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Ji Hao responded with a loud and clear voice, hearing which, Priest Mu's face dropped.

Priest Mu's never-changing bitter face now looked like the face of a horse covered in a dense green mist, which looked like bile. That face of his was unspeakably hideous.

"Emperor Ji Hao!" Holding his wooden staff, Priest Mu's left hand had been shaking slightly. Clearly, the flame of fury had already burned to an extreme point in his heart, because even with his power and cultivation, the shake still happened. "To obey the world, I am not willing to start a war. Emperor Ji Hao, please deactivate the heaven and earth great formation and release my disciples, so that the world can be at peace." He said.

"No!" Again, Ji Hao refused straightforwardly and determinedly. "I said no. Priest Mu, are your ears damaged? Do you mean that the world can never be at peace if I do not release your disciples?"

Priest Mu raised the wooden staff and stomped heavily against the ground.

Buzz! The entire heaven quaked slightly. Along with a sizzling noise, bright light beams burst from around Priest Mu, and countless divine spell symbols emerged from the air, then exploded. With such a simple move, Priest Mu tore down all divine seals in the area a thousand miles in radius around him.

Ji Hao sneered. By pointing out his finger, he sent out a series of light streams. Next, a dazzling light erupted from the heaven and earth divine tower. The heaven and earth great formation operated at full speed, causing an overwhelming pressure to descend, striking on Priest Mu.

Priest Mu trembled. His green face showed a seriousness as he said in his deep voice, "Priest Dachi, my friend, impressive! This tower, hehe, does it allow Ji Hao to control the entire heaven and earth formation? Not only that, it also allows Ji Hao to fully release the power of the formation."

Priest Mu praised while nodding, "Impressive, impressive! Priest Dachi, my friend, you are indeed the most unfathomable one among us. Like a burst of thunder that happens in a silent zone, you have taken an absolute advantage."

Slowly breathing out, Priest Mu looked at Ji Hao seriously and continued in a cold voice, "It's just that even with Priest Dachi's great power, Emperor Ji Hao, you haven't lived your first century yet. You are still at the stage of embryo of Dao. Your foundation of Dao is unsteady, and you are weak. You cannot stop me."

Ji Hao raised the Pan Gu sword and released more glowing dragons from it to hover slowly around him while saying, "Priest Mu, you can try."

Giving a shrill howl, Ji Hao glanced at the boundless Gold Crow army high up in the air.

Centered on Mr. Crow, tens of Gold Crow elders cawed resonantly. Hearing the ear-piercing caws, countless Gold Crows quickly composed a giant scale pure sun sword formation for extermination, according to Yu Yu's guidance. Countless tiny golden wooden swords swished into the sky and merged into a long streak of golden light, swirling int he air. All of a sudden, the second sun emerged in the air, releasing an infinite light and heat.

"Sword formation? This is…" Priest Mu's pupils shrank to the size the needlepoints. "Did my friend Yu Yu give you this sword formation? A sword formation with a pure poise power, composed from the Gold Crow bloodline and the sun flying swords made from my friend Fuso's branches… Generous, how generous!"

Mr. Crow cawed loudly. Held in his hand, the Fuso staff was dazzling and scorching hot. A thin beam of golden light burst from the staff, immediately connecting all Gold Crows on the scene. The powers of a billion Gold Crows were combined. Controlled by the formation, their powers slowly condensed into nine enormous golden swords, spinning swiftly like windmills.

In the heaven, all dragons and phoenixes were stunned.

They never even dreamed that Ji Hao could bring back so many fierce and noisy Gold Crows with one short trip. What was even more shocking was that these annoying cawing Gold Crows had actually composed a scary sword formation.

Among all dragons and phoenixes in the heaven, even the ancient dragon kings and phoenix gods who lived since the ancient era were deeply frightened by the sharp, unstoppable aura of killing created by the sword formation. Their hearts twitched. The sword formation had been releasing a bright light and a great heat, but at the moment, everyone on the scene was soaked in cold sweat.

Without a doubt, as Ji Hao's die-hard supporters guarding the Divine Sun Palace, this Gold Crow army would be strong enough to help Ji Hao seize the throne.

Individually, Gold Crow warriors might not be as strong as dragons or phoenixes, but their number was way too huge, that the Gold Crow army even covered the sky. The current number of Gold Crow warriors was over a hundred times greater than the total number of members of the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind!

If Ji Hao allowed these Gold Crow warriors to give birth to as many babies as they wanted…Gold Crows had a way better fertility than dragons and phoenixes.

Dragons and phoenixes were not the only ones shocked by Gold Crow army and their sword formation. Priest Mu was also extra serious and cautious when looking at these Gold Crows. He couldn't measure Priest Dachi's power, while Yu Yu was the one he feared the most. Priest Mu never fought against Priest Dachi, but since the world was created, he had fought Yu Yu openly or secretly more than a hundred times.

It wasn't a happy thing to be mentioned though, because Priest Mu never won a single fight against Yu Yu. On the contrary, every time, he fell in great disadvantages.

Yu Yu's formations, sword spells… everything about Yu Yu frustrated Priest Mu. And Yu Yu's sword formation, that could make any living creature in the world despair.

"I don't believe that you can stop me merely with a formation given by Yu Yu!" Observing the sword formation composed from Gold Crow warriors, Priest Mu abruptly gave a sneer and said, "Emperor Ji Hao, don't blame me for my impoliteness!"

"Don't be too humble, you are never polite!" Ji Hao looked at him coldly and said, "In the heaven and earth great formation, if you can still break this pure sun sword formation given by my Shifu, I will release your disciples immediately!"

"Deal?" Priest Mu took a deep breath.

Ji Hao let out the Pan Gu bell, letting streams of Chaos power cover the whole area. Afterward, he flew to the core of the sword formation, pointing the Pan Gu sword at Priest Mu as he said, "Deal!"

"Formation, rise!" Shouted Ji Hao.

Following his strong voice, the nine enormous golden light swords created by the formation quickly merged into the Pan Gu bell. Ji Hao's arms began shaking. Uncontrollably, he launched a sword move. Beautifully and smoothly, he swung the sword down towards Priest Mu along a flawless track.

Priest Mu breathed deeply again. Raising his wooden staff, he defended himself against the Pan Gu sword in Ji Hao's hands.

The sword power swept across the sky, while shreds of dragon-shaped, sharp sword lights descended to Priest Mu. The moment his wooden staff touched the Pan Gu sword, Priest Mu's expression changed.

"Damn it! This sword formation is derived from that one! It's the 'killing' and the 'extermination'!" With a twisted face, Priest Mu wielded his broad sleeve, and sent himself tens of thousands of miles away in an instant.

Along with a cloth-tearing noise, a hazy sword flashed across the air behind Priest Mu, then disappeared. Suddenly, the coarse long robe worn by Priest Mu fell apart into thousands of pieces, drifting in the air like butterflies.

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