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Pan Gu world… In the sun world...

A straight golden path led deep to the core of the sun world. Golden flames looking like melting glass surrounded the path. Occasionally, along with shrill caws, enormous Golden Crows would dart out of the flames, chasing each other as they started a storm of fire, spreading in all directions terrifyingly.

In the fire, the glistening honeycomb-like, thin and golden magic shields and the glowing divine spell symbols on it were telling the outsiders that this peaceful-looking sun world wasn't so easy to break in.

Hao Tao stood by the entrance of the path with a dark face, wearing a dark cloak and holding a dark club. A dark dragon skin longsword and a dazzling golden divine talisman were tied around his waist. Ji Hao had stamped the talisman with his divine seal. This divine seal was the access to the sun world. With this, mortal beings could come in without being incinerated by the essence sun fire.

Beside Hao Tao, Xie Zhi held a same divine talisman in his mouth, and was slowly looking around.

Surrounding them, countless strong human beings who wore coarse shirts and bared their arms and legs had been roaring while pulling fully loaded large carriages slowly down from flying forts, sending these especially heavy essence metals into the sun world through the golden path.

Back in Pan Gu Motherland, these essence metals had already gone through hundreds of processes, and were made into blocks with the most advanced smelting techniques of the humankind. But, with the essence sun fire, the finest impurities in these metal blocks could be removed, and these blocks could be turned into perfect essence metals.

Perfect, flawless essence metals could forge the sharpest weapons and the strongest armors and shields. But of course, they could also be used for building some treasures with unimaginable powers, such as…the nine cauldrons!

All of a sudden, Xie Zhi Gave a shrill scream. Violently, he bumped against a strong man with his horns and left a deep hole on his body. Blood squirted out immediately.

The strong man was sent flying backward for a long distance, howling in pain. A large group of secret guards in black cloaks, whose faces were as dark as Hao Tao, rushed up and tied this man up. This man growled in rage and wouldn't stop struggling, until a few clubs were swung down, broke his bones, and shut his mouth.

Xie Zhi was a mind reader. He was best at discovering the evil intentions in people' hearts. No one with malicious thoughts could ever sneak into the sun world in front of Xie Zhi.

Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth, the four of them, and hundreds of disciples under the guidance of Priest Mu and Priest Hua stood in a distance away, hiding by twisting the lights and shadows with the powers of a few natural stars. They gazed into the sun world while shaking their heads.

They couldn't enter into the sun world under Xie Zhi's watch, unless they violently broke in. But looking at the hazy Gold Crows in the golden flame blazing behind Hao Tao, and the golden flying swords floating above the head of every Gold Crow, the four tasted bitterness from their mouths.

That was a pure sun sword formation composed from the inexhaustible sun power from the sun world. Unless Priest Hua and Priest Mu showed up and made their own moves, who could take a strike from this formation? Facing this fierce sword formation, only a handful of living beings in Pan Gu world were qualified to even think about entering the sun world by now.

"So many essence metals, only for forging weapons and armors? To arm how many people?" Dragon shook his head in confusion and said, "Are human beings seizing the opportunity to rise again? Human beings, are they planning to rule the world through this war? Human beings, will they make use of this chance to wipe out all non-humankind beings after that Pan Yu powerful being is defeated?"

The weapons forged by the essence sun fire, from the essence metals from all over Pan Gu Motherland, perhaps with some other valuable natural materials, would be incredibly sharp and lethal, even without spell symbols.

Human beings had attained the essence of the non-humankind civilization. When the human civilization and the non-humankind civilization were combined, only God would know what kind of terrifyingly strange thing would these essence metals turn into in the sun world.

Under orders, the four needed to find out what exactly would be forged in the sun world. But, it seemed to be impossible for them to enter the sun world.

"Damnit!" Tiger cursed. This strong defense built by Hao Tao left them no choice. Did they have to use violence to break in?

But, they truly didn't have the courage!

Standing by the entrance of the path, Hao Tao looked like a rock, but in fact, he had incredibly sensitive sensations. Same as Xie Zhi, he was also best at discovering the evils in hearts. Raised his eyebrows, Hao Tao sensed that someone was looking at him. Just now, Xie Zhi attacked a strong man who clearly had bad intentions, and somehow, that man made Hao Tao start worrying.

Snorting slightly, Hao Tao raised his right hand and said, "Tell people down there to speed up. The total amount of essence metal sent here every day needs to be ten times the normal!"

"Difficult? Of course it's difficult. But, this is about the future of the humankind, about the survival of human beings. No matter how difficult it is, even if they might break their waists, they have to try their best!"

In the sun world, on the broad square before East Emperor Taiyi's sun palace, a golden melting pot stood on the ground, with the essence sun fire burning ragingly underneath it. Mountain-large piles of essence metals had been pouring into the pot. Meanwhile, all kinds of armors and weapons were flying out from a spout on one side of the pot. A large number of human craftsmen had been carving spell symbols on these newly forged weapons and armors. They worked crazy fast.

If one could walk into the melting pot and take a close look, one would find that these armors and weapons had actually cost less than ten percent of all essence metals in the pot. The rest ninety percent of purified essence metal was melted into a five-colored liquid, quietly flowing into the sun palace through a special teleporting formation inside the pot in torrents.

The five-colored cauldron stood amidst a sky-devouring raging fire.

In Ji Hao's body, the all souls creation cauldron was tiny, as small as Ji Hao's fist. But now, it looked like a towering mountain, ten of thousands of miles tall, and tens of thousands of miles in diameter.

The cauldron was thickly covered in mysterious, complicated patterns, as a colorful mist spread in all directions from it. A slight amount of this colorful mist could immediately, largely raise one's original soul power and boost up one's spirit.

At the moment, tens of thousands of elite human beings in dark cloaks sat under the cauldron, their eyes closed tight and sensations shut down, but focusing on inhaling the colorful mist released from the cauldron. Their souls and spirit power had been improving at an amazing rate, allowing them to replace the spirits of their chosen natural stars and successfully make the breakthrough from Divine Magi to Supreme Magi in a safe, perfect way.

Si Wen Ming stood beside the all souls creation cauldron, looking at Spirit Wa with reverence. Spirit Wa floated upon a five-colored cloud, holding a purple jade ruyi as she smilingly nodded to Si Wen Ming.

"With me helping you forging the nine cauldrons myself, they will come out much better than the works done by you alone. As long as you make a deal with the kid Ji Hao, I will help you forge the nine cauldrons. In return, a throne in the heaven will belong to Donggong."

Spirit Wa smilingly pointed at Donggong and Ximu standing by her side.

"Yes." Si Wen Ming cupped his hands, bowed solemnly, and responded.

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