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A figure flashed across in midair. That was a priest with a fierce sense of power. Treading on a cold beam of light, he descended from the sky.

This priest looked exactly like Yu Yu, but his power sensed largely different from Yu Yu's, and he didn't have pupils. In his eyes, especially sharp sword lights had been interweaving, as metal clangs were faintly audible from his eye sockets.

Ji Hao had already gained a pretty deep understanding of Yu Yu's art of Dao. He knew that this priest must be one of Yu Yu's three clones. Judging by the fierce sword intent of his, he must be a clone created based upon Yu Yu's supreme art of sword.

Treading on a fiery cloud, Ji Hao came to this priest. He kneeled and kowtowed, then greeted him, "Shifu."

The priest held a water-like clear transparent sword. From his pair of eyes, beams of sword light suddenly shone to feet away as he growled, "What a shameless old wood! He attacked a junior with his real body, real power. He fled fast, otherwise, I would cut through his face to see how thick his skin is!"

Squeezing a faint smile out of his frosty, stiff face, he reached out his hand. A strong invisible force helped Ji Hao stand back up from the ground. With satisfaction, he nodded at Ji Hao, looked at him from head to toe, then turned around and bowed slightly to Mr. Crow's staff.

"Fuso, my friend, you are in a good mood!" He still sounded frostily cold. His frigid voice sounded like a pair of sharpest swords clanging emotionlessly against each other, bringing everyone on the scene a sharp pain from their ears.

"Yu Yu my friend, it's been a long time." Above the Fuso staff, a hazy Fuso tree emerged, while Fuso tree's rumbling voice echoed through the hearts of everyone, "Last time I saw you, you brought Priest Po to me and asked for a few of my branches to forge swords. Did you make a good treasure?"

Yu Yu nodded and said, "A set of pure sun Fuso sword, includes nine swords, still buried in the earth meridians of my Palace of Dao and being nourished. My friend, since you've decided to come back to the mortal world, please, take a good care of this young disciple of mine."

Fuso tree chuckled, but didn't say another word. The hazy tree merged back into the staff.

Yu Yu nodded, then turned around and looked at the Pan Gu sword held in Ji Hao's hands, said slowly, "This is a good sword, truly good sword, a top-grade divine piece. But, it's new and hasn't grown a spirit. Alright, today I will make it complete."

Holding his transparent longsword, Yu Yu swept across his own palm with the sword. Following a clear popping noise, his palm was cut broken. Especially sharp and pure sword lights erupted from his palm, transforming into countless swiftly hovering spell symbols, which all merged into the Pan Gu sword.

Ji Hao saw clearly that these spell symbols were composed of the secrets of Yu Yu's sword art. Yu Yu's supreme sword art was forcibly compressed into spell symbols by this clone of his and imprinted in the Pan Gu sword.

The Pan Gu sword quaked slightly. At first, it let out a faintly audible, weak buzz. Afterward, it buzzed brighter and brighter, louder and louder. By the end, the sword buzzed so shrilly that even the starry void was shaken intensely. Waves of visible, transparent ripples spread in all directions, making the nearest tens of natural stars sparkle, as if they were frightened. Even the orbits of these stars changed slightly, as though they were trying to dodge the supreme sword intent released from the Pan Gu sword.

Ji Hao felt that the Pan Gu sword became 'smarter and smarter', that it seemed to fly up into the sky and kill an enemy all by itself. By now, this sword was already like a sword master with the best cultivation. Any slight, random movement made by it could become a flawless, unstoppable sword attack.

The Pan Gu sword suddenly came alive. It was like an enormous Chaos monster which had sunken in a deep sleep for countless years, without a soul, but suddenly woke up. It now had its own instincts and independent mind. It was impatient, so eager to drink the fresh blood of a prey.

An incredibly fierce sword intent, that even gave Ji Hao a piercing pain from his palm, burst from the Pan Gu sword. Ji Hao sensed the aggressive sword intent and sensed the pain even while being the owner of this sword. Mr. Crow and the other Gold Crow elders, who stood around Ji Hao, had drawn back to over a thousand miles away long ago, because they could not bear the fierce sword intent. If they came slightly closer to the sword, their souls would be torn apart by the sword intent.

"About there! Nourish it moment by moment with your embryo of Dao. In the future, releasing the sword light from your mouth and killing an enemy a million miles away won't be a difficult thing." Yu Yu nodded in satisfaction, then glanced at the giant group of Gold Crows, who had been cawing from a distance away.

"Gold Crows? With such a pure Gold Crow bloodline? Fuso my friend has indeed made great efforts this time…It seems that he never forgot the death of East Emperor Taiyi." Yu Yu gave a faint smile and said to Ji Hao, "These are your guards of Dao too, aren't they? They are talented, but their foundations are slightly weak. I have a pure sun sword formation. Here, train them with this."

Yu Yu gently flicked the cyan-colored, transparent longsword held in his hand. Following the buzzing noise, countless extremely thin cyan-colored beams of sword light dazzled from the sword. Accurately, a sword light beam landed on the spot between each Gold Crow's eyebrows. Simultaneously, all Gold Crows raised their heads and spread their golden wings. From their bodies, a suffocating, fierce power started to be released.

Within a second, a powerful, highly lethal sword formation was imprinted in the deepest area of these sword warriors' souls, as if they had been trained in it for countless years. Yu Yu was indeed immeasurably powerful, and was truly generous to Ji Hao.

"Now, you have a sword formation, and the warriors to compose it, but still need the swords to match it." Yu Yu chuckled with an emotionless voice, then nodded to Mr. Crow's staff, and said, "Fuso my friend, this time, let's do it together, shall we?"

Boom! The Fuso staff shifted back into the enormous tree shape. As countless giant branches waved, Fuso tree's voice rumbled, "Just take these branches. Hmm, large amounts of sun crystals had accumulated in the sun world. Among those, one-hundred-million years old essence crystals are perfect for forging swords."

Along with a series of cracking noise, hundreds of giant branches fell off from Fuso tree. Following creaking sounds, these branches fell apart and transformed into one-foot and two-inches-long golden wooden swords, darting all over the ground.

Yu Yu took a deep breath and waved his hands towards the sun world. A million-miles-long sun crystal continent was dragged directly out of the sun world by him.

He pointed out his right forefinger. Following his move, the tremendous continent disintegrated and transformed into extremely pure strands of essence sun fire, flying across the sky and flowing into the wooden swords made by Fuso tree. A squeaky noise could be heard, following which, Yu Yu condensed the essence sun fire into countless complicated sword spell symbols, imprinting on each wooden sword. Before long, a weak sword intent could be sensed from every wooden sword, while the wooden swords turned transparent and glistening like crystals.

Joint-handedly, Yu Yu and Fuso tree spent a whole month and crafted countless golden flying swords; each Gold Crow warrior had one.

Finishing with the swords, Yu Yu gave Ji Hao a few more words, especially warning him to stay vigilant against Priest Hua and Priest Mu, then drifted away and returned to the Chaos.

With a billion Gold Crow warriors raising a sky-devouring fire, Ji Hao headed back to the heaven with a formidable army.

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