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The rain of arrows had been killing the elite disciples brought by Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth, swiftly and efficiently. Blood flowed rapidly on the stairs before the front gate of heaven in huge streams, while body parts fell down the stairs along with it. A blood-red rain dyed thousands of mountains in Pan Gu Motherland red.

Above Dragon's head, the hazy blood-red dragon roared to the sky, letting out blood-red flames. The flame was highly harmful to dragons, facing which, the strong bodies and thriving life-force of pure-blood dragons seemed to not even exist. Swept across by the blood-red flame, some dragons were entirely incinerated, thousands had their limbs burned out, howled in pain, drew back as quickly as possible.

Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth had all been trying their best too. Their unimaginable powers provided them with an incredibly high battle efficiency, which allowed them to kill or hurt a giant number of warriors from the dragon-kind. By launching one strike, they could kill or injure hundreds, even more than a thousand elite warriors.

The four golden giants created by them had been darting around, wielding their weapons. Showering under the arrow rain created by Feng Xing and Yu Mu, they remained perfectly unharmed. They swished through the air and swung their weapons fiercely, sending up countless body pieces and large streams of blood, splashing and flowing like waves

Both sides had been suffering a greater and greater loss, because of which, the intent of killing grew stronger constantly in everyone's heart. On the battlefield, people had all been trying their best, casting their most powerful secret magic to try killing each other.

During the tangled battle, Feng abruptly and sneakily pulled open his Yi bow, aimed at Tiger, who was the nearest one among the four. Along with a slight buzzing noise, an arrow flashed across the air at lightning speed and suddenly reached Tiger's face.

Tiger hurriedly gave a growl and raised a wooden staff with both hands to shield himself. He was swift enough, but Feng Xing's arrow was way faster. The arrow, which was condensed from a cyan-colored gust of wind, sparkled and sank deep into Tiger's left eye. It subsequently penetrated his head and came out from the back of his head.

Tiger screamed hoarsely in pain. He waved the wooden staff and sent two dragon kings who pounced on him flying away, then took out a thumb-sized golden pill with difficulty and put it into his wound.

A strand of mist rose while a beautiful golden lotus bloomed from his wound. The golden petals started falling off one after another. When the last petal fell, Tiger's wound recovered completely, and a new eyeball had grown.

"Little b*stard!" Forgetting about his manners, Tiger cursed Feng Xing, who hurt him with a nearly invisible arrow. He dropped his wooden staff and approached Feng Xing with giant steps. Wielding his arm in the air, a large sawtooth blade with a twisted shape was pulled out by him from the air. As he swung the blade, a black beam of light flashed across, cutting tens of strong water-kind warriors near him into pieces.

Looking at Tiger, Feng Xing gripped the Yi bow and stomped it heavily against the ground.

The heaven quaked slightly. On both sides of the path, tens of towers and tall buildings shone with splendid lights. An especially thick light stream descended from the air and landed on the bodies of all warriors from the dragon-kind and phoenix-kind, forming into dazzling armors. Meanwhile, under the light screen, Dragon, Lion, Tiger, Mammoth, and all their disciples felt a thousand mountains had just been laid on their bodies, making their movements extremely difficult.

The entire heaven was rejecting them. Around them, the gravity changed, becoming thousands, even tens of thousands of times stronger than the usual gravity of Pan Gu world. The abnormally strong gravity generated invisible, disordered force streams, tearing their bodies.

Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth were well-cultivated, with amazing magic powers. However, they weren't like Divine Magi, and they didn't have strong bodies. A series of bone cracking noise could be heard from their bodies, which twisted strangely. All their bones were nearly shredded by the strong gravity.

Some of their disciples failed to withstand the violent, disordered gravity force streams, and were torn apart into thousands of bits.

At the moment, on the path behind the front gate of heaven, the battleground suddenly quieted down. Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth managed to remain standing in the lethally high gravitational force with great efforts, while all disciples who followed them into the gate died.

Heavy and ordered footstep sounds came from long distances away. The troops guarding in different areas of the heaven had been gathering over.

Other than the army led by the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, countless divine commanders and warriors surrounded by golden raging flames also came to reinforce. Dragon-kind and phoenix-kind warriors were slightly panicked, while all divine commanders and warriors had already composed a powerful great formation which was passed down from the ancient heaven. A sky-shaking intent of killing covered Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth immediately.

Standing outside the gate, Miao Xiang smiled faintly. Dazzling light beams flowed on the pearl tower held in his hands. The light beams scanned across the bodies of a large number of disciples who didn't manage to rush into the gate, and in the following moment, they were all teleported into the gate.

"Follow Shifu's order, kill!" With the pearl tower, Miao Xiang sent over ten-million elite disciples into the heaven in an instant. Among all these disciples, fragile Yu Clan people were immediately torn apart by the extra strong gravity, while strong human and Jia Clan warriors managed to stand straight slowly under the effect of the twisted, scary gravity.

They did no more than standing straight. The strong gravity awfully slowed them down.

Without any preparation, they were thrown into the heaven by Miao Xiang, surrounded by warriors from the heaven. Before they could even raise their weapons, countless divine commanders and warriors had lunged their spears, coldly and mercilessly.

Along with a golden fire, long spears penetrated their bodies. Divine commanders and warriors roared thunderously, raised their spears, and sent these twitching disciples up, high into the sky.

Colorful thunderbolts descended from the sky, swallowing these disciples without making any noise. The thunderbolts detonated dazzlingly, turning these disciples and their armors into nothingness, without leaving even a grain of dust.

Yu Mu was patting his large belly, making his fat shake rhythmically. Looking at the light screen descending from the sky, he sighed, "Heaven, so powerful! Standing in heaven, who in the world can defeat us? It's strange though! The heaven is so powerful, but then how did the ancient heaven fall? The non-humankind…Were they truly strong enough to defeat the ancient heaven?"

Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth activated their life-saving treasures simultaneously, causing differently colored light to wrap up their bodies. They stopped attacking the heaven army, but turned around in panic and asked, "Brother Miao Xiang, what are you doing? Why did you send all those disciples in here? Didn't you make them die for nothing?"

Dragon yelled even louder, "Don't make any more reckless moves! Let us break their formation, then you send the other disciples in!

Miao Xiang smilingly nodded to the four, but in his hand, the pearl tower dazzled again and sent another ten million elite disciples into the heaven. Same as the last time, these disciples were dropped randomly, without an array.

Countless sharp spears lunged with golden flames. Once again, these disciples recruited by the four with years of efforts were mercilessly slaughtered by the heaven army.

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