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Red Lei had fallen into a scary and hopeless situation. Ji Hao and the others quietly observed him for a while, then came to the cell next door.

The inner space of this cell was expanded. Thirty-six small scale divine towers stood in the prison, with dazzling light beams flowing on their surfaces. Occasionally, a beam of light would explode, and a giant number of defensive spell symbol would emerge in the air.

These were the preparations done by the non-humankind, added with the altars built by tens of elderly human Maguspriests in every corner of this cell. A barely sensible power had been accumulating in each altar, like some devil gods who used to hide in darkness, patiently waiting for a chance to give their targets a deadly strike.

The powers gathering on the surrounding altars were vague and dark, but from them, Ji Hao sensed an even greater threat than what he sensed from the thirty-six divine towers.

Apart from the divine towers and altars, the floor and the walls of the cell were all covered in golden and jade slips, which were thickly carved with spell symbols. Some of these spell symbols were carved by human Maguspriests, while others were works of Xiu Clan magic formation artists. All kinds of defensive spell symbols were connected, firmly sealing the space of this cell, layer by layer.

Ji Hao was surprised by the strong defense of this cell. Without using supreme treasures like the golden bridge, which could move through the space and break all kinds of seals, Ji Hao wouldn't be able to free himself from this cell, not even with his current power and the nine dragons chariot.

Obviously, both the humankind and the non-humankind had tried their best. Based on all current conditions, the defense of this cell had already reached the highest standard of both the humankind and the non-humankind.

Dim Cloud was tied on a cast bronze pillar, covered in wounds. In a panic, he popped up his eyes as he stared at the people walking in. He desperately writhed his body and screamed hoarsely, "What happened to Red Lei? I heard his soul screaming. What happened to him? What did you do to him?"

Dim Cloud had been trembling intensely. His eyes were filled with an indescribable despair, like the eyes of an awfully frightened baby deer.

The twelve Sun and Moon knights were friends. They fought side by side all year round. A mysterious connection existed between their souls, and this connection was also the foundation for them to compose the Sun and Moon Samsara great formation and summon Pan Yu to fight.

Red Lei must have been in a severe trouble now, as Dim Cloud sensed his soul, which was suffering an endless pain. Dim Cloud also heard the despairing growls from his soul. But, Dim Cloud didn't know what happened to him, and that puzzle made him fear the most, dragging him down to the deepest despair.

Ji Hao and the others stood in the outer circle of the defense of the cell, preparing themselves for anything that might happen later.

The twelve non-humankind emperors had serious looks, so did Emperor Shun and the other human leaders. Whatever would happen later, it would provide both the humankind and non-humankind a chance to measure Blood Crown's power and demonstrate their own. The both sides were fully prepared, but upon all the preparations, if anyone still got injured by Blood Crown through the space, the problem wouldn't be just about shame.

"We are really." Piji Nu glanced at the other Yu Dynasty emperors and said with a deep voice.

"Good, let's do it!" Emperor Shun held his hands in his sleeves and said expressionlessly.

About ten non-humankind slaves walked into the cell with all strange kinds of instruments of torture humbly. These non-humankind slaves had extra wide mouths, hence looked like giant human-shaped frogs. Their skins were sticky, covered in large, differently colored speckles. They kowtowed ceaselessly to Ji Hao and the others, until Dishi Yanluo gave an impatient shout. Afterward, these non-humankind slaves walked to Dim Cloud while giggling evilly.

Dim Cloud screamed in pain, as a few non-humankind slaves smoothly inserted ten long black needles into his fingernails. The long needles were covered in a strange liquid drug that raised the sensitivity of Dim Cloud's fingers by a thousand times, and brought him way greater pain.

Some non-humankind slaves burned the ends of the long needles with fire. Soon, the needles were burned glowing red, and Dim Cloud shrieked even louder.

"Say it! How many people will Blood Crown bring to here? How many warriors does he have? How many powerful beings are amongst his warriors? What is his attitude towards Pan Gu world? What will he do to Pan Yu world people here, who have occupied this world?" Yemo Luoye took a step forward, looked at Dim Cloud, and yelled, at him, "Say it, say it now! We will relieve you from the pain the moment you talk."

While Yemo Luoye was shouting, those non-humankind slaves didn't stop.

They applied an especially concocted liquid drug on Dim Cloud's one lower leg. This was also a drug to expand all pains, concocted only for interrogation. With hideous, cruel smiles, non-humankind slaves took out tiny knives and saws and began dismembering Dim Cloud's leg.

Dim Cloud burst into a series of shrill howl, that one could never hear from a normal living being.

"I'll talk! I'll tell you everything! This time, Holy Blood Crown…" He cried in a hoarse voice.

Once he said 'Holy Blood Crown', and prepared to tell all secrets about that powerful being, a deeply buried seal was triggered.

An overwhelming power, which was as vast as a sea, heavy and terrifying, descended on this cell through Dim Cloud's soul. Behind Dim Cloud, a cloud of blood-red mist silently rose. Within the mist, a pair of expressionless eye opened slowly. Those eyes were filled with a desire of destruction.

A deep and strong voice could be heard, giggling. The pair of eyes in the blood-red mist glanced at everyone in the cell, one by one.

Ji Hao and the other remained motionless in the cell, but as the pair of eyes turned to Yemo Luoye, she trembled intensely. Instinctively, she took a few steps backward while shaking like a falling leaf.

"Nice little woman." Said the voice from the blood-red mist, "Perhaps, you can be my entertainment in this world. With your beauty, you can live for, maybe three to five months longer than the others, before I get tired of you. But should it be three months, or five months?"

Yemo Luoye's face paled immediately. She forcibly calmed herself down, gave a cold smile, and responded, "That, is not for you to decide."

"I said so, so it's already decided. The others will all die, but you, little woman, will linger on for a while on my bed. Once I break you, you will join the others." The voice chuckled.

Along with the chuckling, a finger reached extremely slowly out of the blood-red mist.

The glistening finger belonged to a hand with a perfect shape. The moment it was pointed out, all defensive seals around Dim Cloud began shattering like porcelain hit by heavy hammers. Eye-piercing fiery light burst from the air without an end, shaking the entire cell.

As this finger slowly, steadily pointed out, everyone on the scene saw layers of curved space before the fingertip. Clearly, crossing the immeasurable Chaos space to launch such a strike wasn't easy for the Blood Crown.

Along with a fearful sense of power, this finger quietly pointed at Fan Hai, who stood behind Yemo Luoye.

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