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After Priest Mu left, Ji Hao's divine emperor career officially started.

Fuso tree leisurely took root and stretched his branches in the large backyard of the Divine Sun Palace. Mr. Crow and a large group of Gold Crow elders stayed on his branches, napping all day. Following their breaths, wisps of essence sun power had been merging with their bodies, constantly improving their powers.

Because of the Fuso tree, the power of the great Dao of sun in the Divine Sun Palace had grown especially strong and pure. A splendid beam of golden sunlight poured down from the Pan Gu sun, shining on the entire palace and making it a perfect cultivation ground for Gold Crows.

Each day, one could see countless Gold Crows squatted on eaves, tiles, branches, and tall towers in ordered lines, taking turns to cultivate themselves according to Ji Hao's orders.

Other than the ones in cultivation, a greater number of Gold Crow warriors had been darting all over the heaven in their human shapes, wearing golden armors. They flashed across the sky like tiny suns, maintaining vigilance towards everything in the surroundings. While flying, these Gold Crow warriors would caw from time to time, and their shrill voices could be heard from every corner of the heaven.

In the Divine Sun Palace, Ji Hao sat on the throne in the middle of the main hall. With slightly unfocused eyes, he was looking at all the divine gods and officials who had been running all over the hall. They were carrying different colored scrolls of official documents and yelling at each other for greetings.

Before Ji Hao's throne were three large cauldrons, placed in a straight line. Dense clouds had been rising from the three cauldrons. Abruptly, along with a loud 'tinkle', a cauldron spat out a stream of mist, which quickly condensed into a purple scroll.

Swish! The scroll 'smartly' flew to Yu Mu, who stood by the right side of Ji Hao.

"Again? So soon?" Sweating profusely, Yu Mu popped up his eyes as he glanced at the scroll and shouted in a hoarse voice.

The scroll spread itself slowly and released a cloud, which transformed into a round mirror before Yu Mu's face. In the mirror, an old man wearing a wolf skull helmet and colorful leopard hide, holding a bone staff, had been performing a strange dance in front of a ragingly burning altar, screaming towards the altar.

"Heaven, you wouldn't stop the rain in previous years. You almost drowned all our people…Now, you haven't given us a drop of rain for months. Western Wasteland is poor… Even the most drought-tolerant crops in the farmlands of our White Wolf Clan are dying. Please, gift us a rain. Otherwise, the hundreds of thousands of people in our White Wolf Clan will have nothing to survive on during the coming winter!"

Yu Mu gave a growl, grabbed the scroll, and stamped his divine seal on it while yelling, "Western Wasteland, White Wolf Clan; location, the eastern side of Wolf Head Mountain, thirty-thousand miles in radius. This noon, a heavy rain, one foot and two inches, go now!"

A few flood dragons, who were sent to be under Yu Mu's command by a temporary redeployment, hurriedly took over the scroll and rushed out of the hall. While running, they complained, "We just returned less than two hours ago, and now we're going to the Western Wasteland? My, why do divine gods have to work so hard?"

Tinkle! Another cloud of mist rose from a cauldron, condensed into a scroll, and flew to Ji Xia.

A cloud was released, transforming into another round mirror. In the mirror was an extra tall and muscular man, who had been growling in rage.

"Heaven! I am Bear Mountain, I swear with the souls of all ancestors of my Flying Bear Clan, that this time, I will slaughter every single scum from the Flying Leopard Clan with my people! Gods in the heaven, if you are there, please, bless us to win every battle!"

The man picked up a jade dagger for blood offerings and hacked violently on his own face for three times, shedding his blood on the burning altar in front of him, then continued, "Gods in the heaven, once I flatten the Flying Leopard Clan, I will offer you the heads of thirty-thousand virgins!"

Sitting on his throne, Ji Hao immediately buried his face in his hands. What was this? Did the heaven have to deal with this kind of vengeful conflict between clans too? And, the scroll flew directly to Ji Xia, the God of war. What did that mean? Should Ji Xia lead his army to wipe out the Flying Bear Clan? Or should he help Flying Bear Clan to sweep across the Flying Leopard Clan?

Ji Hao now understood that as long as any intelligent creature in Pan Gu world mention the words like 'heaven', 'gods in the heaven' while swearing, or build an altar and offer some blood, the heaven would receive their faith and turn their demands into official letters, sending directly to divine gods from related departments.

No wonder the ancient heaven had five divine emperors. So many living creatures existed in Pan Gu world, and all kinds of conflict never ended. Without a group of divine emperors, all these could never be handled well!

Ji Hao's fingers were slightly numb. He was a new divine emperor who wasn't so clear about all the rules and the operation of the heaven. He didn't know how to deal with all this. Not only him, neither did any new divine god he appointed have a clue. As a relatively experienced one, Ji Xia had only managed one city and one army before. How should he handle these complicated and weird things?

As for Feng Xing, Yu Mu, and the others, their administrative capacities weren't even as good as Ji Xia's. In this couple of days, they were driven crazy by all kinds of works.

"Shi-Shifu!" Standing aside, Shermie burst into shouts, "A devil flood dragon from the Southern Wasteland said that the heaven is too blind to promote him as a divine god, so he is prepared to capture three-hundred human beings to be his snacks…Should we appoint him as a divine god, or…"

"Send a troop and kill him!" Ji Hao's eyes grew wider as he yelled in a harsh tone, "These kinds of fools should all be killed. Eh…?"

Before Ji Hao channeled his anger, another 'tinkle' could be heard. Following the silvery tinkle, a brightly shining golden scroll wrapped in coiling purple mist was sent out from the middle cauldron, slowly drifting to Ji Hao along with a strong natural power.

Ji Hao paused and caught the scroll. The scroll released a golden beam of light, within which, a blood-red line of character emerged.

"An official letter from the human emperor, Shun? This, what is this?" Ji Hao was confused. He carefully read those characters, then continued shouting, "Emperor Shun could simply send his people to the heaven if he wanted to see me. Why did he…?"

But all of a sudden, Ji Hao figured it out. Emperor Shun was in Liang Zhu City at the moment, and the distance between the heaven and Liang Zhu City would cost an ordinary Divine Magus a couple of months. How could sending people to the heaven to find Ji Hao be more convenient than sending an official letter directly to him?

Ji Hao had stayed out for more than a month. Emperor Shun and the other human leaders had important things to talk to him, but sending people to find him would be time-wasting. Therefore, Emperor Shun chose this convenient, but strange way to contact Ji Hao.

"Alright, alright… Abba, and…everyone, the works in the heaven are important. You need to be diligent. Be careful, be cautious, don't muddle through your works." Wielding his broad sleeves, Ji Hao hurriedly dashed out of the heaven while shouting, "You keep doing your jobs. I'm heading to Liang Zhu City, also for important matters!"

Irresponsibly, Ji Hao escaped from the heaven with Mr. Crow, Fuso tree, and countless Gold Crow warriors.

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