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"Stingy" Standing on the wall of the city of great calamity, Ji Hao looked at the thin metal petals unfolding in the surroundings, shaking his head.

He was talking about the portal built by the Flow Moon. The largest bearing capacity of this portal was a standard flying fort of the non-humankind, no larger than ten miles squared in area. But this time, Ji Hao forcibly squeezed a city of great calamity in the portal. As a consequence, the operation speed of the portal turned extremely slow. It was like forcibly squeezing a watermelon into a finger-thick tube, so one could easily imagine how difficult it would get.

Ji Hao turned around and glanced at the golden bridge, which floated above the city of great calamity. From a beam of golden light, the golden bridge had transformed into a magnificent, actual bridge, rumblingly flashing across the space while pulling the city of great calamity forward speedily. Because of the golden bridge, the operation rate of the portal was raised by tens of times.

Polo Jia stood beside Ji Hao, shaking with a pasty face. He seemed ready to throw up at any moment.

The golden bridge had been pulling the city of great calamity forward at an abnormally high speed, because of which, a great pressure had been coming from the Chaos in all directions. The space inside the city of great calamity twisted weirdly, largely affecting Polo Jia's body.

While trying very hard to keep himself from throwing up, Polo Jia smiled to Ji Hao and said, "Emperor Ji Hao, it's not because we Polo Family people are stingy…Pan Heng world didn't bring us enough profits. Therefore, we had to maintain the pressure we laid on them at the lowest level. Investing a large sum of money in building a larger portal for that world would be irrational."

Shaking his head, Polo Jia gave a bitter grin and continued, "The council of elders in our family wouldn't allow us to waste resources like that."

"Is the council of elder in your family powerful?" Ji Hao looked at him and asked.

Because of the badly twisted space, Polo Jia's mind wasn't so clear. Hearing Ji Hao's question, he gave the answer without thinking much, "In Pan Yu world, we have seven-hundred and forty-five family power elders. As for deputy elders…"

Abruptly, he raised his head and stared at Ji Hao in both embarrassment and anger, then cried, "Emperor Ji Hao, that was very rude."

Ji Hao chuckled, then pointed at the Chaos tide waves outside, which had been violently striking on the city of great calamity, and said blandly, "If I grip your neck and throw you out, then tell your families that you accidentally fell into the Chaos...that would be truly rude."

Picturing the horrible ending Ji Hao described, Polo Jia's expression changed. Instinctively, he took a few steps away from Ji Hao, then snorted and turned around, without saying another world to Ji Hao. Flow Moon people were the knowers, the wise ones. They weren't the same as people like Ji Hao, who always preferred to use violence as their first choice.

"Did your family raise so many powerful beings with the resources you stole from Pan Gu world?" Ji Hao sighed and said, "If you gathered all those elders in Pan Gu world, you might have broken the humankind already, right? Why didn't you do that?"

Maybe because he had already revealed the number of family elders to Ji Hao, which was supposed to be a secret, Polo Jia remained silent for a while, then slowly shook his head and said, "The other eleven families in power are stronger than Polo Family, and their members all have greater individual powers. But after all, our roots are back in Pan Yu world."

Polo Jia frowned and continued while thinking, "Why would mid and low-grade families like ours take great risks to explore the Chaos? Didn't we do this for resources? Didn't we do this to strengthen our families? It goes without saying that we keep the main forces of our families back in Pan Yu world. Besides, we roughly know how things are going in Pan Gu world, so why would we break the humankind?"

Hearing him, Ji Hao looked back the recent period of time, during which, small-scale wars never stopped happening between the humankind and the non-humankind, but major wars were barely started. It seemed that Yu Dynasty truly wasn't planning to swallow the humankind, and instead, they mentioned that occasionally just to bluff.

He believed Polo Jia and asked another question, "How are things going in Pan Gu world?"

Polo Jia gave a weird smile, shaking his head as he said, "Aren't you aware of your own situation?"

Ji Hao closed his mouth and coldly looked at him.

Polo Jia grinned. Spreading his hands, he shrugged and said, "We Yu Clan people are the owners of Pan Yu world, while you, human beings, are the chosen main characters in Pan Gu world, but not the world owners."

The golden bridge released a golden beam of light as it bumped against a seven-colored layer of screen. Following a muffled boom, a hundreds of miles wide swirl was created on the screen by the golden bridge. A colorful light stream reached out from the screen, leading the city of great calamity into to the screen to land.

In the surroundings, Chaos tide waves disappeared. Instead, dense green clouds emerged from all directions, while bolts of pure and powerful pre-world green thunder struck on the city of great calamity like violent evil dragons.

The city of great calamity unfolded its thin metal pales. In the air, layers of honeycomb-shaped shields glistened, defending the city against the green thunderbolts. The thunderbolts twisted in the air and caused deafening sizzling noises, which quaked the city slightly.

In a quarter of an hour, the city of great calamity forcibly penetrated the green clouds, descended with clouds of smoke puffing up from it.

Ji Hao's eyes sensed a clear and warm green light. He looked around and suddenly felt relaxed and happy. Was this the Pan Heng world? A world dominated by plants?

The air in this place was rich in green power, extremely pure and fresh. Nine light green suns were glowing in the sky, illuminating the world with a green light. The entire world looked like a top-grade piece of jade, green and pure to an extreme degree.

Down below, tens of thousands of miles lower than the city of great calamity was a boundless continent with multiple ranges of hills. The thriving greenery filled up Ji Hao's line of sight. Countless towering trees stood on tops of mountains, thousands of miles tall, surrounded by dense green mists. The mist was an incredibly pure and highly compressed natural green power, which had nearly liquefied.

Above these mountains, dandelion-like, over ten-miles long strange plants floated in the air. When these plants 'saw' the city of great calamity, their downy flower heads shrank intensely, causing a series of muffled popping noise. Following the noise, puffs of light green seeds flew swiftly out of the flower heads, striking at the city of great calamity at lightning speed.

The shuttled-shaped, tens of meters long seeds swished shrilly to the city of great calamity, occupying the view of everyone in the city.

Light golden honeycomb shields emerged. The seeds bumped against the shields and generated waves of thunderous bangs. A raging fire surrounded the city of great calamity, and next, the enormous flying city began shaking slightly.

Wave and wave of seeds were sent to bomb the city of great calamity.

Ji Hao and his people had just arrived, but Pan Heng world dwellers embraced them with passionate 'hospitality' already.

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