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The city of great Calamity floated in the sky, tens of miles higher than the ground. On the city wall, hundreds of meters tall golden statues were covered in a faint golden light. At any moment, these statues could launch destructive offensives from their eyes.

Polo Yan flew to the city of great calamity. Before his face, the honeycomb shields split up. A thin crack appeared on layers of magic sheds, allowing him into the city.

"My dear brother, I am thrilled to see you again. Polo Yan, I'm gonna tell you about the things that happened these years. Do you have any idea?" Polo Jia spread his arms and walked to his brother. He had so much to say to his younger brother.

Non-humankind beings hadn't been living a good life in Pan Gu world these years. At first, they failed to conquer the twelve water worlds, then the portals that led to the twelve worlds were turned into bloody space navigation marks. Before they realized what actually happened, the destructive flood was raised, trapping them in Liang Zhu City for years and making them live like mice.

Later on, the flood ebbed away, but a bad news came — Holy Blood Crown and his army were approaching Pan Gu world.

With violence, the twelve families in power attempted to force human beings to fight for them against Blood Crown, but failed. The humankind launched counterstrikes. Soon after that, Liang Zhu City fell in chaos. A great number of important people died, were betrayed, or went missing…

Suddenly seeing his younger brother again, Polo Jia really had so much to say to him.

Polo Yan rushed to Polo Jia with large steps, having a sulky face. Without saying a word, he threw a heavy kick on Polo Jia's lower abdomen. Polo Jia howled in pain while he was sent flying into the sky, nearly a hundred meters high. Covering his belly with his hands, he thudded on the floor, twitching like a pig which was struck by lightning, foaming at the mouth.

"I don't have an elder brother like you. Damn you, Polo Jia! Where is the annual reinforcement?" Polo Yan darted to Polo Jia, scaring back the few guards who rushed up in an attempt to protect Polo Jia with a raging growl. Polo Yan squatted on the ground, dragged an ear of Polo Jia, and pulled his head up from the ground.

"Dear Lord Polo Jia, dear Family leader, where is the annual reinforcement we agreed on? You haven't sent us a warrior, an arrow, or a single bag of food for nearly ten years!" Polo Yan's eyes were filled with blood streaks as he screamed at Polo Jia hysterically, "Do you know that in the hardest time, I just wanted to taste meat, so I…"

Polo Yan slightly opened his mouth with his throat squirming quickly, seeming to throw up.

Polo Jia wiped the foam on his mouth corners, raised his head in surprise, and yelled, "Oh my, did you eat our own kind? Can you describe the taste for me? In our history, no Yu Clan being had ever tasted our own kind, so I am truly curious about our taste. If I can add your description in the Universe Cookbook, my name will be in the history!"

Standing aside, Ji Hao's mouth corners twitched slightly. What a Flow Moon nerd! Under such a situation, what concerned Polo Jia was actually the taste of Yu Clan people!

"Shut up! I don't want to talk about that anymore…" Polo Yan looked at Polo Jia gloomily and said coldly, "I am seriously telling you that even during the most difficult time, I didn't feed on our own kind…What I ate were non-humankind slaves that died in battles…Everyone ate a lot!"

"Er…" This time, the group of Flow Moon elders who were forced to come along by Ji Hao covered their mouths with their hands while staring at Polo Yan with a weird look.

They weren't surprised by the fact that Polo Yan ate non-humankind slaves. After all, from any aspect, those non-humankind salves were nothing different from battle beasts raised in the pits. During wartime, when facing a food shortage, it was totally reasonable for Yu Clan people to eat some non-humankind slaves.

What made them so uncomfortable was that Polo Yan had actually eaten non-humankind slaves, those hideous, creepy non-humankind slaves, which weren't pretty at all! They were way too filthy! How on earth did Polo Yan manage to chew them?

Polo Jia immediately pressed his hands on Polo Yan's mouth and shouted in disgust, "Stay away from me! You ate those nasty lowly slaves? I'd rather chew tree barks! Damn it! Stay away from me. I can even smell the stink of those slaves from your month!"

Polo Yan didn't say a word. He grabbed Polo Jia's head and smashed it against the floor.

Polo Jia gave a muffled snort when his head was banged against the floor. He nearly fainted.

"Dam-damn it! Polo Yan, I am your elder brother, your dearest elder brother! It has only been a few years since we saw each other the last time. How come you became so violent? Are you still an elegant Yu Clan noble? You let yourself fall! Oh my, how am I gonna explain this to dear mother and father?" With tears flowing on his face, Polo Jia cried and accused Polo Yan hysterically.

Polo Yan snorted coldly. He dropped Polo Jia and said, "Regarding the fact that you haven't given us any reinforcement in nearly ten years, we'll discuss it later. How many warriors you brought this time…Damn, human beings?"

Polo Yan was stuck in Pan Heng world for years, out of touch with his family. Therefore, he didn't know about the current situation in Pan Gu world. Abruptly, he saw Ji Hao and Wuzhi Qi, who stood by Ji Hao's side, then his gaze shifted to Si Wen Ming's figure, and all the large family leaders and elders who followed Ji Hao to Pan Heng world…

Polo Yan turned around, stomped his foot on Polo Jia's stomach, as he popped out his three eyes and growled, "I need reinforcement! Elite warriors! Why did you bring me a group of human slaves? Except for mining, what can they do?"

"Kid!" Wuzhi Qi snorted frostily. He flashed across the air, came up to Polo Yan, and squeezed his throat.

Polo Yan didn't see this coming. The golden machete tied around his waist lunged out of its heath and magically sent itself into Polo Yan's hand. Polo Yan then swung the blade fiercely to Wuzhi Qi's waist, leaving an arc-shaped beam of golden light in the air.

Wuzhi Qi laughed wildly. He put forth his strength through his arms and pressed Polo Yan down to the ground.

Thud! Polo Yan's face landed on the ground. Half of his face that was covered in scars was almost flattened. He couldn't hold the machete anymore, which flew out of his hand, clanging and rolling to a long distance away on the ground.

"This…Polo Jia, where the hell did you find these strong human slaves? They're even much stronger than your guards!" Polo Yan's face was still pressed heavily against the ground, but he shouted out loud in surprise, "Hah? Did you buy a powerful barbaric tribe from Pan Gu world? I've told you that with money, we can buy a batch of cannon fodder to conquer Pan Heng world for us. Finally, you understand what I meant!"

Polo Yan slapped Wuzhi Qi's palm and yelled, "Oi, barbarian, take your hand off me. I am the only younger brother of Polo Jia! Take your hands off me. Otherwise, I will keep your final payment. You won't even get one jade coin!"

Wuzhi Qi blinked, not knowing what to say for a long while.

Ji Hao slightly shook his head. 'These two brothers have a good relationship, don't they?' He thought.

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