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Priest Mu shouted out loud. Before Ji Hao could respond, countless Gold Crows following behind the chariot began cawing to curse.

Crows always liked to scream. These Gold Crows had just attained their man shapes, and were truly excited. With Priest Mu as a perfect target, they immediately put all dirty languages that they learned from Gold Crow Clan people in use!

In Southern Wasteland jungle, what good word could those bad-tempered, brave, and straightforward men say during battles?

Priest Mu had a great cultivation, but still, the thunderous wave of 'cawing' from these Gold Crows made him dizzy. Meanwhile, he was so enraged by the extremely nasty and dirty languages of these Gold Crows that he even temporarily lost his eyesight.

How many years had it been? Ever since Saint Pan Gu created the world, not a single living creature dared to talk to him like that. Yu Yu was the one that he feared the most, but when did Yu Yu ever humiliate him like this? He never heard such words from Yu Yu, not even when they were fighting each other.

"Ji Hao kid, you are killing yourself!" Priest Mu gave a bright shout. He remained perfectly motionless, but following his voice, another Priest Mu had already reached to Ji Hao, swinging the colorfully shining wooden staff down to Ji Hao's head while starting a fierce gust of wind.

Without a hesitation, Ji Hao activated the Pan Gu bell. From the sun world behind him, a golden stream of light merged into his body and provided him with an inexhaustible power. The Pan Gu bell buzzed suddenly, as great-river-like torrents of Chaos power surged in all directions, stirring the surrounding space for ten-thousand miles in radius. The peaceful starry void was stirred into chaos, as all natural powers were disordered.

'Dong'! The wooden staff landed violently on the bell.

Ji Hao slightly quivered. Along with the bell, he was forced back for seven to eight steps. He felt suffocated and nearly vomited blood. He stared at Priest Mu in shock. Was this the true power of a powerful being at Priest Mu's level?

"Hm, nothing more than another East Emperor Taiyi!" Priest Mu scornfully sneered. Wielding the wooden staff and leaving shreds of afterimages in the air, the staff landed on the bell over and over again like a storm. Bell rings could be heard without an end, while Ji Hao was forcing backward without a pause. Within a blink of an eye, he had drawn back for over a thousand miles.

Watching Ji Hao fall into a disadvantage, Mr. Crow spread the pair of golden, blazing, enormous wings on his back, and gave a sky-shaking resonate caw. He raised the golden Fuso staff high and hit Priest Mu's back.

Priest Mu, who was talking, remained moveless, and the one attacking Ji Hao didn't turn around. Another Priest My showed up suddenly, right before Mr. Crow's face. The colorfully shining wooden staff holding in his hands drew an arc in the air and bumped loudly against the Fuso staff. Fuso tree's muffled snort could be heard from everyone's heart, "Priest Mu, my friend, you've gone too far!"

Along with a thunderous bang, Fuso staff burst into a blinding fiery light. Mr. Crow was sent flying away by a tremendous force, while the colorfully glowing wooden staff held in Priest Mu's hands was surrounded by a golden fire. The fire blazed, wearing away the colorful light layer by layer. The flame soon coiled around the staff and scorched it. A strange aroma began spreading from it.

"Fuso, my friend, you return to the sun world right now, go back to your isolated life. Then, I'll still respect you." The Priest Mu who remained motionless said, "If you insist on coming back to the mortal world, you can either join my sect, or…die and disappear!"

Fuso tree sneered, "Die and disappear? Linden tree, are you gonna make me die and disappear?"

The fuso tree stopped calling him 'Priest Mu, my friend'. Instead, Fuso tree used his real name. Clearly, Fuso tree had flared up.

A green mist spread around Priest Mu's face. The Fuso tree was enraged, and so was he.

As he said, if Fuso tree stayed in the sun world, everyone would be fine, and no one could bring any trouble to the other. If the Fuso tree was too bored and wanted to come out and take a stroll, as long as he did not interfere with Priest Mu and Priest Hua, they could still pretend to be friends.

However, Fuso tree suddenly decided to join a force…Even if Fuso tree chose to take root in Pu Ban City to protect human beings, Priest Mu would still tolerate this unreasonable decision of his. Priest Mu would restrain his anger and do nothing but let Fuso tree do whatever he wanted, even though to Priest Mu, the strangeness of the humankind was never desirable.

Nevertheless, Fuso tree chose to follow no one else but Ji Hao, a new divine emperor!

If this could be tolerated, what could not? Ji Hao was Yu Yu's disciple. Yu Yu, Preist Dachi and Priest Qing Wei had been suppressing Priest Hua and Priest Mu all these years, such that Priest Hua and Priest Mu sometimes even felt hard to breathe. For an awfully long period of time, Priest Hua and Priest Mu' disciples couldn't even take one single step out of Western Wasteland. Even when preaching their sect in Western Wasteland, Yu Yu, the one who claimed to be traveling around the world, interrupted them all the time.

Priest Mu would never, ever let a pre-world powerful being like Fuso tree join Yu Yu's side. Especially when Fuso tree had a nature of fire, which made him a natural enemy of Priest Mu. Even though Fuso tree was weaker than Priest Mu, with a natural advantage, he could still rival Priest Mu and Priest Hua.

Except for Priest Mu and Priest Hua themselves, none of their disciples would have a chance to win against Fuso tree!

What was even more unacceptable was that back then, when Fuso tree injured Priest Mu, the latter humbly offered him the position of the great master in his sect and invited him to join the sect. But, Fuso tree scorned the offer. However, today, Fuso tree willingly become Mr. Crow's spirit treasure!

Was Priest Mu not as good as a featured animal?

Wielding the burning wooden staff, Priest Mu launched a series of attacks on Mr. Crow. He had to kill Mr. Crow today, even if he let Ji Hao live. He needed to kill this reckless, arrogant feathered animal who humiliated him, Priest Mu.

Mr. Crow moved uncontrollably. The Fuso staff put him in motion. With heavy yet accurate steps, he moved in the air and perfectly dodged every strike launched by Priest Mu.

The Fuso staff banged against Priest Mu's wooden staff over and over again, causing muffed swooshing noise. Priest Mu's wooden staff burned more and more intensely. Suddenly, following a thunderous bang, the wooden staff was burned into a strand of ash by the spirit fire of Fuso tree.

"Good, good, good! Fuso my friend, your spirit fire is more powerful now!" Priest Mu sneered and said, "Let's find out how many staffs of mine you can destroy today!"

Wielding his broad sleeve, countless silhouettes flashed across the air. Around Priest Mu, three whole thousands clones of his showed up, each holding a wooden staff and approaching Mr. Crow with large steps.

"So many?" Mr. Crow screamed, "Caw! Help!"

Countless Gold Crows burst into shrill caws. Recklessly, they rubbed their fists and attempted to rush up together to defeat Priest Mu by taking advantage of the numbers.

From high up in the air, a beam of sword light silently descended. The heart of priest Mu, the real one, suddenly missed a beat. As he raised his head and looked at the sky, the sword light had already reached his head.

Puff! A large half of Priest Mu's long hair was cut off by this sudden sword attack. He paused briefly, gave a raging shout, then disappeared without a trace, along with all his clones.

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