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The heaven was created under the will of the world itself. All the buildings in the heaven, including all palaces, mansions, pavilions, every brick and tile was condensed from the purest natural power.

Theoretically, as long as the great Dao of Pan Gu world remained existing, the heaven would be able to heal itself slowly, even if it were shattered into pieces. The ancient divine emperors and gods had all fallen, but the Divine Origin Pool had been creating new divine gods to take over the heaven.

This time, Miao Xiang caused a truly severe damage. With priest Hua's thunder bombs and Priest Mu's linden seed bombs, he destroyed all the buildings within thousands of miles radius.

Ji Hao stood aside and observed for a short while. He saw pure natural powers roll over from all directions, and sensed a strong Dao of nature. Compressed by the Dao of nature, the pure natural powers condensed into differently colored bricks and tiles, brightly shining pillars and columns.

All bricks, tiles, pillars, and columns were covered thickly with divine marks and spell symbols. Those were parts of the natural defensive seals in the heaven.

According to Ji Hao's estimation, the heaven needed around five years to fix itself. Five years, that would be the best the heaven could do. After all, all the bricks, the tiles, the pillar and the columns and the spell symbols, divine marks on them, were too complicated. Besides, a giant amount of pure natural powers was needed for fixing all these buildings. A great energy would be consumed to condense the invisible natural powers into tangible pieces. Inside Pan Gu Motherland, how many centuries did it cost for the natural powers to form magic crystals? Not to mention the bricks and tiles, pillars and columns contained countless complicated spell symbols.

At this very moment, Ji Hao witnessed Priest Mu's dreadful power.

He stood in the center of the ruined area and rooted his brightly sparkling wooden staff deep into the ground. A suffocating spirit power wave spread in all directions, immediately covering the entire area, then enveloped the area a thousand times larger than the heaven, suffusing the entire starry void.

Priest Mu released a wave of spirit power with a thought and covered the entire starry void

'Old monster, exactly how powerful is he?' Ji Hao couldn't help but wonder silently. The starry void was vast and boundless, and yet, it was covered by Priest Mu with a single thought?

Ao Bai's mouth corners twitched intensely. Ji Hao didn't turn around, but clearly, he sensed Ao Bai's tightly clenched fists inside his sleeves. Priest Mu's power didn't only shock Ji Hao, it also startled Ao Bai.

Priest Mu controlled all the starlight. Streams of starlight were compressed into torrents, roaring down from the sky. Instantly, the gathering rate of natural powers raised by tens, even hundreds of thousands of times.

Under the control of Priest Mu's mighty spirit, the star powers and the natural powers had all been drawn forcibly into the heaven. Countless bricks, tiles, pillars, and columns emerged, piling up under the will of nature. They all merged perfectly, without leaving even the thinnest crack.

A splendid glow illuminated the sky. The heaven quaked slightly under the pressure given by Priest Mu's terrifying spirit power.

Priest Mu promised to rebuild all the damaged buildings within a day, but as he started his magic with his full power, the whole rebuilding process only cost about five minutes, until the dust settled down.

All damaged buildings were rebuilt, beautiful, clean, glowing brightly, and without a flaw. The broken platform behind the front gate was repaired as well, with no crack left on it. From every tall building, strands of warm glow rose into the sky, while strong natural power streams surged out and formed a sticky mist that coiled around people on the scene.

Priest Mu didn't say much. He simply nodded to Ji Hao and repeated his promise, then left with his disciples. The moment he left the heaven, his bitter face turned even bitterer. A thick sense of quietus had been releasing from every pore of his. The sense of quietus was so strong that Ji Hao didn't even dare to look at Priest Mu's back, in case the Dao of quietus shook his own heart of Dao.

Witnessing Priest Mu repair the damaged part of the heaven in five minutes, and sensing the fearful, soul-shaking power of Dao naturally released from his body, Ji Hao abruptly turned around and looked at Ao Bai seriously.

"Emperor, is there a doubt?" Ao Bai looked at Ji Hao with his sunken eyes and asked, "Is it because Saint Mu's power goes beyond your imagination? Emperor, you are a disciple of Saint Yu Yu. Don't you know about his real power?"

"I'm not stupid enough to fight my Shifu, so how would I know Shifu's real power?" Ji Hao looked at Ao Bai in a complicated way and said, "Just now, Feng Xing told me that the powers of the four disciples under Priest Mu's guidance, Dragon, Lion, Tiger, Mammoth, suddenly rose to a despairing degree after they broke a certain seal inside them…"

Ji Hao pointed at Liang Zhu City and continued, "I am curious, very curious. The ancestors of those non-humankind monsters in Liang Zhu City, when they invaded Pan Gu world, they were a group of poor lowly nobles from Pan Yu world. But, were they actually powerful enough to win a landslide victory against the humankind?"

Ao Bai remained silent for a long while, then smiled and responded, "As you said, the non-humankind won a landslide victory merely against the humankind. I'm afraid, even among ancient human beings, only a handful of former emperors know about the truth about that great war…The humankind suffered the only loss."

Spreading his hands, Ao Bai looked at Ji Hao honestly and continued, "As you guessed, Saint Mu and his people barely fought. They did no more than killing some non-humankind beings that they wanted to kill to earn some natural reward power that they needed. The humankind had always been the main force against the non-humankind. Back then, the human civilization had justly started sprouting, and human beings weren't able to rival the non-humankind beings. Indeed, they paid a great price to stop the non-humankind."

"Saint Dachi, Saint Qingwei, Saint Mu, Saint Hua, Saint Netherworld…They all did the same. Saint Yu Yu was staunch, upright, and straightforward. He and a few human clan leaders were good friends. He pulled out his sword and fought as hard as he could…But Saint Yu Yu was all alone, so what could he possibly change?"

"If my Shifu fought with all his power, could any non-humankind being ever survive?" Ji Hao looked at Ao Bai in confusion.

"Saint Yu Yu had a stunning power. Perhaps, no one in Pan Gu world can win a fight against him. But regarding calculation…hehe!" Ao Bai laughed hollowly and continued with a bland tone, "There is always a way to keep him from fighting with his full power. It is much similar to the fact that twelve former human emperors became Supreme Magi, but not a single one of them could stay to guard the humankind. There is always a way to keep them busy."

Ji Hao wanted a clearer answer, but Ao Bai had already started shaking his head confirmedly.

"Emperor Ji Hao, I am only one of the nine sons of the dragon ancestor, but not the dragon ancestor himself. Therefore, there are some things that I dare not to tell."

"Don't ask, as I wouldn't give you the answer even if you do. All in all, in have to say this… Emperor, this time, you forced Saint Mu to help you once with all his power…"

Ao Bai spread both hands and seriously bowed to Ji Hao, then continued, "Well done!"

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