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"Miao Xiang!" Watching another ten-million elite disciples die for nothing, Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth felt like someone was cutting their hearts. Because of the heartache, they even temporarily lost their eyesight.

The other disciples, the ones under Priest Mu and Priest Hua' guidance, had also been looking at Miao Xiang in confusion. They all understood that Miao Xiang had a strong background.He was powerful, and absolutely trusted by Priest Hua. Among all disciples under Priest Hua and Priest Mu' direct guidance, Miao Xiang wasn't the most powerful one, but he was definitely the one trusted the most by Priest Hua.

Miao Xiang shouldn't be doing any harm to the sect. But right now, he was doing precisely that!

Blown by the strong wind, the arrow rain had still been falling quietly. The four were able to defend themselves against the arrow rain with their great powers, but Miao Xiang's behavior disturbed them. The light emitted from their bodies began shaking and sparkling, while they shambled back towards the outside.

They stared at Miao Xiang in confusion and cursed him, roaring in rage from time to time.

Western Wasteland had always been a territory of fierce ancient beasts, and the soil in there was especially barren. Therefore, recruiting capable disciples was exceptionally difficult in the Western Wasteland. The four started Lotus Altars in Yu Dynasty and recruited this huge number of elite warriors as their new disciple with years of severe efforts. These disciples were the future of the sect.

Nevertheless, as the pearl tower shone in Miao Xiang's hands, ten-million disciples, who were seeds of the sect, were sent into the death zone. The pearl tower shone two times, and sent over twenty million elite disciples to die. This heavy loss even made the four want to cry.

"Miao Xiang, are you insane? What are you doing? Stop now! Shifu didn't give you this pearl tower to let you weaken the sect!" The four stepped out of the gate and surrounded Miao Xiang.

"Whoo!" Seeing an internal conflict starting among the enemies, under Feng Xing and Yu Mu' orders, all heaven warriors, including the ones led by dragons and phoenixes, and all divine commanders and warriors, burst into roars. They immediately occupied all buildings near the front gate, based on which, they composed an even stronger defense.

Divine light streams descended from the sky one after another, activating more and more natural defensive seals in the heaven. Surrounding the front gate, warm mist rose in clouds, glowing with splendid lights. The colorful lights shone on the bodies of everyone on the scene, making all these people look like crystal statues.

By now, the defense in this area had reached an unimaginable degree, that even the air was turned as strong as an iron wall. No enemy could easily take even one step into the heaven now.

The four didn't have the time to stop Feng Xing and Yu Mu from building the defense. Instead, they surrounded Miao Xiang and glared at him. Just now, when the pearl tower shone twice, they saw an enormous number of talented disciples sent into the death zone for nothing by Miao Xiang. They were going to bring those disciples under their own guidance. Miao Xiang and the four had been brothers for years, but at this very moment, the four even wanted to swallow him alive.

"Brothers, why don't you attack the heaven? Why are you all here surrounding me?" Miao Xiang calmly and smilingly looked at the four, then said with a careless tone, "We lost some weak disciples, what's so wrong about that? This treasure of our Shifu is so powerful, so I can't fully control it yet. What happened just now is only a mistake it made."

"How can our Shifu's treasure make any mistake?" Tiger was a bad-tempered one. "Miao Xiang, did you do this on purpose? Are you jealous of our achievements, of so many disciples we recruited? Did you do this to weaken the four of us?" He yelled at Miao Xiang.

Dragon, Lion, and Mammoth frowned, subconsciously gripping their weapons tighter.

Perhaps, that was the reason.

They were all disciples of Priest Mu and Priest Hua, and indeed, Priest Mu and Priest Hua had always been sharing everything with each other. However, their disciples weren't the same. Some of their disciples ganged up, and currently, a great number of small groups existed among their disciples.

For example, Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth, the four of them were a united group, Dragon-slam, Tiger-blast, and other sixteen brothers were from another small group, while Miao Xiang and the other few trusted disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu were also the leaders of a small group.

This time, Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth brought an impressively large number of human slaves and non-humankind elites from Yu Dynasty, making all these talented people join the sect. Without a doubt, this was a major contribution made by this small group.

These elites from Yu Dynasty would become their trusted disciples in the future. The problem was that the number of these people was way too huge. Billions of human slaves from about ten super scale mins of Yu Dynasty and millions of non-humankind beings… As new members of the sect, they might not be able to do much now, but in the future, when they cultivated themselves with Priest Mu and Priest Hua' supreme Dao, they would grow stronger and stronger, while being united by the four…

By then, among all disciples of Priest Hua and Priest Mu, the four would become unusually strong, and for sure, they would suppress all their brothers and sisters, becoming the most powerful disciples under Priest Hua and Priest Mu's guidance!

As cultivators, the four had strong souls and clear minds. Within a single moment, they thought of many possibilities. Looking at Miao Xiang, their faces turned darker and darker. They believed that they had figured out the truth, that Miao Xiang was taking this opportunity to weaken the four of them!

"Miao Xiang, how dare you play a trick with us?" Dragon snorted and threw a glance at Tiger.

Tiger burst a thunderous roar, as he raised his dark long blade and hacked down towards Miao Xiang's neck at lightning speed. A fierce beam of blade light dazzled to the sky. The first move he made was a lethal one.

The four clearly understood that the pearl tower was a powerful treasure that belonged to Priest Hua. Priest Hua carried it almost everywhere. It was immeasurably powerful, and with it, Miao Xiang could have at least thirty percent of Priest Hua's power, which was more than enough to wipe out the four.

Therefore, even if Miao Xiang were a brother, since he now had an evil idea in his mind, the four had no choice but to kill him!

Miao Xiang gave a weird smile. In his eyes, a seven-colored, dim light sparkled. Meanwhile, a faint seven-colored light flashed across every single pearl inlaid in the tower. Next, extremely thin beams of seven-colored light burst from the tower. The four exclaimed out loud, when they were thrown back into the heaven, into the well-strengthened, great defensive formation built by Yu Mu and Feng Xing, along with tens of millions of disciples.

A destructive pressure came from all directions. Even under the protection of their life-saving treasures, the four couldn't move.

"Brothers, it's lucky for you to die today! You will experience the great Dao of quietus of our Master Shifu!" Miao Xiang smiled warmly, then took out three fist-sized, lotus-seed-like bombs.

Flicking his wrist, he sent the three bombs flying into the heaven. These were Chaos divine bombs given by Priest Hua for Miao Xiang's protection.

Buzz! Three muffled thunders could be heard from the front gate of heaven in a row.

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