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In Liang Zhu City, Polo Jia sat before a ten miles wide teleporting formation.

A group of Flow Moon scholars had been carefully checking the formation, inserting magic crystal into every core. Occasionally, one of them would cast a spell at the formation to check if every part of the formation was functional.

Pan Heng world was a pain in the heart of every Flow Moon being.

They had aimed at that world tens of thousands of years ago, and started hundreds of expeditions to this world. Sadly, Flow Moon people were truly not created for war. All their expeditions failed, and each time, they suffered severe losses.

Fortunately, Pan Heng world was a magical world dominated by plants. A handful of moss from that world could be as effective as ten-thousand years old top-grade herbs in Pan Gu world. The Flow Moon's expeditions failed indeed, but they plundered Pan Heng world before they fled back to Pan Gu world, and managed to make ends meet, without breaking.

Surrounded by a group of trustworthy subordinates, Ji Hao walked over and stood by Polo Jia, looking at the formation as he sighed, "Didn't you win even once?"

Hearing Ji Hao's harmful greeting, Polo Jia gave Ji Hao a sulky glance, snorted coldly, and said, "You will know how hard are those things to deal with once you see them…But of course, don't think that we Flow Moon people don't know how to conquer that world only because of our hundreds of times of failure, which weren't worth mentioning."

With the special Yu Clan pride, Polo Jia slightly raised his head and continued blandly, "We just didn't want to disturb our families in Pan Yu world…And, don't you think that that world can serve as a perfect cultivation ground for our young family members?"

Ji Hao remained silent. The first explanation, as they didn't want their family people from Yu Clan world to know about Pan Heng world, so they wouldn't have to share the profits with them, that was believable. As for using Pan Heng world as a cultivation ground, that was just bragging.

Smiling faintly, Ji Hao looked at the teleporting formation and said, "So, cultivation ground, what a smart idea! Emperor Polo Jia, you and all elders from your family have to go to Pan Heng world with us."

Polo Jia's expression changed suddenly. Before he said a word, Ji Hao continued coldly, "I don't trust you. I don't want you to destroy the portal after we go into Pan Heng world and trap us there. Even though we are capable of building another portal…but, who knows how dangerous that world can be? So, we better do not take the risk."

From a distance away, a few Chu Wu elders who heard Ji Hao gave Polo Jia a twisted, frosty smile.

These Chu Wu clan elders were forced to join the expeditionary force and follow Ji Hao to Pan Heng. To them, this was a disaster. Who did they ever offend? Why would they be sent to a strange world with Ji Hao, who was a heartless and brutal boy? If Ji Hao tended to murder them in that world, who could they complain to?

However, the most powerful one was allowed to make the call. Currently, Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming together made the strongest force among human beings. Therefore, even though these Chu Wu Clan elder wanted to do something to stop them, they dared not to.

With a high-pitched voice, a Chu Wu Clan elder laughed, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, you shall have no worries. All clans and families will send elite forces here to guard this formation…if anyone dares to play any trick here, hehe!"

Polo Jia's face turned even darker. Ji Hao forced him and his elders to follow him to Pan Heng world as hostages, that was fine. But, allowing these insane Chu Wu people to guard the base of Flow Moon? Not acceptable at all! What if these people went out of their wits and start a massacre in here? The Flow Moon couldn't bear to suffer any more losses.

Thinking of this, Polo Jia abruptly dragged Ji Hao's sleeve and said, "Emperor Ji Hao, about one thing, please bring us a clear answer. Days ago, Liang Zhu City was in chaos. A large number of members of the twelve families in powers and all smaller families under our leadership have gone missing. Based on our investigation, back then, except for people from Yemo Tian's Glorious Domination and the four lotus altars, more people were in the city…"

Ji Hao knew what he tried to say.

These non-humankind beings were quite capable, as they had actually found out that back then, apart from Glorious Domination people and disciples of Priest Mu and Priest Hua, people from the third party also swept across the city!

Laughing out loud, Ji Hao patted heavily on Polo Jia's shoulder and said, "Did such things really happen? Hmm, I will get it cleared up for you, Emperor Polo Jia. But, regarding our alliance against Blood Crown, Emperor Polo Jia, please let the other families in power know that no one should play tricks behind me, because…People will die if you do!"

Ji Hao put his face closer to Polo Jia, shortening the distance between their faces to less than half an inch, then stared at Polo Jia right in the eyes and continued word by word, "This time, we will combine our powers to face the crisis brought by your holy being, Blood Crown. In the future, many things will be negotiable…But, if some people are still thinking about hurting the humankind at this point in time, I swear, I won't be the one to regret!"

Wisps of power of Pan Gu world drilled deep into Polo Jia's eyes from Ji Hao's eye sockets. Polo Jia wasn't a good fighter, and he couldn't withstand such a strong pressure. Sensing the ache from his eyes, he instinctively took two steps backward, then gasped loudly for air, with cold sweat streaming down his back, which even soaked his clothes.

"Of course, we will try our best to get through this together with you." Gasping for a while, Polo Jia gave Ji Hao a serious smile. But his smile was slightly bitter — He surely had guessed that this Emperor Ji Hao might well be the third party which looted the burning Liang Zhu city back then!

Buzz! A beam of light reached straight into the sky. The portal, which belonged to the Flow Moon and led to Pan Heng world, was activated.

A City of Great Calamity slowly drifted to the portal-base formation. This time, Ji Hao prepared to bring a City of Great Calamity into Pan Heng world. As members of the expeditionary force, the group of large family leaders and elders brought nearly two-hundred-million elite clansmen. Currently, this giant force was arrayed in the middle the city of great calamity; everyone in the array was looking at Ji Hao with sharp eyes.

Ji Hao chuckled. With his subordinates, he flew into the city of great calamity, not forgetting to drag Polo Jia into the city as well.

Inside the City of Great Calamity, in a tastefully decorated small room, Priest Hua and Priest Mu sat on two tender green grass hassock with their legs crossed. Smilingly, they looked at the white clouds drifting away outside the window.

"Pan Heng world? A world dominated by powerful plants? Brother, what a surprise!" Priest Mu nodded delightfully and said to Priest Hua, who looked much better than before. "This journey to Pan Heng world is an opportunity for us."

Priest Hua grinned even warmer and responded, "Brother, that world is destined to be ours!"

They looked at each other and grinned. But obvious carefulness, vigilance, and suspicion could be found in their warmly grinning faces.

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