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Ji Hao truly didn't want to spare these disciples of Priest Mu.

Ever since Ji Hao rose among human beings, the higher the position he reached, the greater the power he seized, the heavier the pressure would Priest Hua and Priest Mu lay on him. Obviously, Priest Hua and Priest Mu didn't want to see any disciple of Yu Yu stand at a high position in the human society.

For quite a few times, Ji Hao nearly died at the hands of Priest Hua and Priest Mu's disciples.

The stronger Priest Hua and Priest Mu' disciples were, the more powerful their sect was, the greater pressure Ji Hao would have to take in the future from them. Among the ones trapped by Ji Hao in the heaven and earth great formation, human warriors were all human slaves saved by the four from the mines in Yu Dynasty. They fervently believed in Priest Hua and Priest Mu. After all, it was they who sent people to save them from the dark place where they struggled to live.

These reverent and passionate human warriors as of now formed no more than a strong army, but when they started to give birth to their children, grow and develop, based on their cohesion, they would certainly become a fairly important human force!

They were human beings, a great number of human beings! With the thriving fertility of human beings, the total population of these people would reach to the level of a human super clan in less than a century!

More importantly, they passionately and piously believed in Priest Hua and Priest Mu, and their passion and piousness would pass on to their descendants. Generation after generation, their children, and the children of their children, would all inherit the passion and the piousness. Under Priest Mu and Priest Hua' careful cultivation, this human force would even be able to affect the human emperor.

Therefore, Ji Hao didn't want to release these people. No to mention the fact that among all disciples trapped in the heaven and earth great formation, millions were non-humankind nobles who were fooled by the four and followed them here from Liang Zhu City. Those Yu Clan nobles, who knew nothing but enjoying their lives, weren't important, neither were those Jia Clan warriors, who could do nothing more than violently beating their enemies, worth mentioning. What worried Ji Hao were those Xiu Clan craftsmen, who were full of wisdom and imagination, and were highly creative.

Ji Hao had already found out that the base of Priest Hua and Priest Mu was located in Western Wasteland. People believed that Western Wasteland was poor, but in fact, its infertility was caused by the strong metal power. Because of the extra strong metal power, crops could barely grow from the soil, and with the poor soil, people could barely afford to live. However, buried under the areas with an extra strong metal power were usually giant amounts of precious mineral resources. For this exact reason, a large number of special alloys were produced in Western Wasteland. The weapons produced in Western Wasteland weren't in large quantities, but the qualities were always especially high.

If these Xiu Clan craftsmen went to the Western Wasteland, God knew how they would use the nearly inexhaustible mineral resources there. If that happened, perhaps, the next time Priest Hua and Priest Mu raised an army to attack the heaven, the warriors with fleshy bodies would be replaced by countless pure metal puppets.

Ji Hao believed that there was a chance for them to even make an artificial star to hit against the heaven. After all, these Xiu Clan craftsmen were actually able to transform flying mountains in Pan Gu world into forts. If one gave these shorts enough time, they might truly do something like that.

Ji Hao was hesitating. In a complicated way, he looked at those trapped disciples, with the intent of killing sparkling in his eyes. He could not make the decision.

Holding his wooden staff, Priest Mu was also lost in his thoughts.

If Ji Hao truly dared to take so many of his disciples captive, or simply killed them. Priest Mu would certainly make Ji Hao fall for good, exactly like he made divine emperors fall back then. Didn't he do that for many times?

But at the moment, the heaven and earth great formation was under Ji Hao's sole control. As a matter of fact, this gave Priest Mu a deeper fear.

In the ancient heaven, five divine emperors controlled the heaven and earth formation together. Therefore, there was a crack to squeeze through. But now, Ji Hao controlled the whole heaven, which meant that an opportunity wouldn't be so easy to find.

After all, the heaven and earth formation was composed from ten nature-designed supreme divine formations. It was tremendously powerful, and in operation, it would always be supported by the will of the world. Not even Priest Mu dared to guarantee a free walk in it. The lethality of the heaven and earth great formation wasn't as high as that of Yu Yu's sword formation, but it was absolutely as difficult to deal with as the latter.

Together with the pure sun sword formation built by the Gold Crow army, the less lethal heaven and earth great formation became destructive. Imagining himself being trapped by the heaven and earth great formation, then suffering a sword strike right on the head, even Priest Mu bared his teeth because of the imaginary pain.

No, no, if he truly started a fight against Ji Hao today, he might not be able to save his disciples. On the contrary, he could even throw himself into trouble.

He hated Ji Hao so much. Even as a free, fearless immortal being, he still couldn't do whatever he wanted, without being able to control the great Dao of nature.

But controlling the great Dao of nature was a way too big and difficult a goal. The safest, most appropriate way to achieve this goal was through human beings, the owners of the natural fortune. The one who controlled the human-kind could control the great Dao of nature, and in order to control the humankind, one had to make all…at least a big half of all human beings follow his or her doctrine, and commit themselves desperately and irredeemably to him or her.

If Priest Mu wanted more human beings to accept his doctrine and follow him, these human disciples trapped in the heaven and earth great formation were necessary.

Remaining silent for a long while, Priest Mu came up with an idea. He was willing to make a small compromise with Ji Hao by compensating him with all the non-humankind beings among his trapped disciples. Ji Hao could do whatever he wanted to these non-humankind beings, and in return, those human disciples would be released safely.

He even…Looking at the large empty area behind the front gate of heaven, Priest Hua immediately recognized the results of his linden seed magic bombs and Priest Hua's magic thunder bombs, and sighed helplessly in his heart. What was the worst that could happen if he rebuilt all the damaged buildings in this area? Or maybe, he would have to lose two to three spirit treasures to make up for the loss that the heaven suffered this time.

Priest Mu was doing the calculations silently. He wasn't willing to talk the first, because once he did that, he would fall into a disadvantage, into a passive state.

Neither did Ji Hao want to start the conversation. Silently, he waited for Priest Mu to break the silence. For such a thing, the one who talked the first would certainly fall into a disadvantage. Ji Hao didn't want to give all these disciples back to Priest Mu, but he clearly understood that unless Yu Yu showed up to help, he couldn't take the pressure from Priest Mu…He truly didn't want any of his people to be harmed or be killed.

Therefore, he had no choice but to compromise, but as for how would he do that and to what extent…Ji Hao wanted to bite a large piece of meat off Priest Mu's body. After all, his people flattened so many buildings, and killed so many water-kind and flying warriors belonging to the heaven. How could he not get a compensation?

From a distance away, a white cloud drifted over. Ao Bai stood on the cloud, looking at this area with a pair of deeply sunken eyes.

Priest Mu sensed Ao Bai's gaze. He turned around and looked at Ao Bai. He raised his eyebrows while a sharp light flashed across his eyes. With a bland tone, he started talking, "Ah, I didn't think it would be you, Bixi, my old friend. I remember that your physical body died a natural death many years ago. How come you look so energetic and healthy today?"

Ao Bai gave a faint smile. Seriously and cautiously, he cupped his hands towards Priest Mu from the distance and said, "People, let's talk in peace, shall we? Saint Mu, Emperor Ji Hao is a divine emperor. Even as a powerful being beyond the noisy world, Saint Mu, we still should respect him."

"Please, listen to me. Let's talk in peace, without fighting anymore, can we?"

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