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For some things, when people who knew them felt that no more people should know, these things would become secrets. Over time, fewer and fewer people would know about these secrets. When memories faded with the flying time, secrets would become rumors.

One day, with the time moving on, rumors would become stories, and eventually legends.

Fortunately, quite a few experienced ones still existed among human beings, and neither was the emperor ever absent from the history of the humankind. Si Wen Ming patiently and detailedly told Ji Hao about the story of the all souls creation cauldron.

After that, Ji Hao understood the reason why the cauldron was a secret that only a very few people knew about. It was way too important, related to too many things and people. Ancient powerful human beings turned the cauldron into a secret, and Ji Hao couldn't agree more to that. Some secrets should remain secrets forever.

Saint Pan Gu created the world, but fell under the attacks from hundreds of millions of Chaos monsters. The dragon ancestor was generated from Saint Pan Gu's body, the phoenix ancestor flew out of Saint Pan Gu's powerful soul, and from Saint Pan Gu's blood, which was shed all over the world, human beings were created.

As the core of Saint Pan Gu's soul, his original soul, which recorded all his understanding about the great Dao, split up into three, it merged with the tremendous natural rewards power for creating the world and formed three living beings. Speaking of this, Si Wen Ming gave Ji Hao a meaningful glance. Instantly, Ji Hao figured out that the three living beings generated from Saint Pan Gu's original souls were his Shifu, Yu Yu, and Yu Yu's two brothers.

All the other living beings in Pan Gu world were generated from the remaining parts of Saint Pan Gu's body. His skull absorbed his natural rewards power and became a three-legged, round-shaped cauldron. Even more magically, after the phoenix ancestor was generated from Saint Pan Gu's soul and his original soul split into three, an extremely pure trace of his essence soul didn't fade.

Maybe because of an unfinished wish of Saint Pan Gu, or some other reasons, the slight trace of essence soul merged with the cauldron, which used to be Saint Pan Gu's soul. The essence soul became a flame, burning in the all souls creation cauldron like a pre-world seed of souls.

Since then, the cauldron was able to absorb the Chaos power and transform it into pure soul power, then condense the soul power into actual souls. During the past countless centuries, the cauldron had been producing pure new souls, sending the new souls into the Netherworld for reincarnation. With all these new souls, the living beings in Pan Gu world had been developing thrivingly, growing stronger and stronger.

Astonishingly, a shadow of Saint Pan Gu's original soul existed in the slight trace of essence soul. It was merely a shadow, hazy and blur, like a flower's reflection in the mirror or the moon's shadow on the water. However, it gave the cauldron a mark of Saint Pan Gu's great Dao, not the entire great Dao, but five to six percent. Earlier, the cauldron absorbed Saint Pan Gu's natural rewards power for creating the world, and added with the mark of Saint Pan Gu's great Dao, the cauldron developed an unimaginably magical function — With enough materials, it could automatically copy all treasures from Pan Gu world.

Every treasure that existed in Pan Gu world was undoubtedly a piece of the great Dao of Pan Gu world, or a mark of it. All in all, all treasures in this world were created based on Saint Pan Gu's understanding about the great Dao. Therefore, apart from 'all souls', this cauldron also had 'creation' as a part of its name.

More importantly, as the origin of all new souls in Pan Gu world, this cauldron had a tight connection with the operation of the great Dao of Pan Gu world. In an easy-to-understand way, the owner of this cauldron would be able largely affect the operation of Pan Gu world's great Dao, and would always be supported by the great Dao of nature. Whatever he did, he would get twice the result with half the effort.

"Its first owner was…" Ji Hao looked at Si Wen Ming curiously.

"He, hehe," Si Wen Ming quickly blinked his eyes and said, "I can't say, and dare not to. That is a bad-tempered one…Hm, I never heard about the change of the all souls creation cauldron's owner, but now you have it, which means, you are chosen by its original owner, and the original owner wants to borrow your power to achieve a purpose."

Si Wen Ming abruptly slapped his own forehead and stared at Ji Hao, eyes and mouth wide open, as if he was suddenly enlightened.

No wonder Ji Hao had been improving so fast, no wonder he was promoted to divine emperor by his natural rewards power, with a world's edict!

No wonder, no wonder! With the all souls creation cauldron, any unbelievable thing happened to Ji Hao now seemed completely reasonable. With the support of the cauldron's original owner, and Yu Yu as his Shifu, who would Ji Hao ever be afraid of?

"Fortunately, three months ago, Emperor Shun and I talked all night. He told me everything that I should know in the future. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to recognize this treasure…My You Chong Clan is indeed a branch of You Xiong Clan, but still, we are not qualified to know these secrets."

Rubbing his hands, Si Wen Ming looked at Ji Hao with a bitter face and said, "Now, here is a thing. The sun world won't be a problem, neither will the essence metals from all over the world. The only problem is, if I forge the nine cauldrons with this all souls creation cauldron, without a doubt, the nine cauldrons would come out with an incredible quality, and might even be comparable to those legendary supreme treasures…But, the all souls creation cauldron is way too eye-catching." Si Wen Ming looked at Ji Hao with that bitter face and continued, "But if we don't use it, you have already shown it to me…"

It was the all souls creation cauldron, which had Saint Pan Gu's natural rewards power for creating the world, and contained all Saint Pan Gu's understanding about the great Dao. Si Wen Ming couldn't even imagine how powerful would the nine cauldrons be if they were forged by this treasure."

However, after talking with Emperor Shun through one whole night, Si Wen Ming learned a lot of secrets that he could not reach, and gained a deeper understanding of Pan Gu world.

Si Wen Ming dared not to use the all souls cauldron.

No one in the world dared to offend the cauldron's original owner. Facing her power, and the power of the cauldron, not a single living being in Pan Gu world ever had the courage to even think about forcibly taking it from her.

But, if the cauldron were in Si Wen Ming's hands…

Si Wen Ming even worried that once anyone heard a word about it, his You Chong Clan would be wiped out entirely in a night, without leaving any slight trace.

Si Wen Ming had no fear, but he had to be responsible for his clansmen. He could not put his clansmen in danger for his own success, especially now. He was a special human being now, and could affect the entire humankind.

"I really, really, really want to use it to forge the nine cauldrons." Si Wen Ming gave a long sigh, "But, it's hard, so, so hard…You have no idea that, in this world, some people, some things, are too terrifying."

"We may figure out a way, no?" Ji Hao frowned and pondered for a while, then abruptly clapped his hands and burst into laughter.

Putting his mouth near Si Wen Ming's ear, Ji Hao whispered a few words.

He told Si Wen Ming something about 'Pan Heng'…

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