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Ji Hao stood up and walked to Mr. Crow, silently looking at Priest Mu.

Priest Mu looked at Ji Hao with his bitter face. A cyan-light sparked in his eyes.

He was a powerful cultivator, and no one could know what was he thinking, or what he would do in the following moment. Therefore, Ji Hao had already prepared for the worst. The Pan Gu bell and the Pan Gu sword were ready. Meanwhile, he contacted the small world of sun, which was not yet far away. Once Priest Mu make any undesirable move, Ji Hao would activate the power of the Pan Gu sun to give him a heavy strike.

Suddenly, a pure and warm power spread from the Fuso staff, calming Ji Hao's strong will of fighting and easing his faint anxiety.

A thin beam of red light shone from the beaks of the Gold Crow on the head of the staff. Within the light was a hazy, three-feet-tall Fuso tree. It was a tree, but everyone on the scene clearly sensed that the tree seriously took a 'glance' at Priest Mu.

Afterward, a deep, slow, and old voice could be heard from the hearts of everyone present. Fuso tree seemed to be not good at speaking. Instead, it directly communicated with the others with its soul power.

"Priest Mu, back then, what did you say? What, did I say?" said Fuso tree.

"Hehe," The tree snorted with an obvious scorn and continued, "The third master in your sect? Eh?"

Priest Mu's never-changing bitter face twitched slightly, and even his immeasurably thick skin blushed a little bit. Embarrassedly, he opened his mouth. As a fierce light flashed across his eyes, he shouted, "Fuso, my friend, it's good for you to remember…I made the offer with honesty and sincerity. In the end, I even offered you the position of the great master. I was willing to be beneath you, but you actually turned me down."

Wielding the wooden staff holding in his hand, Priest Mu's voice sounded sharper and sharper, more and more aggressive, "Fuso, my friend, what did you say back then? That you were tired of wars, and wanted nothing more than living an isolated life in the world of sun, without taking part in any mortal affairs. But today, you let yourself fall to be the spirit thing of a feathered animal!"

"Caw!" Mr. Crow cawed in rage as he attempted to curse Priest Mu. In front of a billion crows, Priest Mu called him 'a feathered animal', which was truly hurting. But, Ji Hao covered Mr. Crow's mouth with his hand as he looked at Priest Mu, then smiled faintly and coldly, "Eh? Did such thing really happen? Was Priest Mu really willing to let you be the Great Master? Hehe… hehe… hehehehe!"

Hearing Ji Hao's series of cold 'hehe', Priest Mu seemed to become more and more embarrassed, even showing a savage look in his eyes.

Fuso tree released a faint red light screen. In the screen, the golden fire burned to the sky. In was nowhere else but the small world of sun. Within the boundless golden fire, a towering linden tree was slightly shaking behind Priest Mu. Streams of green mist poured down from the tree and shielded Priest Mu, allowing him to move strenuously through the golden fire.

"That day, not long after East Emperor Taiyi fell, the Gold Crow Family suffered a heavy loss, upon which, they were ambushed by a strong force from Ten Sun County from the Eastern Wasteland. Gold Crows were slaughtered, and a big half of all human clans that inherited their powers were wiped out. The survivors fled to Southern Wasteland." Fuso Tree's voice echoed across everyone's heart.

Mr. Crow and the other Gold Crow elders cawed in chorus. The Gold Crow family was destroyed, and human beings who had their powers were slaughtered. The ones who luckily survived hid in the void and escaped to Southern Wasteland, living under the protection of the Fire God, Zhu Rong.

Zhu Rong and Gold Crows were friends. After all, they were all the ancestors of fire players. Personally, Zhu Rong protected all surviving possessors of the Gold Crow bloodline. These were the experiences of Ji Hao's ancestors from the Gold Black Mountain, and the origin of the Fire Crow Clan in Southern Wasteland.

"After East Emperor Taiji fell, Priest Mu, my friend, you came to the sun world." Fuso tree continued slowly, "At first, you promised me the position of the third master in your sect. You also promised to help me passing the natural trial and attain a human shape at all costs…I rejected."

Priest Mu remained silent with a sulky face. The blush on his face became more and more obvious, uglier and uglier.

"Priest Mu, my friend, you believed that you were strong. I refused to follow you, so you attempted to force me with violence. Unfortunately, my friend, you were in the sun world. The sun is the ruler of all stars in the world, and I root in the sun world. More or less, I can use the power of all the stars."

In the red light screen, Priest Mu was holding a wooden staff and releasing strong streams of green mist, pressing towards Fuso tree. The Fuso tree was shaking his branches. In his leaves, the hazily sparkling stars were faintly visible. Centered on his body, the stars in his leaves composed a giant scale star formation.

The formation was magical, such that Priest Mu consumed up his power and launched a violent series of attack, but failed to break it.

"Priest Mu, my friend, you failed to break my star formation. On the contrary, your power and life-force was worn out by the essence sun fire. You lost much more than I did." said Fuso tree blandly, "Priest Mu, my friend, you didn't think that…"

"Enough!" Priest Mu suddenly burst into a raging growl, "Fuso, my friend, about what happened back then, you have to give me a reasonable explanation. You are pushing this too far! You'd rather become the spirit thing of a feathered animal than the great master of my sect? You are…"

"Priest Mu, back then, you forgot that even though we are both pre-world trees, you have a nature of green, while I am the rarest kind among all pre-world trees, with a nature of pure fire. The fire suppresses the green, that is the Dao of nature." Fuso tree's old yet strong voice echoed.

Fuso tree interrupted Priest Mu. Hearing Fuso tree telling the old story, Priest Mu's face was entirely red already.

"Therefore, Priest Mu, my friend, you were injured severely by me with one strike!"

In the light screen, Priest Mu wielded his wooden staff and madly attacked Fuso tree. He tried for long but failed to shake the Fuso tree. As he put down the staff and gasped for air, the earth under Fuso tree split up all of a sudden. A water-tank-thick root thrust out of the ground and struck onto Priest Mu's chest.

Priest Mu's chest hollowed. The blood was squeezed out of his mouth, eyes, ears, and nose simultaneously as he shambled backward quickly.

Fuso tree's branches wriggled like fierce boas as they whipped on Priest Mu's body. Priest Mu could barely cope with Fuso tree's attack. At last, he activated a golden, dazzling tower, defending him against the tree.

Priest Mu panted for a while, then solemnly bowed and apologized to Fuso tree, seriously admitting his mistake. Sincerely and passionately, he again invited Fuso tree to join his sect. Because of the nature-level suppression Fuso tree showed to Priest Mu, Priest Mu generously offered Fuso tree the position of the great master in the sect. He was willing to be the second master, while Priest Hua would descend to the third master."

As Priest Mu said, Fuso tree rejected his offer with the excuse of getting tired of war, and wanting to live an isolated life in the sun world. Priest Mu didn't give up. He tried to persuade Fuso tree for another long while, but Fuso tree never accepted his offer.

Helplessly, Priest Mu left the sun world, as Fuso tree refused to join his sect so determinedly.

Ji Hao laughed, "Priest Mu, no wonder you didn't want Elder Fuso to talk. It turns out that back then, you…"

Priest Mu finally exploded in anger.

"Ji Hao kid, shut up!" He yelled at Ji Hao.

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