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"Damnable mortal man!" Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth roared in rage. Watching the raindrops shredding their disciples, they sensed an actual pain.

Those disciples slaughtered by the rain, human or non-humankind, were all elites, true elites. They were full of admiration and piousness towards Priest Mu and Priest Hua, to their sect, and they were strong. These people were real elite disciples.

For all kinds of reasons, Priest Hua and Priest Mu chose Western Wasteland as the base of their sect. Western Wasteland was poor, scarcely populated. People in Western Wasteland were mostly wild warriors with muscles in their heads, but without much talent for cultivation.

Human slaves saved by Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth from the mines in Liang Zhu City, and the non-humankind nobles who chose to join the sect were all strong-minded and smart, gifted for cultivation. They were the seeds of the sect, they were the future. The sect could afford to lose one or two of them, but over a million? That was like a stab in the heart.

"Damnable mortal man!" The four burst into another roar. They glared at Yu Mu, showering under the highly lethal drizzle falling from the sky, approaching Yu Mu with large steps.

They despised Yu Mu. Before Ji Hao appointed him as a divine god, Yu Mu was indeed a mortal being who looked like a giant meatball. Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth didn't even want to take a glance at him, as if his fat would ooze out and stain their eyes.

Nevertheless, this bloody fatso, who just had a skyrocketing rise, actually killed so many of their elite disciples right in front of them with his divine power. Dragon, Tiger, Lion, Mammoth growled like beasts, launched offensives to Yu Mu with all their powers.

Dragon didn't forget to turn around and tell Miao Xiang, "Brother Miao Xiang, shield the other disciples, and watch us kill this man."

Miao Xiang smiled faintly. Controlling the pearl tower, he released countless sharp light beams that wove into a giant glowing web, covering countless disciples behind him. But in fact, the light he released from the tower only protected himself. As for the other disciples, they were still being slaughtered by the drizzle.

"Souls, so many souls! Shifu's order, slaughter the heaven and collect souls!" Miao Xiang's eyes sparkled quickly with the seven-colored light. He cast his strangely greedy eyes on Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth. The golden giants they created were so powerful. If their souls could be harvested, Priest Hua would be surprised, wouldn't he?

Dragon wielded his pestle and smashed violently on Yu Mu.

Yu Mu chuckled. Standing on the path leading to the heaven, endless divine power surged into his body from all directions. Under his will, a pure and clear water shield emerged above his head which defended him. Followed Dragon's growl, a raging fire rose from the pestle. The heavy strike he launched nearly shattered the space above Yu Mu's head.

The thin water shield remained motionless. This full strike launched by Dragon failed to deliver any effect to Yu Mu. Instead, the water shield took all the impact force, then distributed it evenly to the entire heaven.

This strike from Dragon was heavy enough to crush natural stars, but when distributed to the vast heaven, which was thickly covered in natural defensive seals, it became like a gentle slap to the ground made by an infant, that not even a grain of dust could be stirred.

Yu Mu's eyes shone with a dim blue light as he flicked his fingers. Following a series of 'dong, dong' noise, fist-sized water bombs flew out and landed violently on the golden giants created by Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth.

The four golden giants, which glowed splendidly, and were wearing all kinds of jewels, quivered intensively. They were actually forced backward quickly by Yu Mu's water bombs, barely steadying their bodies.

Yu Mu was far weaker than the four. However, he was a divine god appointed by the divine emperor himself. Standing in the heaven, he was supported by the divine power from the entire heaven, and protected by the will of Pan Gu world.

He was the God of rain, responsible for all the rainfall in the mortal world. As the God of rain, he now had the power of the great Dao of rain and great Dao of water. Even if he were a weak ordinary human being before he was appointed, by now, he could activate the power of the great Dao with a thought, and generate a terrifying power.

At the moment, the one attacking Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth wasn't Yu Mu. Instead, it was the will of nature, the natural law that Yu Mu represented.

Divine gods, they were 'inhuman'. They had the powers of the world, and they enforced justice on behalf of heaven.

Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth were unimaginably powerful. They had been forced back by Yu Mu's water bombs, but the water bombs didn't manage to do them any actual harm, other than leaving some marks on their bodies.

But still, they were soon forced out of the front gate, and were infuriated. With blushed faces, they stared at Yu Mu and roared at him. Yu Mu hadn't even lived his first century, while they were powerful beings, famous since the prehistorical era. Falling in a disadvantage in front of Yu Mu? They truly couldn't endure the humiliation.

Dragon shouted out loud. Once again, he slapped on his own forehead. A beam of blood-red light shone from his head, forming a blood-red cloud above his head. Within the cloud, a blood-red dragon with clearly visible scales hovered, bursting into thunderous roars from time to time.

Behind this blood-red dragon, the silhouettes of tens of thousands of dragons were faintly visible, hovering in the air. An immense energy wave stirred the sky, forcing the drizzle to stop falling.

Behind Yu Mu, countless dragons roared in rage. A few bad-tempered dragon kings even pulled out their weapons in fury and marched towards Dragon.

The blood-red dragon hovering above Dragon's head was composed of the spirit blood and souls of countless dragons. Based on a rough calculation, at least seventy-thousand dragons had died in his hands and become a part of this scary blood-red dragon.

Tens of thousands of dragons... Even though this was accumulated by Dragon slowly, year after year in his long span of life, but the number was way too shocking! Even if he might have sneakily killed no more than one dragon in three to five hundreds of years, anyhow, he had taken the lives of tens of thousands of dragons. All dragons on the scene were outraged, such that their eyes instantly turned red.

"The wind!" Feng Xing walked out from behind Yu Mu. Holding the Yu bow, he looked at the sky and gave a loud and clear shout.

A strong gust of wind was raised, blowing the raindrops in the sky. Feng Xing was the god of wind, while Yu Mu was the God of rain; together, the wind and the rain. The corresponding natural law was activated. The raindrops in the air suddenly changed shape. Under the effect of Feng Xing's divine power, the raindrops all turned into tiny, sharp arrows.

Along with a shrill noise, countless arrows flew to Dragon, Lion, Tiger, Mammoth, and their disciples, even covering the sky.

Blood splashed in the air. Countless warriors made the last howl before they were torn apart.

Miao Xiang stepped backward with a faint smile, as Dragon, Lion, Tiger, and Mammoth stamped with fury. Shouting thunderously, they rushed up to the dragon army, which had also burst into roars.

The blood-red dragon gave a roar and released a blood-red flame from its mouth. Seven to eight dragon kings and hundreds of dragon generals at the front were sent flying away by the blood-red fire, vomiting blood. Two dragon kings were even directly evaporated, disappearing without a trace.

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