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Holding the Pan Gu sword, Ji Hao expressionlessly looked at Priest Mu.

In fact, he was stunned too. The great surprise even made him speechless. Just now, when he turned himself into the core of the sword formation and attacked Priest Mu with its power, he had the same feeling as he got back then when using Yu Yu's sword formation against the non-humankind in Chi Ban Mountain.

He controlled everything, he was faster than everything, and he was unimaginably powerful, even seemingly capable of cutting the world.

The moment he merged himself with the sword formation, he clearly sensed all the fluctuation of Priest Mu's power, sensing the smallest move of every bundle of Priest Mu's muscles, and the strong power of great Dao stirred up by his wooden staff. He also sensed the dreadful quietus from the head of the wooden staff.

If Ji Hao were alone, he might have been killed by Priest Mu with the wooden staff already.

But, having merged with the sword formation, Ji Hao forced Priest Mu backward with one sword move. When Priest Mu fled, that panic on his face was real.

Ji Hao looked at Priest Mu calmly and blandly, but in fact, he was thrilled on the inside. The power of the pure sun sword formation was way beyond his imagination. Certainly, this sword formation would serve as his greatest help, for him to rule the heaven and safeguard his power. Facing this sword formation, even Priest Mu fled, not to mention anyone else.

Priest Mu stared at Ji Hao with an extremely bitter look while trembling in anger.

Since the world was created, a few powerful beings emerged from Pan Gu world. Among those people, Priest Dachi, Priest Qingwei, and Priest Yu Yu were created after the creation of the world. According to the legend, they were generated from Saint Pan Gu's original soul and the immeasurable natural rewards power that descended because of the creation of the world. As the noblest descendants of Pan Gu, they each inherited a part of the great Dao, of Saint Pan Gu.

Among the three of them, Yu Yu was richly endowed by the world, inheriting Saint Pan Gu's great Dao of killing. Therefore, his temper was just like the axe of Saint Pan Gu, strong, fierce, and straightforward. In addition to that, as the inheritor of Saint Pan Gu's Dao of killing, the one with the strongest intent of killing, best instincts of fighting, and the highest fighting capacity among all the powerful beings in Pan Gu world, he attained a sword formation and four swords, which were known as the most powerful, fiercest pre-world supreme treasures in the world.

Once his sword formation was activated, it would create a sky-shattering aura of killing. The sword formation had no rival in the world. Together, only four powerful beings at Yu Yu's level might be able to survive his sword formation.

Yu Yu's sword formation was ridiculously powerful. When he attained his sword formation, Priest Mu once provoked him on purpose, in order to feel out its power. As a result, Yu Yu launched a mad series of sword attacks, making Priest Mu vomit blood and sending him flying backward. He nearly cut his linden tree, which was his original body, into two.

Since then, Priest Mu understood that no one should fight frontally against Yu Yu's sword formation.

Today, the pure sun sword formation for extermination built by Ji Hao's Gold Crow army was derived from the parts of 'killing and extermination' of Yu Yu's sword formation. Yu Yu's sword formation had four main parts in total, and the Gold Crow army's pure sun sword formation of extermination included the fiercest two parts, which could deliver the strongest intent of killing.

As the pure sun sword formation merely included two parts of Yu Yu's sword formation, it was only twenty-percent as powerful as the original. Which meant, with eighty percent of his power, Priest Mu was able to fight against this formation. Nevertheless, this formation also included the power of Fuso tree, which was also a pre-world creature from the Chaos. Not to mention the fact that Fuso Tree could naturally suppress Priest Mu. All the flying swords composing the formation was made from Fuso tree's branches. These swords highly suppressed Priest Mu's power, weakening him by ten percent.

The Fuso tree served as the fore of the formation, controlling the entire formation. The Ffuso tree didn't join the fight himself, but under his control, the formation could at least weaken Priest Mu by thirty percent. Thus, Priest Mu only had about sixty percent of his power left to face the formation, which was twenty percent as powerful as Yu Yu's sword formation. Apparently, he was at a disadvantage.

Just now, Ji Hao turned himself into the core of the formation, gathered all its power, and triggered it with the Pan Gu sword, which was a work of Yu Yu himself. Yu Yu had left all his understandings about the Dao of sword in the Pan Gu sword. Yu Yu's Dao of sword included the highest Dao of killing from Saint Pan Gu.

When Ji Hao controlled the formation with the Pan Gu sword, he was almost as powerful as half a Yu Yu. The Pan Gu sword was unimaginably power. Added with all the other factors, as a cunning, calculative being, how would Priest Mu ever dare to fight directly against Ji Hao with that sword, or against the sharp sword light that shone from the pure sun sword formation?

Priest Mu's long robe was shredded, exposing his scrawny body and wrinkled skin.

Even as a master of emotion-control, Priest Mu's face turned pure black in anger. After all, in front of so many people, Ji Hao, a little kid, tore off his clothes and made him naked. His mouth corners curved down deeply like a pair of short swords sunk in his face.

"Indeed an unpredictably great power." After a long while, Priest Mu looked at Ji Hao holding the Pan Gu sword, and said slowly, "My powerful friend Yu Yu made me fall in such a disadvantage with a sword formation."

Ji Hao looked at the naked Priest Mu and responded blandly, "Priest Mu, your disciples violated the divine rules and neglected the power of the world. They broke into the heaven, caused severe damages, and killed countless divine warriors. They are unforgivable."

Ji Hao sneered and continued, "Therefore, they will all become slaves, forever and ever. They will serve the heaven to atone for their crime. You seem to know nothing about this. Therefore, I will not give you more troubles. You…shall leave."

Priest Mu's expression changed constantly. Ji Hao actually dared to talk to him in the tone of a divine emperor!

Back then, in the prehistorical era, did any of the five original divine emperors ever dare to act so haughtily in front of Priest Mu?

The rage surged straight to his head from his heart. Priest Mu slowly raised his wooden staff and said, "I think, Emperor Hao, you would be too arrogant if you actually believe that you can talk like that. This sword formation is indeed powerful, but if I do not try to break it and kill your people and damage your things all over the heaven, would you be able to stop me?"

Ji Hao's expression changed slightly. Lowering his head, he glanced at the large number of disciples of Priest Mu and Priest Hua, who were still trapped in the heaven and earth great formation without being able to move, then pointed out his finger. A series of bone cracking noise could immediately be heard, as all the bones of these disciples were crushed inch by inch by an invisible, tremendous force.

"Priest Mu, if you decide to make you move, I will too." Ji Hao gave a frosty smile and said, "The number of your disciples on the scene seems to be many times higher than the number of my warriors. The heaven and earth great formation may not be able to harm you, but with a single thought of mine, I can kill all your disciples here!"

Before Priest Mu responded, Ji Hao continued harshly, "I will let the world know the fact about your crime. The world will cease your sect and destroy your Dao!"

Priest Mu's expression changed again. Hearing Ji Hao, the intent of killing faded from his heart.

Ji Hao remained silent for a long while.

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