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"Ji Hao!" Miao Xiang shouted out loud, "Don't think you can do whatever you want with the power of the world only because you luckily become a divine emperor. Today, I will let you know that this so-called divine emperor crown of yours means nothing!"

Ji Hao descended from the sky, leaving a streak of fiery light in the air. Hearing Miao Xiang, he was angry, but still laughed out loud.

'Do whatever you want with the power of the world'? Was he talking about Ji Hao or himself? This place was the heaven of Pan Gu world, the realm of rule created by the world itself. Even back in the ancient era, no one dared to just attack the heaven in broad daylight like this.

Looking at the flattened area covered in blood, thousands of miles in radius behind the front gate of heaven, all the corpses and body parts on the ground, the half-foot-deep blood pool, all of this happened because of Miao Xiang. How did he dare to accuse Ji Hao of doing whatever he wanted?

"Sneaky priest, give your name!" Ji Hao looked at Miao Xiang and shouted.

"I am Miao Xiang, an attendant under my Shifu's guidance. Without worrying about all the disciples he brought to here, Miao Xiang calmly looked at Ji Hao and said smilingly, "Under my Shifu's order, today, I came to flatten the heaven and cut off the head of yours, a fake emperor!"

As the seven-colored dim light sparkled in his eyes, Miao Xiang uncontrollably said out loud what was buried in his heart, "Ji Hao, even if you have attained the world's edict, you are nothing more than a fake emperor in my eyes. Without my Shifu's permission, who dares to call himself an emperor?"

A frosty light flashed across Ji Hao's eyes. He landed on the ground, facing Miao Xiang from miles away as he said coldly, "Eh? Do I need Priest Hua and Priest Mu's permission to become a real divine emperor? Then those ancient divine emperors…"

Before Ji Hao finished, Miao Xiang laughed aloud, "They all died! Why do you think all ancient divine emperors disappeared without a trace? Those original divine gods, who used to rule the world, why did they disappear so soon? You, Ji Hao kid, you now have the power of East Emperor Taiyi, and you succeeded to his throne. But, do you know how did his soul perish?"

Opening his mouth, Ji Hao looked at Miao Xiang, pretending to be confused as he said, "Who can tell exactly what happened in the ancient time? You don't know what really happened either, do you?"

Miao Xiang laughed again, out loud. Pointing at Ji Hao, he yelled, "The end of East Emperor Taiyi is your future. I can tell you this. He refused to follow my Shifu's order, so he…"

A furious growl came from a long distance away, sounding like the raging roars of tens of thousands of King Kong lions. The tremendous sound wave squeezed blood out of Miao Xiang's body, through his eyes, nose, mouth and ears. The destructive shockwaves struck straight into his body.


Miao Xiang's skin ruptured inch by inch, as large clouds of blood mist rose from his body. The seven-colored dim light immediately disappeared from his eyes. He quivered and woke up.

"Shifu! Shifu! I, I, am I possessed?"

In panic, Miao Xiang looked at countless corpses and body parts lying around him. Standing in the blood, his boots, which were woven from hemp ropes, were already soaked. The lower hemp of his robe was dyed red by the blood.

"Brother, brother, what happened to you? Who killed you?" Suddenly, Miao Xiang saw a familiar face under his feet. That was his brother, Miao Yi. They had been brothers since the prehistorical era, and were very close.

Miao Yi's face was twisted. His eyes had gone wide, as he couldn't believe the fact before he died; his eyeballs seemed to even pop out from his eye sockets. A sword wound started from the back of his neck and ended on his forehead. This especially fierce sword attack directly crushed his soul and perished his primordial spirit.

From Miao Yi's wound, Miao Xiang sensed a very familiar power. Tremblingly, he raised his right hand. The sword held in his hand was covered in blood. A strong hatred lingered around the sword, from which, one could even hear the screams of countless souls who were wrongly put to death.

Far away, Feng Xing stood on a pillar as he sneered and said, "Three days ago, this brother of your saw you under attack. Kindly, he came to you to help, but you killed him with one sword move." Clicking his tongue, Feng Xing continued, "A very sharp sword move. Your brother wasn't prepared for that at all, ending up dead under your sword."

Feng Xing's word was like a bolt of thunder that struck right on Miao Xiang's heart. He trembled intensely, subconsciously taking a series of step backward.

"No, no, no, not possible. Brother Miao Yi and I…We've been best friends for so many years…How could I kill him? You, it must be you, it must be you!" Miao Xiang's eyes turned blood red, as A faint blood mist slowly rose from his head. He seemed to lose himself to the evil, and turn his embryo of Dao into an embryo of evil.

A cyan-colored silhouette showed up. That was Priest Mu, who pressed his hand on Miao Xiang's head and spread a clear light on him. The redness instantly faded in Miao Xiang's eyes, so did the faint blood mist rising from his head.

"Miao Xiang, it's not your fault. I was too careless this time." Priest Mu seemed to be quite embarrassed. His extra bitter face looked sallow, and his lips were slightly pasty. Obviously, he saved himself from the ambush of Great Happiness, but paid a price.

Miao Xiang sighed slightly. He solemnly bowed to Priest Mu, then carried the pearl tower with both hands and stood behind him.

Priest Mu turned around and looked at Ji Hao gloomily.

The heaven and earth great formation was fully activated. All surviving disciples brought by the four were trapped in the formation, kneeling on the ground, without being able to move. With sadness, Priest Mu glanced at all the corpses lying on the ground, then looked at the kneeling ones.

"Emperor Ji Hao, greetings." Priest Mu bowed to Ji Hao and said with a deep voice, "This is a misunderstanding. I will leave with my disciples right now. Please, deactivate the heaven and earth great formation."

Ji Hao was holding the Pan Gu sword. The longsword had been shaking slightly, letting out a shrill buzzing noise.

Beams of sword light had been shining from the sword tip, weaving into glowing dragons that hovered around Ji Hao. Each dragon was about a foot long, but their scales were clearly visible. Every single scale of these dragons were condensed from countless sharp sword spell symbols. By merely looking at these glowing dragons, an ordinary man would feel thousands of sharp swords slicing across him, clearly sensing the sharpness with both his body and soul.

Priest Mu glanced at the Pan Gu sword, then his face twitched intensely.

Without a doubt, he realized that the Pan Gu sword was a great work of Yu Yu at first glance. In the sword, the clinking sword intent turned it into a terrifying weapon from a supreme treasure. The Pan Gu sword was unimaginably powerful, but with Ji Hao's current power, he could release about one to two percent of its power at most. Nevertheless, Yu Yu gave the sword a true spirit by using a special sword spell symbol, and with the true spirit, even an infant could now release over ninety percent of the sword's power, not to mention the fact that Ji Hao was a disciple under Yu Yu's guidance.

"No!" Sensing the strong will of fighting from the Pan Gu sword, Ji Hao responded straightforwardly.

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