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"This…" With difficulty, Si Wen Ming squeezed a word out of his gritted teeth. He sounded like a sleep talking man.

Abruptly, Si Wen Ming widely popped out his eyes and moved his arms. His arms left shreds of afterimages in the air, but without making even the slightest noise. As he swiftly changed his hand motions, dark-yellow light spots sparkled in the air while countless spell symbols flew out of his palms. Storm-like magic seals descended from all directions and sealed off the entire hall firmly.

"Uncle Wen Ming?" Ji Hao was startled by Si Wen Ming's crazy behavior.

Did this five-colored cauldron have a story? Why was Si Wen Ming so nervous?

Ji Hao had this cauldron inside his body for many years. This cauldron was able to automatically make high-grade magic treasures, devour sky devils, digest everything in the world, transform the Chaos power for Ji Hao to absorb. But apart from all these…

Ji Hao was shocked by his own thoughts. How amazing! Every single function of this cauldron could probably shake the world. Maybe because Ji Hao had been with it too long, and was already used to its existence, its unimaginable functions hardly ever shocked Ji Hao. However, in the eyes of the others, this cauldron was obviously a supreme treasure, especially the fact that it could trap and devour sky devils, turn them into the purest original soul power, then use the original soul power to improve the cultivation potential of a living being at a fundamental level.

With this cauldron, anyone with an ambition to start a sect would be able to turn his or her every trusted disciple into super talented ones like Po, Gui Ling and the other prehistorical creatures.

This cauldron could even decide the fate of a sect! It was a genuine supreme treasure!

Not to mention the fact that it could even digest holy-level sky devils. Holy-level sky devil was a nightmare, such that not even Priest Hua managed to free himself from a miserable situation caused by a holy-level sky devil. If Priest Mu and Priest Hua knew that Ji Hao had such a treasure, they would definitely rush to Ji Hao and shout 'this treasure is destined to be ours', even if they had to start a great war against Yu Yu for it.

"Uncle Wen Ming, do you recognize this treasure?" Ji Hao opened his mouth and asked with extra carefulness.

"Put it back, put it back, then we'll talk." Si Wen Ming's eye corners had been twitching intensely. Even though he had already built over a thousand layers of magic seals within a second with all of his powers, he was still cautiously looking around like a thief, in case anyone suddenly broke in and see the three-legged, round-shaped cauldron on Ji Hao's hand, which was glowing with a faint five-colored light.

Ji Hao immediately sent the cauldron back into his body. He cauldron transformed into a colorful stream of light, merged into his body, and floated in the middle of his lower belly.

"'All souls creation cauldron', this is the 'all souls creation cauldron'. Some people also call it 'Pan Gu all souls cauldron'." Si Wen Ming's eyes grew even wider as he stared at Ji Hao right in the eyes and growled, "Where did you get it? How can it be in your hands? Do you know where it was from?"

Ji Hao spread his hands. He truly didn't know the story about this cauldron.

But, it must be a big deal, as Si Wen Ming turned so serious the moment he saw it, right? Ji Hao had heard about Yu Yu's sword formation, and the seal made by Priest Guang Cheng, with the other half of Buzhou Mountain. He also knew about some other famous top-grade supreme treasures in Pan Gu world. But 'all souls creation cauldron', or 'Pan Gu all souls cauldron', he had never ever heard of it in his current and previous life.

His strong spirit power was fully activated, with which, Ji Hao checked through all his current life and previous memories. He could tell for sure that he never heard of this treasure, because nothing about it was left in his memories.

Si Wen Ming took a deep breath. He pointed at Ji Hao's nose and abruptly laughed. Next, he raised both arms and released two streams of mist from his sleeves, in the colors of black and white. The mist streams rolled out from his sleeves and wove into a large Taiji diagram, which sealed off the hall.

"I was truly dumbfounded by that treasure you took out just now. No matter how powerful my magic seals are, they stay at the level of Divine Magi, but this He Tu and Luo Shu great formation is different. Not even five Supreme Magi with combined powers can hear us through this formation."

He slowly let out a long breath he took just now, then looked at Ji Hao, shaking his head and giving a bitter smile. "I was shocked so badly, which is reasonable though. Nothing about this treasure can be found from the records keeping by the humankind. Its story has only been passed down from generations of human emperors and leaders of super families with especially long histories, from mouth to mouth."

While cupping his hands into the shape of a small cauldron, Si Wen Ming was shaking his head and continuing, "No other treasure in the world has its colorful glow, and it's a three-legged cauldron. Therefore, anyone knows about it will be able to recognize it at the first glance."

"Is it important?" Ji Hao looked at Si Wen Ming curiously.

"It's the lifeblood of Pan Gu world!" Si Wen Ming looked at Ji Hao from head to toe, eyes wide open without blinking. "This treasure shouldn't…show up…It shouldn't be in your hands either. But, it is in your hands. This, this, this is all wrong, isn't this…?"

Shaking his head again, Si Wen Ming glanced at the sky through the crystal window in awe and veneration, then subconsciously lowered his voice and continued, "Do you know how many living beings exist in Pan Gu world?"

Ji Hao blinked and shook his head quickly.

"Then, do you think more living beings existed in the ancient time than nowadays, or more living beings exist nowadays than the ancient time?" Si Wen Ming asked another question.

"Of course…more living beings now…right?" Ji Hao pondered shortly, then seriously answered Si Wen Ming's question. Back in the ancient time, the environment was harsh, and ancient creatures never stopped killing and eating each other. Imaginably, ancient creatures had lived difficult lives, and naturally, the total number of living beings back then should way smaller than now.

"You're right. The number of contemporary living beings is more than hundred-million times larger than the ancient number." Said Si Wen Ming urgently, "So, do you know that all living beings have souls? Human beings, dragons, phoenixes, and those little animals, like bugs, fishes, ants, even trees, flowers, grasses, every living being has a soul. Do you know this?"

"Even plants have souls?" Ji Hao exclaimed out loud, but then, he slapped on his forehead and murmured, "I get it, if plants don't have souls, how could Treeman and his brothers even exist? Hehe, I didn't think of that."

"Every living being has a soul. But much more living beings exist nowadays than in the ancient time. Till now, the total number of Pan Gu world living beings have soared, then where did all those new souls come from?"

"Do you mean…?" Ji Hao widely opened his mouth. Hearing Si Wen Ming, he was shocked too.

If the Pan Gu all souls cauldron created the souls of all Pan Gu world living beings, indeed, it could be counted as the lifeblood of Pan Gu world.

Souls, souls, no one knew how precious souls were than Ji Hao did. After all, he was a cultivator with a strong embryo of Dao!

All souls creation cauldron, it was the origin of every soul in Pan Gu world!

Ji Hao suddenly wanted to cry. How on earth did he get such a hot-potato-like treasure, and why would he carry it inside himself for so many years?

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