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Saint Pan Gu created the world and then fell, generating all living creatures. Among all, the dragon ancestor was the inheritor of Pan Gu's strangeness.

At first, the ancestor dragon had nine sons, all in different shapes, but not one looked similar to the current dragons.

Among the dragon ancestor's nine sons, one was named Bixi. Bixi was shaped like a giant turtle, with an incomparable strength, and liked to carry heavy things. At present, many monuments carved by human beings each had a giant turtle underneath with its head raised; that was Bixi.

A very few living creatures in the world knew that other than carrying heavy things, Bixi also liked quietness, and was good at thinking. Bixi was the most strengthful one among the ancestor dragon's nine sons, but it rarely fought. Back in the prehistorical era, the other sons of the ancestor dragon swept across the world and made troubles everywhere, while Bixi cautiously and conscientiously managed the dragon-kind. As a matter of fact, Bixi was the actual ruler of the prehistorical dragon-kind.

Ao Bai was Bixi, the first generation of rulers of the dragon-kind, a son of the ancestor dragon, a pure-blood descendant of Saint Pan Gu. His nobleness was indescribable.

More or less, Ji Hao understood the reason why Ao Bai concealed his identity. But facing Priest Mu, a distinguished identity was required if one wanted to be the peacemaker. Therefore, Ao Bai had no other choice but to show his face, letting Priest Mu reveal his true identity.

"Shall we?" Ao Bai gave a faint smile, holding his hands in his sleeves as he glanced at Ji Hao, then at Priest Mu, and said, "We have no reason to fight each other and harm ourselves. Pan Gu world is facing a strong enemy. If we can avoid fighting each other, we should."

Ji Hao chuckled coldly. Pointing at the thousands of miles radius flattened area behind the front gate of heaven, he responded with a frosty voice, "Mr. Ao Bai, I didn't start this. This is the heaven, the realm of rule in Pan Gu world. Some people attacked this place and wiped out countless palaces, mansions. If we wrap this up simply like this, I'm afraid that the heaven wouldn't be necessary for Pan Gu world anymore."

Throwing a sideways glance at Ao Bai, Ji Hao said blandly, "If people can break the heaven without paying the price, Mr. Ao Bai, you wouldn't be happy about that if you were a divine emperor, would you?"

Ao Bai chuckled, looking at Priest Mu as he asked with a relaxed tone, "Saint Mu, what do you say? To be honest, this time, it is your disciples' fault. The fault is even your own, or your brother's. If we make a mistake, we need to correct it!"

Priest Mu remained silent for a long while, then solemnly bowed to Ao Bai and said, "Bixi, my friend, you are absolutely right. We have made a mistake, and we need to fix it. I will rebuild all damaged buildings in this area within one day. How about that?"

Ji Hao said coldly, "What about all the divine warriors injured or killed? And these dead warriors from the dragon-kind and phoenix kind, how will you fix that?"

Priest Mu frowned. Looking at the corpses lying on the ground, he opened his mouth, seeming to say something, but didn't for a long while. The best way to fix this was to bring the dead back to life.

Priest Mu had the power to do that. Currently, no one was in the Netherworld to rule the great Dao of life, death, and reincarnation. Therefore, for the ones powerful enough, stealing the souls of the dead from hell and rebuilding their bodies wasn't difficult. Not to mention Priest Mu himself, even the disciples who had cultivated themselves for more than a million years under his guidance could do it easily.

The problem was, the magic bombs made by Priest Hua and Priest Mu were way too powerful, that many of these dead warriors' souls were torn apart. With efforts, by consuming some of his power, Priest Mu could patch their souls back together, but would it be worth?

The souls of some poorer ones had even perished. Their souls were entirely gone, instead of missing parts. Priest Mu was indeed powerful, but not even he could regrow their souls.

Among all the powerful beings in Pan Gu world, one owned a 'Pan Gu soul cauldron'. The cauldron had an immeasurable power of creation. For things like regrowing souls, only the souls could do that. The owner of this cauldron was the only one in the world who had the ability to do things to souls without being punished by the great Dao of nature for violating the natural law.

But, Priest Mu didn't want to offend that powerful being, neither did he dare to.

Therefore, things like bringing the dead back to life should better be avoided. Regarding the loss of heaven warriors, especially the death of those dragons and phoenixes, perhaps, compensating the heaven with a satisfying number of warriors was the second best way to fix the mistake, right?

Glancing at his disciples trapped in the heaven and earth great formation, Priest Mu felt his heart bleeding.

Western Wasteland was poor. The poor soil in Western Wasteland could only support a small number of human beings. Human beings in Western Wasteland were mostly possessors of the bloodlines of Zhuwu, Chaos, White Tiger, Dijiang, and other ancient fierce beasts. Those people had nothing but muscles in their heads, with no other ability except shouting and killing. None of them had a slight talent for Dao cultivation.

Priest Mu started his sect in the Western Wasteland. During the past countless years, with all the efforts, how many disciples did he manage to develop? Not many.

He looked at these determined, unswerving, and talented disciples, who were the future of his sect, the hope for the sect to rise. He couldn't bear to give away these disciples as compensation, he truly couldn't.

Taking a deep breath, Priest Mu remained silent for a while, then took out a tiny nine-storey palace from his sleeve. It was built corresponding with the locations of stars, the five basic natural elements, and the earth meridians. The foot squared palace emitted a beautiful light, while a faintly sensible spirit power spread from it.

"This treasure…" Priest Mu pondered for long. At last, he decided to compensate Ji Hao with treasures.

Western Wasteland was poor indeed, but as one of the most powerful beings in the current Pan Gu world, and one of the strongest who existed since the prehistorical era, Priest Mu did have some spare treasures. These were the gifts he prepared for his future disciples. But now, he could only use them to solve problems.

"I don't need more treasures." Ji Hao interrupted Priest Mu. Wielding his Pan Gu sword, he continued blandly, "I don't have a large number of treasures, but every piece I have is a top-grade, supreme one. I can defend, and I can attack. I don't need more treasures. So, Priest Mu, don't try to wrap this up with these things."

Priest Mu seemed to be a bit angry. Looking at Ji Hao, he shouted, "Emperor Ji Hao, what should I do to satisfy you so you can release my disciples?"

Ji Hao frowned. How should this be solved? Since Ao Bai had shown his face to mediate this, Ji Hao had to release these disciples of Priest Mu, unless he wanted to fight priest Mu, till one of them died.

By now, the real concern was how much he could harvest from Priest Mu.

But, Priest Mu was stingy. He was the one telling every treasure owner 'this treasure is destined to be mine'. How many great treasures could one expect him to give?

Even if he were willing to give two to three spirit treasure to finish this, Ji Hao could tell for sure that those would be the worst kind of spirit treasures, the beautiful but useless ones. One might be able to use those treasures to bully weak people, but facing real powerful beings, those would be much less useful.

Pondered for a long white, Ji Hao gave a long sigh. There was one undeniable fact, that Priest Mu was valuable as an individual.

"Elder Mu, Pan Gu world is facing a strong enemy. How about this, before the enemy arrives, I will point at one person, and you will attack that person with all your power. Are you willing to give a full strike without saving your power at all?"

Ji Hao looked at Priest Mu seriously and continued, "Use your full power to give a strike. Kill him if you can, injure him severely if you can't… definitely no cheating. What do you say?"

Priest Mu remained silent for a long while. At last, with an extremely bitter face, he nodded and gave a long sigh.

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