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The fire blazed ragingly, illuminating the sky as the power of the nine dragons chariot was released. The fire flashed swiftly across the sky, extending for tens of thousands of miles. Occasionally, a clear light would shine from the chariot, after which, the chariot and countless Gold Crow warriors would break the space and reach ten-million miles away instantaneously.

The nine dragons chariot had a lightning speed, while the golden bridge could move through space. These two treasures were combined. As a divine emperor, Ji Hao activated these two treasures with the power of the sun. Hurrying on with his journey, with a giant troop of Gold Crow warriors, Ji Hao's didn't consume even a slight little bit of his own power.

Even a peak-level Divine Magus would have to spend a couple of months to cover the distance between the heaven and the Liang Zhu City, but Ji Hao made it within six hours.

In ordered lines, Gold Crow warriors descended slowly from the sky. These Gold Crow warriors weren't used to maintaining their human shapes. Therefore, they showed their real faces, covered in golden feathers as they landed orderly on the city wall of Liang Zhu City, on the roofs and trees…

Soon, looking down from the sky, one would see a big half of Liang Zhu City glowing with a golden light. Gold Crow warriors squatted on high places, curiously looking around. In every corner of the city, one could see Gold Crows wrapped in raging fires.

The shrill caws never stopped, echoing from the east to the west like a tsunami, then spreading to the north from the south. Quite a number of Yu Clan nobles, who had been fixing their mansions and rebuilding their homes, were nearly driven crazy by this suddenly rising wave of noise. They angrily rushed out of their house, pointed at these Gold Crow warriors, and began cursing.

But soon, the guards sent out by the twelve emperors dispersed these non-humankind nobles, who didn't know what was happening. Next, the twelve non-humankind emperors, a group of power elders from Yu Dynasty, Emperor Shun, Si Wen Ming, and the human leaders walked out to welcome Ji Hao.

Ji Hao didn't dare to put on airs. Hurriedly, he walked to Emperor Shun, Si Wen Ming, and the other few human leaders, then politely bowed to them. Emperor Shun and Si Wen Ming were quite relaxed. They grinned to Ji Hao and greeted him, as same as before.

However, facing Piji Nu and the other non-humankind emperors, Ji Hao dropped his face. He held his hands behind his body, and raised his chin to a forty-five-degree angle as Yu Clan nobles always did. Before he said a word, he snorted frostily.

"It's been so long, emperors. Have you attained any useful information from Red Lei, Dim Cloud, and the other Sun and Moon knights?" Ji Hao's voice turned strange. He secretly merged a trace of the great Dao of sun that he learned during these days with his voice. As a result, the sunlight in the air condensed into invisible music wires, vibrating synchronously with Ji Hao's voice.

By now, his voice sounded mysterious, imperatorial, immeasurable, and powerful, like the voice of the world itself, coming from all directions.

More or less, ancient divine gods would use little tricks like this when talking to ordinary living creatures, simply to maintain their sacred status in the hearts of mortal beings. Those were just purely tricks.

Sensing the pressure coming from all directions, the twelve emperors instantly had a fear towards Ji Hao growing in their hearts. Coughing slightly, Piji Nu walked up and responded with a deep voice, "We tortured them. They did give something useful, but when we asked about the real core secrets…The situation was twisted, severely."

Ji Hao remembered the emergency described by Emperor Shun in the official document he sent to the heaven. "That 'Blood Crown' you mentioned before, did he give you a strike through space?" He asked in a deep voice.

Piji Nu's face twitched. He nodded heavily and said, "Emperor Ji Hao, if you have an interest, you can come and have a look. Then, you'll know how unimaginable and terrifying the Holy Blood Crown's power is!"

"Be careful." Si Wen Ming's voice echoed in Ji Hao's ears. "These non-humankind beings are up to no good. I witnessed that scene, incredibly powerful indeed. It was a terror. You must be careful. Don't let that Blood Crown hurt you. Do not allow these Liang Zhu People have any undesirable thoughts."

Ji Hao slowly nodded. With a proud smile, his rumbling voice resounded from all directions, "Good, interesting! I do have an interest in taking a look. In this case, let's go together!"

Giving his word to the twelve emperors in such a haughty manner, Ji Hao then turned back normal. He then said to Emperor Shun and Si Wen Ming while smiling, "Emperor Shun, Uncle Wen Ming, let's go have a look as well. I want to see what exactly this powerful Pan Yu world being can do. I heard that his social status is equal to divine emperors in Pan Gu world."

In the official letter sent to the heaven, Emperor Shun had clearly told Ji Hao that Liang Zhu City people finally mentioned something about the true power structure in Pan Yu world. For example, the Holy Realm in Pan Gu world was much similar to the heaven in Pan Gu world. The Holy Realm was the highest organization with the greatest power in the world, and it ruled the entire world, while the 'holy beings' in the Holy Realm were the supreme beings in Pan Yu world. Holy beings were admitted by the world; they had the strongest strength, and held the greatest power over the life and property of any living being in Pan Yu world.

Every holy being was the chief commander of an invading Pan Yu world army. They led their armies to sweep across the universe. All worlds discovered by them would become their targets, suffering their crazy attacks and invasions.

The holy being named 'Blood Crown', who was going to arrive in Pan Gu world, earned this regnal name of his with his crudeness and mercilessness by slaughtering millions and millions of living creatures.

Ji Hao walked into the hall of the Department of Supervision in Liang Zhu City, then went down into the hell underground.

In an isolated cell, which was thickly covered in countless powerful seals, Ji Hao saw Red Lei. Red Lei was the first one who failed to endure all the torture and decided to give some core secrets about Blood Crown.

However, once he opened his mouth, he became like this — His entire body had become a blood-red, transparent crystal, without any sense of life. The thick crystal wrapped his vividly red, translucent bones, making him look like a crystal statue.

A blood-red flame had been blazing in his heart. Inside his heart, a faint figure had been screaming and struggling. That was Red Lei's soul, sealed in his lifeless heart, suffering from the blood-red fire moment after moment. Red Lei's crystallized body was the fuel of this blood-red fire. The fire would never die before his body was burned completely out.

Through his transparent body, Ji Hao saw the cruel seal inside his heart. The moment his body was burned out, he soul would be gone.

Red Lei floated in the air. An invisible force locked him in the air, allowing everyone else to easily see him suffering the endless torment.

Under Red Lei's feet, over ten crystalline non-humankind beings lied on the ground. These were the non-humankind warriors who were interrogating Red Lei. They were all affected by the weird power that erupted from Red Lei's body, and all ended up in the same miserable state.

Hearing Red Lei's hoarse, despairing screams, even Ji Hao sensed a sharp coldness from his entire body.

This was too cruel, too ruthless.

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