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Priest Hua made these bombs himself, using a thin bolt of Chaos divine thunder that burst from the Chaos and the powers of the five basic natural elements in Pan Gu world, based on the great Dao of evolvement inside his own body, over a long period of time.

A regular magic bomb would explode after one thunderous bang, and release all its power, destroy everything within its attacking rage. The strongest explosive force generated by the bomb at that very moment was the most important thing about a magic bomb. However, Priest Hua's magic bombs were based on the great Dao of evolvement, and were different. The three bombs seemed to explode just now, but in fact, the explosion was merely a start.

The three bombs went off in a row, releasing layers of variable thunder power, blooming like the petals of a lotus. Waves of destructive power stroked across the surrounding divine seals like the softest tentacles, sensitive, gentle, drilling into the seals through the tiniest cracks, then exploding again inside the finest hole in each defensive seal.

Following thunderous booms, the Chaos thunder power spread in all directions, turning layers of divine defensive seals into ashes. Surrounding the front gate, buildings collapsed one after another. Behind the gate, within the area tens of thousands of meters in radius, everything was gone. Even the golden, shiny path was halfway blown up.

The thunder power destroyed everything in this area, after which, it continued spreading, tearing down countless buildings and crushing numerous divine seals.

The moment the bombs went off, Feng Xing and Yu Mu temporarily lost their eyesight and their hearts started drumming. They felt that death was right before their eyes. Together, they gave a bright shout and took out their divine seals, which were condensed from their natural reward power when they were appointed as divine gods by Ji Hao, sending in all their powers.

In the surroundings, all towers and tall buildings glowed blindingly, then began spinning. Within the area thousand-miles in radius, all heaven warriors felt that the entire heaven was turned upside down. Instantly, the surrounding divine seals sent these elite heaven warriors away from the battleground. When the three magic bombs exploded, no one from the hundreds of millions of disciples, who were thrown in by Miao Xiang, was left in that area.

Heaven warriors were protected by the heaven, but the poor disciples led by the four didn't have the same treatment. Before they figured out what was going on, they were already gone amidst the soft yet destructive waves of thunder power.

The four roared with wrath. Their life-saving treasures emitted blinding lights while they stood side by side and combined their powers, defending themselves against the thunder power. Their treasures vibrated intensely. The four felt like being thrown into the Chaos, without seeing the sky or the earth. They felt that the world was spinning around, and the endless, fatal thunder power coming ceaselessly at them. They also felt that their power had been consuming up like the snow under the sunshine.

Following a series of cracking noise, the four golden giants, that the four didn't have the time to take back, collapsed in the thunder power. The four lost their eyesight at that moment. They sensed a tearing pain from the deepest area of their souls, as if someone hacked violently on their embryos of Dao, that made them nearly faint.

These golden giants were their clones, generated through a great magic that Priest Mu and Priest Hua created years ago. These golden giants were indeed powerful, but a cultivator needed to split his or her souls and merge it with a giant amount of natural powers to create one of these, then nourish it with his or her own spirit blood all year round.

In order to raise the powers of their golden giants, the four had each invested thirty percent of their original souls on their golden giants. Just now, their golden giants were destroyed, and they suffered great losses. Their hearts of Dao were shaken, cultivations declined, and suddenly, they were largely weakened.

"Miao Xiang, we will kill you!" Dragon swore through gritted teeth. Floating above his head, a fist-sized golden bead, which was his life-saving treasure, cracked abruptly. Because of the thunder power released from the three magic bombs, a thin crack appeared on the bead.

Once again, a heavy loss was inflicted on Dragon. He could no longer stabilize his body condition. Uncontrollably, he opened his mouth and let out a mouthful of blood, then quivered and fell to the ground. Dragon couldn't even dream that the first severe injury he suffered in his life was given by the magic bombs made by his Shifu!

As the strongest one among the four, Dragon fell to the ground, coughing blood. Following him, Tiger and Mammoth both had their life-saving treasures cracked by the thunder power. Same as dragon, they too failed to withstand the injury they suffered, ending up lying on the ground and vomiting blood.

Tiger, the most bad-tempered one, gave a raging growl. He was also vomiting blood, but strugglingly, he shielded his three brothers and himself with his life-saving treasure. Meanwhile, he tremblingly put his right hand into his left sleeve and took out three of Priest Hua's magic bombs, and three linden-seed-shaped bombs.

The three linden seed bombs were made by Priest Mu himself. Unlike Priest Hua's magical, variable magic bombs, Priest Mu's magic bombs were the simplest type of bombs. However, Priest Mu's Dao was the Dao of quietus, and he sealed the power of quietus, which was generated by him, in his bombs. The power of quietus was strong enough to silence everything, making both the time and space disappear, ceasing the existence of all living creatures.

"Miao Xiang…This isn't finished!" Tiger shouted at Miao Xiang, who was standing outside the front gate.

Flicking his wrist, Tiger sent the six bombs towards Miao Xiang. Next, he made a thunderous roar, bit broken his tongue tip, and sprayed his spirit blood on his life-saving treasure. This treasure, which kept Tiger company for countless years, exploded and released a pre-world light that wrapped up the four, tore apart the space, and fled westward.

"Haha, Shifu wants you dead. Going back is suicidal!" Miao Xiang's eyes sparkled with the dim seven-colored light. He pointed his finger at the pearl tower and released tens of beam of bright light that swirled the six bombs back into the heaven.

All six bombs went off together. An indescribable power of quietus spread out immediately, quaking the heaven slightly. Behind the front gate, all buildings in a thousand miles radius silently collapsed and fell apart into strains of dust, dissipating in the air at last.

Within this entire area, all divine seals were gone, and some heaven warriors, who didn't manage to run further, disappeared quietly.

Laughing out loud, Miao Xiang shielded himself with the pearl tower and shouted at the rest disciples behind him, who were all dumbfounded by now, "All disciples of our sect, break into the heaven and slaughter all living beings! This is our Shifu's order. If you can't do it, you will die, and your souls will perish! You will never live again! Follow me! Rush in!"

Wielding his broad sleeve, Miao Xiang pulled out a brightly shining longsword and rushed into the heaven, his face showing an obvious intent of killing.

Following behind him, countless disciples growled out loud and tremblingly carried their weapons as they rushed into the heaven. They marched in through golden, splendidly shining paths, and quickly started a pitched battle against heaven warriors who were rushing up from all directions.

Not only Feng Xing and Yu Mu, Man Man, Shaosi, and Taisi had all come out with troops. Divine seals were activated in all areas. As divine lights and warm mists descended from the air, countless disciples were crushed instantly.

Raging shouts even quaked the sky as the rain of arrow swished across the air and covered the starlight as well.

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