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The deep, strong ring of Pan Gu bell broke the quietness of Pu Ban City in the morning, sounding from the core of everyone's soul.

In the east, the sky started to be illuminated. The golden sunlight covered the entire city, while countless Gold Crow warriors transformed into their human shapes, wearing sun crystal golden armors, holding sun crystal long spears, and their bodies burning in raging golden fires. Heads raised high, chests puffed out, these Gold Crow warriors trod on golden fiery clouds while cawing thunderously.

For the very first time, the 'crow caw concerto', which had become the worst nightmare of countless Fire Crow Clan children, now echoed through the Pu Ban City.

The Pu Ban City was stirred. People walked out of their houses, stunned, looking at all the Gold Crow warriors standing in the sky in perfect lines.

A giant number of Gold Crow warriors arrayed in the sky. Their goldenness filled everyone's line of sight. The golden Gold Crow fire burned the entire sky gold, its great heat dispelling the thin mist coiling on branches or in bushes.

"Under Emperor Shun's order, all marquises and earls should now head to the Town Hall to attend an important meeting." Cawing for a while, Gold Crow warriors shouted out what Ji Hao told him to shout in chorus.

Their sharp yet hoarse voices quaked the earth and the mountains. All people who had access to the Town Hall heard them. Many of them angrily rolled up their sleeves, rushing to the Town Hall with large groups of subordinates, while complaining.

It was so early in the morning that many people hadn't even wake up from their sweet dreams yet. Who could tolerate such a sudden earth-shaking noise?

But soon, some people realized that according to the news that came from their scouts in Liang Zhu City, these golden, shining 'spirit crows' weren't wild creatures. Instead, they were the new divine emperor, Ji Hao's reliable warriors, and they used to be the flying battle beasts of Gold Crow Clan, which was once known as Fire Crow Clan, a small Southern Wasteland clan where Ji Hao was born in.

According to the stories, which were told secretly by some knowledgeable elders, these Gold Crows used to be weak fire crows which could barely reach the level of Senior Magi. But, some people had activated their Gold Crow bloodline, and turned them into incredibly strong three-legged Gold Crows.

Some elders from the clans or families which existed since the prehistorical era, such as Candle Dragon Clan, Tao Tie Clan, and White Tiger Clan, knew pretty much everything about Gold Crows. In surprise, they told their people that these Gold Crows under Ji Hao's command were pure-blood, and totally different from those mix-blood crows which luckily attained a thin Gold Crow bloodline.

Indeed, these Gold Crows under Ji Hao's command weren't strong enough yet, but their bloodline was pure. With enough time to grow, they would bring the frightful power of the ancient Gold Crows back to this world!

More importantly, the family of ancient Gold Crow had a small population, but how many Gold Crows, which were transformed from fire crows, were under Ji Hao's command now? When Ji Hao's Gold Crow army grew mature, perhaps, not a single human clan or family would be able to have a force to rival it! Not to mention the fact that Ji Hao was a divine emperor now. The heaven owned countless powerful treasures, which meant Ji Hao could arm his Gold Crow army with any divine treasure, such as an ancient divine formation, to crush an army from the mortal world.

Thinking of all these, those complaining marquises and earls suddenly woke up. Heads covered in cold sweat, they looked at those Gold Crow warriors that stood motionlessly in the sky, frowning as they slowed down on their way to the Town Hall.

Soon, quite a number of messengers secretly left Pu Ban City with urgent letters in all directions like phantoms. These messengers who showed up in public were just distractions, as the real important messages had been delivered through the small-scale teleporting formations or special communicating formations built by large human families and clans.

They had to know Ji Hao again, to redeclare the relationship between Ji Hao and their families, and to discuss their attitudes towards Ji Hao.

A divine emperor…As a title, 'divine emperor' could not scare people. But, if this divine emperor also had a reliable army, people would see him as a genuine divine emperor, and his words would be inviolable.

In the Town Hall, Emperor Shun sat in the middle, on a tall throne. An especially strong star power had already begun spreading from his body. Waves of natural star power surged out of his body like a tsunami, while the splendid starlight swirled the space about fifty-meters in radius around him. Because of the energy waves releasing from Emperor Shun's body, the entire Town Hall was slowly shaking.

Anyone who knew about Supreme Magi would know at first glance that Emperor Shun had already started absorbing his chosen natural star.

Once he completely absorbed the star, he would become an immortal Supreme Magus. According to the rule which had been followed for countless years by human beings, an immortal Supreme Magus couldn't be the human emperor.

Therefore, before long, Emperor Shun would have to abdicate, and with a ninety-nine percent chance, Si Wen Ming, who now sat by the left side of Emperor Shun, would succeed to the throne.

Si Wen Ming sat on his heels on Emperor Shun's left side solemnly. He carefully kept a distance away from Emperor Shun, to not let himself touch the scary star power releasing from Emperor Shun's body. Sitting behind Si Wen Ming were the leaders, elders, and princes from tens of large clans and families, and a large group of greatly influential marquises and earls.

More importantly, Ji Hao sat by the right side of Si Wen Ming.

Ji Hao was wearing a robe which he found from a storeroom in the heaven, and belonged to East Emperor Taiyi. He sat straight next to Si Wen Ming, with his entire body glowing like a small sun.

People who walked into the Town Hall understood Ji Hao's attitude the moment they saw him. As the only reigning divine emperor in Pan Gu world, Ji Hao was Si Wen Ming's unshaken supporter. On behalf of the heaven, Ji Hao supported Si Wen Ming, and was willing to help him ascend to the throne.

People walked into the Town Hall. Some of them were Ji Hao's friends, some didn't know much about him, and others hated Ji Hao's guts. No one said a word, but instead, people all quietly sat down with their clansmen and friends.

Soon, sixty-percent of all people on the scene sat behind Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao.

Si Wen Ming's breath was long and steady. Ji Hao and everyone behind Si Wen Ming maintained the same breathing rate with him. Tens of thousands of human leaders, powerful human beings, breathed at the same rate and started strong, invisible waves of energy in the Town hall, pressing on the ones in front of them and suffocating them.

Emperor Shun rested his hands on his knees and said blandly, "Emperor Ji Hao called you all together for one important thing."

Finishing this, Emperor Shun never said another word. In not long, he would abdicate and hand over the crown to another person. Therefore, he had already started to transfer his power, step by step.

"Emperor Ji Hao intends to start an expedition to Pan Heng world, to seek advantages for our humankind…People, we should unite in a concerted effort and cooperate fully." While smiling, Si Wen Ming said to the leaders of You Xiong Family, Cloud Sun Family, High Sun Family, Ghost Chariot Family, and Chu Wu Clan, who all sat in front of him.

"The ones who refuse to follow orders will be punished by the heaven and the earth!" In a dark tone, Ji Hao added.

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