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Without giving a chance to those human leaders who didn't like or hated Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming started deploying forces.

No large troop was needed. This time, only well-equipped elites with strong individual powers would be sent to Pan Heng world. Naturally, the leaders and elders from all large human clans and families were the most powerful individuals, with the best resources and most powerful inherited treasures in their families.

Holding a turtle shell, Si Wen Ming read out a series of names in a steady tone.

Large family leaders and elders who tried to get Ji Hao into troubles back in the nine water gates area, and the ones who didn't agree on Si Wen Ming succeeding to the throne, and needed Emperor Shennong and Emperor Xuanyuan to show up themselves to silence them, were all on the list.

Nearly ten-thousand people from tens of super clans and families composed the expeditionary force to Pan Heng world. Among all human beings, these people disliked Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming the most, and attempted to go against them on nearly all occasions. They were the leaders of all who didn't support Si Wen Ming. Therefore, once anything happened to them, no opposing force would be left among human beings for Si Wen Ming.

"How ridiculous! Starting an expedition to an unheard world? With less than ten-thousand people? To do what? Yet, you claim it's for the humankind, you two young…" A bad-tempered Ghost Chariot Family elder leaped up from the ground and shouted out loud.

Clang! Ji Hao gripped the Xuanyuan sword, which leaned against Si Wen Ming's body. The sword buzzed shrilly as Ji Hao swept it across the Ghost Chariot elder's neck. A stream of blood squirted to the air, while the elder's head thudded on the ground and rolled to the door from the central area of the hall, leaving a long trace of blood on the floor.

"Like I said, the ones who refuse to follow orders will be punished by the heaven and earth." Ji Hao smiled, carefully putting the sword back to its sheath as he praised with sincerity, "This is indeed a supreme sword. With this sword, beheading a human being is as easy as chopping a chicken, neat and clean."

The sword buzzed sharply to respond to Ji Hao, after which, Si Wen Ming coldly wielded his sleeve and said, "Remove the body, and hang up the head to show to the world. We human beings are facing a major challenge. Anyone who refuses to tide over the difficulties with everyone else will be executed."

Straightening his body and pressing his hands against his kneels, Si Wen Ming looked like a towering mountain, giving an especially heavy pressure to every human leader who didn't support him.

A man in a dark cloak slowly walked out from the behind. A faintly sensible star power had been releasing from his body in all directions. His star power wasn't as strong as Emperor Shun's, but clearly, this man had already drawn the power of a natural star into his own body, and was absorbing the natural star with his soul and spirit. Once he replaced the spirit of the star with his soul power…

A new Supreme Magus would emerge!

The limbs of this man in a black cloak moved flexibly, without stiffness at all. His expression was natural, and his eyes were clear. Apparently, his soul and spirit power were strong enough to fight against the spirit of the natural star, and he had a large chance of becoming a Supreme Magus.

Another man in a black cloak walked out. As same as the first one, he silently stood behind Si We Ming.

Then the third man in a black cloak, the fourth, fifth, sixth... At last, twelve men in black cloaks quietly stood behind Si Wen Ming, with strong star power energy waves releasing from their bodies. Thunder, wind, darkness, lightness, the energy waves with different natures were connected, pressing down on everyone's heart.

These were twelve powerful human beings who had a large chance of becoming Supreme Magi! These were also twelve trusted subordinates of Si Wen Ming who were expected to reach the Supreme Magus level!

They hadn't fully controlled the power of their chosen natural star, but without a doubt, they were now half-step Supreme Magi.

"Hehe!" Ji Hao sat steadily beside Si Wen Ming and laughed, "Like I said, be punished by the heaven and the earth…Under the current circumstances, I am present on behalf of the heaven, while my uncle Si Wen Ming is on behalf of the earth. Presumably, you will not disagree, will you?"

With a pair of dagger-sharp eyes, Ji Hao scanned across the frozen faces of some human leaders sitting in the hall and continued, "This time, Uncle Wen Ming will also depart with the expeditionary force. But, with Emperor Shun staying in Pu Ban City, I believe that the city will remain in peace like a mountain."

Emperor Shun smiled and slowly raised his head, delightfully looking at the twelve men in black cloaks behind Si Wen Ming.

Once Ji Hao gave Si Wen Ming the Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words, Si Wen Ming dedicated it to the humankind. Afterward, Emperor Shun, Emperor Xuanyuan, and the other former emperors selected a batch of loyal and reliable people to learn them. Within a couple of months, a large number of hopefuls had already emerged among the selected ones.

If a million Supreme Magi existed among human beings…

Thinking of this, Emperor Shun's heart beat like a drum. If a million Supreme Magi existed among human beings, the plan of Emperor Fuxi, who magically created the cultivation system of Magi back then, would be carried out perfectly, wouldn't it?

Coughing loudly to conceal the excitement in his heart, Emperor Shun started talking in a serious tone, "I will stay to guard the Pu Ban City, while Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao lead the expeditionary force to Pan Heng world, to dedicate themselves to the humankind. Things are all settled then. The expeditionary force will depart in three days. Whoever hesitates or refuses to go, or deserts in the face of the trip, will be executed!"

Emperor Shun straightened his right hand like a blade and gently swung down, while smiling and continuing, "The other thing, you all know that we are facing an unprecedented strong enemy. Therefore, the production of armaments needs extra attention. I have ordered Hao Tao to select a hundred-million craftsmen and collect essence metals from all over the world. We have also borrowed the sun world from Emperor Ji Hao. In there, we will forge our armors and weapons with the essence sun fire. Every human clan and family should spare no efforts to mine and extract essence metals to help with this mission."

The second thing was nothing but forging armors and weapons, so no one took it seriously. But in three days, the expeditionary force would depart. Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming were two heartless and brutal men. They didn't seem to give the others a chance to survive at all!

The faces of quite a number of clan leaders and elders turned very dark. They gritted their teeth and stared at Ji Hao. No one knew what they were thinking.

Ji Hao gave a faint smile and said blandly, "Of course, although we said that we only want elites in the expeditionary force, leaders and elders, it will be reasonable for you to bring some subordinates with you. But please, carefully select your subordinates, and do not bring those weak kids to die."

So, were subordinates allowed to be brought?

With dazzling eyes, some people lowered their heads and whispered to each other.

The departure would happen in three days. The time was way too limited. But, with the powers of these large families and clans, the human resources, and all abilities of these leaders and elders, they could still do a lot within this span of time.

Ji Hao absented the rest of the meeting. Instead, he left the Town Hall with large steps, and went straight to Wuzhi Qi.

"Finish this, and your old crimes will all be forgiven. But to satisfy everyone else, you cannot call yourself Wuzhi Qi anymore…You also need to sacrifice a clone, to be imprisoned forever symbolically!"

"Deal?" Ji Hao looked at Wuzhi Qi with his sunken eyes.

Wuzhi Qi looked at Ji Hao and slowly nodded.

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