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In the secret room which was inside the city of great calamity, Priest Mu and Priest Hua opened their eyes simultaneously, standing up together.

"Indeed a wonderful place." Sensing the extremely pure green power in the surroundings, a thin trace of relaxedness and comfort emerged on Priest Mu's bitter face. "Surprisingly, non-humankind beings are actually capable enough to find such a marvellous green place."

"This place is destined to be a part of our sect." Priest Mu grinned delightfully, even squeezing his eyes into a pair of curved lines. "Pre-world powerful plants must exist in here. If we can find them and guide them into our sect, without a doubt, we will rise; not to mention merging the natural fortune of Pan Heng world into our sect. This…If this can happen, we will soar!"

Priest Hua's eyes shone in excitement, while Priest Mu nodded quickly.

By finding a certain number of powerful pre-world plants in this world and guiding them into their sect, naturally, Priest Hua and Priest Mu would attain a great natural fortune from Pan Heng world. If the sect gained all the natural fortune from a world, not even Priest Mu could imagine how thriving his sect might become.

"Dachi, Qingwei, Yu Yu…" Priest Mu gripped his wooden staff with his left hand, slightly clenched his fingers, then wielded his broad sleeve.

As a gust of wind rose from the floor, Priest Hua and Priest Mu disappeared without a trace. From the beginning to the end, they didn't take even a glance at Ji Hao's expeditionary force or Ji Hao.

In their eyes, the result Ji Hao's expeditionary force would gain had completely nothing to do with them. The fact that they clearly knew Ji Hao started an expedition to Pan Heng world, proved that they had ears and eyes hiding among his people. No matter what Ji Hao did, they would know immediately. Therefore, he wasn't worthy of their extra attention.

Priest Mu didn't even realize that, as a matter of fact, he wasn't willing to meet Ji Hao face to face. He owed Ji Hao a full strike, he had promised that. Therefore, he should better avoid meeting Ji Hao as much as he could.

Crazy seeds had still been bumping against the city of great calamity, causing endless thunderous booms. Tens of layers of fire and thunderbolts wrapped up the entire city. Welcomed by this 'passionate' world, the giant flying city was shaking slightly.

"Prepare to attack!" Ji Hao raised his right hand.

A shrill caw echoed through the sky while Yi Di trod on a fire-eyed golden eagle and rose into the sky, starting a gale. Held in his hands, the Thunder Running bow buzzed sharply and released the arrows of the twenty-four solar terms, leaving shreds of afterimages in the air. Instantly, a strong coldness could be sensed from the air.

Yi Di released the arrows of 'Great Cold', 'Slight Cold', and 'Frost's Descent'. The arrows flashed all over the sky. Under Yu Yu's guidance, Yi Di's archery skill had been improving rapidly. Through the space between countless swiftly moving seeds, Yi Di's arrows pierced deeply into those giant dandelion-like plants.

Cold and fierce, seeming to destroy the world, the arrows drilled straight into the giant plants and shattered them. From the sky, the pieces of the plants fell into the mountain area down below, breaking the branches of countless trees as they left streams of dark-green smoke in the air.

Startled by the falling pieces, large groups of birds rose from the forest. These birds had light green feathers, which glistened under the sunlight like emeralds. These birds looked largely different from the birds in Pan Gu world, because they were as small as human palms, but had especially long and fluffy, stunning feathers. The group of beautiful birds flew into the sky like a tidal wave, screaming restlessly.

In the following moment, countless burning arrows flew out of the city of great calamity, as tens of thousands of elite Eastern Wasteland archers under Yi Di's command released their bowstrings simultaneously. The secretly produced fire explosive arrows penetrated those giant plants floating in the air and set them all on fire.

Yi Di and his archers wiped out tens of thousands of giant flying plants, after which, the number of seed bombs started decreasing, until all seeds were gone.

The giant flying city began landing slowly. From the forest down below, a dim stream of light reached to the sky. Through this light stream, the city of great calamity landed towards a thousand-mile-diameter basin in the mountain area.

Ji Hao looked down at the basin from the city wall. The basin was all barren, without even grass. Heatwaves had been rising from the ground, stirring the air and making it slightly twist and shake. On the ground, all sands and stones were slightly red, as if a fire was burning underground.

In the middle of the basin, where the dim light stream came from, was a standard non-humankind battlefront, less than five miles squared in area, mottled, and broken. Apparently, it had been through countless cruel battles and was nearly damaged.

Surrounding the fort were tens of smaller forts built from stones, carved with red spell symbols. From time to time, flames would burst from the spell symbols and reach hundreds of miles away like fire dragons, brutally burning everything they touched.

In each small fort, non-humankind slaves with missing limbs leaned against walls, excitedly wielding their weapons and yelling at the city of great calamity which had been slowly landing from the sky.

On the wall of the battle fort in the middle, troops of non-humankind warriors walked over. Those were nearly ten-thousand Yu Clan warriors, fifty-thousand Jia Clan warriors, and nearly a thousand Xiu Clan craftsman. Seeing the splendidly shining, enormous city of great calamity in the sky, these sallow and expressionless non-humankind beings all grinned joyfully.

Ji Hao looked around. Apparently, this basin was scorched artificially. Bolike strong vines reached out from the surrounding towering mountains and wove into a tall green wall, encircling the entire basin.

On the ten-miles-tall green wall, a large number of muscular, light green, leopard-like beasts had been resting, or nimbly leaping around. From a tastefully built wooden house on the wall, some beautiful humanoid creatures with longbows, who were tall and slim, walked out. They looked at the city of great calamity seriously, which was closer and closer to the ground. They seemed to be slightly surprised.

"These bloody green people." Polo Jia angrily looked at those tall, slim and beautiful humanoid creatures, and said, "I said that once we conquered this world, they will all become the lowest slaves…Bloody green people, they…"

"First of all, you have to be strong enough to conquer this world." Ji Hao interrupted him. Curiously, Ji Hao pointed at the metal fort in the middle of the barren basin, and said, "Are those your people? Seems so incredible that they survived in an encirclement like this."

Polo Jia smiled proudly and responded, "Even though most of our Polo Family people are scholars and brain workers. But occasionally, commanders with amazing abilities would emerge among us. The one in charge of this outpost base is my younger brother, Polo Yan. Even those violent lunatics from the Red Sun were amazed by his power."

From the fort, a Yu Clan young man flew up to the city of great calamity. He was wearing a broken golden armor, with half of his face covered in scars.

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