Pan Gu world within a couple of years!

Did Yu Dynasty and the alliance of human clan really ally? Did everyone have to fight against Blood Crown from Pan Yu world together? And Yemo Tian, who was a friend of Polo Yan, was he truly an illegitimate child of Blood Crown? And Yemo Tian even started the Glorious Domination and attempted to overturn Yu Dynasty? Did all this seriously happen?

It had only been a few years, but why was the power difference between the humankind and Yu Dynasty reversed?

Polo Yan looked at Ji Hao in confusion. He now knew that Ji Hao played a fairly important role in the whole process of the rise of the humankind.

Meanwhile, he had also been observing Wuzhi Qi, who stood by Ji Hao's side. In the shape of Si Wen Ming, Wuzhi Qi wore a proud face as he held his hands behind his body and did not say a word. Polo Yan had heard about Si Wen Ming. He was so confused now, because based on what he knew, Si Wen Ming, as an influential human being, shouldn't be like this!

Along with long and resounding horns, countless green spirits mounted on shadow leopards darted out of the wall of vines while raising their longbows and howling with high-pitched voices as they marched towards the city in the middle of the basin, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air.

The scorching sandy ground burned the palms of shadow leopards. The ground was too hot, even having flames rising from time to time. Soon, the ground was stained by shadow leopards' blood. From time to time, these shadow leopards howled shrilly in pain.

Gradually, the leopards which rushed in the front had their limbs roasted. With every step forward, large pieces of meat would fall off from their bodies. Mounted on these shadow leopards, green spirits expressionlessly incanted a spell, sending dark green airstreams into the bodies of these shadow leopards to forcibly support them and allow them to keep running.

Finally, a shadow leopard fell to the ground. Even its internal organs were cooked.

More and more shadow leopards fell. Not long after that, their bodies were set on fire by the flame puffing out from the ground. The smell of burnt food began spreading in the air.

Nimbly, green spirits leaped up from these fallen shadow leopards and landed on the backs of the other shadow leopards which were still alive. Sitting behind the other green spirits, they kept moving forward.

On the city wall, Polo Yan proudly laughed out loud and said, "Fools…But of course, Polo Jia, you're a fool too, and all family elders, you're all fools. Look at my earth fire trap! Depending solely on this, we managed to survive all these years!"

Pointing at the barren basin, Polo Yan continued laughing, "Look, the earth fire poisonous flame formation I created. The entire basin is a giant trap. Before, these barbarians would attack us every month. But ever since I built this great formation, they haven't…Let me count…"

Doing the math with his fingers, Polo Yan seriously nodded and carried on, "They haven't attacked us for a whole six years. They trapped us and disabled us from finding enough food and water…Fortunately, I'm not particular about food. If I were a fool like you, Polo Jia, I would have starved to death long ago!"

Green spirits screamed and fearlessly marched towards the city.

They needed to cover four-hundred to five-hundred miles to reach the newly built city from the wall of vines. On their way, more and more shadow leopards fell to the ground, and the ones from the behind kept moving forwards by treading on the corpses of their own kind.

From the surrounding forest, some tall figures showed up. These figures were weirdly shaped, and were entirely wooden. They were about three-hundred meters tall, all with wrinkled faces that were covered in vines and mosses. Their deeply sunken eyes sparkled with the special light of wisdom.

From a long distance away, these giant creatures looked at the city built by Ji Hao and his people. They didn't even take a glance at those fallen shadow leopards, or those green spirits who were burned to death by Polo Yan's earth flame trap.

Looking at these giant figures, Ji Hao suddenly realized that these wooden giants, who watched the fight from the mountaintops, were the true rulers of this world. These human-sized, especially slim green spirits were probably slaves of those wooden giants.

"Mr. Crow, show them our power!" Ji Hao raised his head and growled out loud.

Mr. Crow was squatting on a metal petal of the city of great calamity, looking down at the army of green spirit. Hearing Ji Hao, he happily raised his Fuso staff and gave a bright caw.

Fuso tree's hazy figure was released from the staff, gradually growing larger and larger. Along with an earth-shaking series of caws, tens of millions of Gold Crows flew out from the independent space created by Fuso tree.

A small-scale pure sun sword formation was composed in the air. Along with the deafening caws, a thousands of meters long, golden beam of sword light tore apart the space and landed violently on the tallest mountain hundreds of miles away.

A thunderous boom was generated, while the fiery light illuminated the sky. The hundred-miles-tall mountain was halfway torn down, while tens of wooden giants, who clearly had relatively high social status, were turned into strands of smoke before they could even make any sound. They were directly evaporated by the sword light which was condensed from Gold Crow flame.

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