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The cawing laughter echoed through the sky while Ji Hao and his Gold Crow army returned from the starry void.

Far away from the heaven, a Gold Crow elder already cawed out loud impatiently, "Caw, you little thing don't know how to manage a life, you really don't. Why is there such a large empty area behind our gate? Are you planning to grow some bananas there or sweet potatoes?"

Another Gold Crowl elder shook his head and cawed, "Caw? Bananas, sweet potatoes, but you don't need to water them with fresh blood, do you? Look at that, blood flowing all over the ground. Are you growing those man-eating vines from Southern Wasteland?"

Ji Hao paused in confusion. What sweet potato? What banana? What man-eating vines?

Standing up, he looked inside the heaven, and was startled by what he saw. As the two Gold Crow elders said, a big half of the front gate had collapsed, with a thousands of miles wide empty area behind it. The beautiful buildings standing in that area had been flattened. Even the floor tiles were ground off, exposing the ground covered in blood.

Countless heavily armored warriors had been darting around in the heaven between buildings, fighting each other. At first glance, Ji Hao couldn't tell exactly how many enemies had broken into the heaven, and were fighting against the heaven warriors.

Under Ji Xia's direct leadership, the Yao Mountain army guarded in a distance away without recklessly joining the fight. Except for Yao Mountain army, the dragon force, the phoenix force, and all divine warriors and commanders from the Divine Origin Pool had all joined the battle.

All divine seals in the heaven had activated themselves. But, without Ji Hao controlling the heaven and earth divine tower, the heaven and earth great formation as the strongest divine formation for both defense and offense, wasn't activated. The defensive divine seals based on all buildings in the heaven failed to deliver a satisfying effect in attacking. Therefore, the heaven warriors had paid quite a price to stop the enemies from breaking further into the heaven.

What shocked Ji Hao even more was that as divine gods, Man Man, Shaosi, Taisi, Feng Xing, Yu Mu, Yi Di, Yuan Li, Shermie and the others had actually been forced backward by the seven-colored light emitted from the pearl tower held in Miao Xiang's hand, even though they were under the protection of the natural law.

Feng Xing was as swift as a bolt lightning, and Taisi stayed behind to cast magic curses. Except for these two, all the others were covered in wounds. Their armors failed to defend them against the light of the pearl power. Every time a beam of light flashed across, a small, new puncture wound would be added to each of them.

If the divine seals in the heaven hadn't been continuously sending them away from dangers, and if the natural powers hadn't been ceaselessly healing their injuries, Shaosi and her friends would have lost the fight long ago.

"No rush, no rush. You have a great number of warriors, and I have quite many disciples. Let them take their time to kill each other. When they nearly die out, I will take care of you." Miao Xiang carried the pearl tower with one hand, and held a sword with the other hand, laughing perkily with a high-pitched voice.

Miao Xiang's eyes dazzled with the dim seven-colored light while his voice sounded like a ghost, "Young people, do you really think that there's nothing I can do to you? Do you truly believe that you can survive my great power with these heaven seals? Haha, I am just playing with you…It would be so boring if I kill you too early, before all the useless things are dead, wouldn't it?"

The nine dragons chariot dove from the air at high speed. With a sullen-looking face, Ji Hao watched Miao Xiang's pearl tower release a beam of light that flashed across the air, tore apart Yu Mu's water shield, and left a thin slash on Yu Mu's belly, letting the blood gush out.

Yu Mu gritted his teeth and frowned, patting on his belly. As strong natural power surged into his body, the wound began healing very slowly.

This pearl-tower not only had an especially high offensive capability, but a strange power from it would also linger in the wounds it created, to make them extremely hard to heal. Yu Mu's face twisted while he trembled because of the sharp pain giving by the wound.

The nine dragons chariot approached the heaven swiftly. Ji Hao let out the heaven and earth divine tower, prepared to trigger the heaven and earth great formation. Abruptly, Miao Xiang gave a faint smile and said, "People, all here? I've been expecting you for long. What a group of waste! With my guidance, it still took you so long to get here. Cut the crap and do it now. Remember to be quick and merciless."

Strands of colorful glow emerged around Miao Xiang, while an indescribable aroma suffused the air. Weird silhouettes were faintly visible within the glow, stunning but strange, with no obvious features of gender.

Ji Hao paused in shock. Did Miao Xiang actually summon so many sky devils?

Fortunately, Ji Hao arrived timely. Otherwise, the consequences would be unpredictable if these sky devils were scattered in the heaven.

Ji Hao incanted a spell. Instantly, the heaven and earth divine tower released torrents of natural powers of earth, water, fire, and wind. The violent gale blew out from every window of the tower, while wisps of light beam immediately connected the tower and all divine seals in the heaven.

Generating a sky-shaking boom, the tremendous heaven quaked slightly, seeming to come alive.

The heaven and earth great formation was fully activated. As main components of the great formation, ten nature-designed divine formations began moving slowly, together like a precise millstone. All heaven warriors sensed warm streams coursing through their bodies, as all tiredness and injuries of theirs were gone. Suddenly, they all become energetic and extra powerful.

In the meantime, the disciples that followed Miao Xiang into the heaven were frozen. They were all strong, but none of them could move anymore.

The endless natural powers from all directions froze them. Facing the tremendous power of nature, they were like tiny bugs, without the power to fight back.

"Capture them all and brand them with slave marks. Don't let any of these audacious people go." Shouted Ji Hao, "Shaosi, you and the others step back. Do not let sky devils come near you!"

The heaven and earth great formation was activated, releasing an invisible, immense power that covered Miao Xiang and all of the sky devils around him. All the sky devils were forced to show their faces. They were beautiful boys and girls, legendary creatures, plants, glistening pearls, jade, gemstones… They were all breathtakingly beautiful, and no flaws could be found in their appearance.

Hearing Ji Hao shouting 'sky devils', a beautiful girl among the sky devils give a faint smile, then exploded into thin streams of smoke, rising into the sky and attempting to drill into Ji Hao's body to devour his soul and control everything of his.

Before the girl reached three-feet high above the ground, a buzzing noise could be heard. Followed the noise, countless extremely thin golden thunder lights gathered from all directions and condensed into a water-tank-sized golden thunder bomb above her head. The golden thunder bomb fell down and generated a pretty loud boom, turning the girl's smoke into ashes, as it tore apart a large number of sky devils surrounding her.

That was a devil-yielding golden thunder bomb from the heaven, condensed from the purest positive power in the world. This kind of thunder bomb was an invincible opponent of all evils.

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