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When the entire Yao Mountain City was stirred because of the changes that happened to Gold Crow Clan people, Ji Hao had already left the heaven with Mr. Crow.

This time, Mr. Crow, in the shape of an especially tall and scrawny old man in a golden robe, proudly sat in the driver's seat of the nine dragons chariot, wielding a whip condensed from fire, causing loud and clear 'clapping' noises.

"Caw! Caw! Nine little loaches! Run faster!" Awarded by the world, Mr. Crow attained his man shape, but his voice still sounded like a fire crow, hoarse, high-pitched, cawing all the time.

Excitedly whipping the nine fire dragons, Mr. Crow drove the chariot soon into the starry void like a small sun. The chariot flew straight to the Pan Gu sun. No ordinary human being could ever approach any natural star in Pan Gu world, not even if he or she could clearly see every natural star. He or she would run out of life and die on the way to any star, even at the highest flying speed.

The starry void in Pan Gu world was mysterious. Countless natural stars composed a magnificent army, and each star had a small independent world. What people saw in the sky were only projections of the natural star, while the real stars were hiding in their small independent worlds.

Without knowing the orbit and the secrets of the star, no ordinary living being could approach one by simply looking at it and flying towards it. He or she might feel that the star was getting closer and closer, but in fact, it was going further and further away.

As the only present divine emperor who was chosen by the world, and had ascended to the throne with the great Dao of sun, Ji Hao clearly sensed the Pan Gu sun. The connection that existed between him and the Pan Gu sun was tight. The nine dragons chariot left a sharp arc in the sky and took a few circles around the Pan Gu sun, then suddenly dazzled. An enormous golden gate of light appeared before the chariot.

The chariot flew into the gate. Immediately, the temperature soared, and the great heat even shook the fiery light emitted from the chariot intensely. Under the unbearable heat, Ji Hao felt awfully uncomfortable, despite his power.

Ji Hao was shocked. Was this the true power of the Pan Gu sun?

He had just broken into the small independent world of the Pan Gu sun, and was still far away from the edge of the sun. But, he already felt it hard to cope with the great heat released from the sun. Was this the true power of the Pan Gu sun? Compared to it, the Pan Jia sun was like a firefly beside a bright moon.

The golden essence sun fire blazed everywhere like a boundless ocean of fire. The highly compressed essence sun fire even condensed into golden sun crystals that piled up into tremendous continents and towering mountains in the fire ocean.

Ji Hao took out a top-grade spell symbol axe, which was crafted exquisitely by Xiu Clan craftsmen. Puff! This one-hundred-ton axe became a strand of smoke, being swirled away by the golden fiery light and disappearing.

"Caw! Caw! Amazing!" Mr. Crow widely opened his golden eyes and screamed, "Here, what a familiar sense of power…Amazing! Ji Hao, is this place the small world of sun? Where the ancient Gold Crows were born?"

Ji Hao nodded heavily. Giving a deep shout, he let out a golden fiery light from his body. The surrounding dense essence sun fire sensed Ji Hao's sun power and instantly quieted down, turning gentle and peaceful. The temperature dropped largely.

Along with a thunderous noise, a thousand-miles-wide, endlessly long golden path appeared.

The path was paved with sun crystals, and embossed with countless Fuso trees surrounded by Gold Crows. These lifelike Gold Crow embossments had fiercely sparkling eyes. Those eyes even rolled in the sockets, that made them look like real living creatures.

Only when their gazes landed on Ji Hao and Mr. Crow did these Gold Crow embossments seem to be much nicer. But, when they saw the pair of fire dragon generals, these embossments seemed even to come alive, as the extreme greed and fierceness emerged in their eyes.

Ji Hao somehow felt that if Mr. Crow and he weren't on the scene, these Gold Crow embossment on the path would have pounced and tore apart the pair of fire dragon generals, swallowing every single piece of them already.

"Scary place!" The pair of fire dragon generals seemed especially stately and strong, but they followed Ji Hao not long after they were hatched. Therefore, in fact, they were still 'infants' who hadn't even lived their first century yet.

This pair of generals had mighty looks, but were actually not daring enough. Sensing the unfriendly gazes from all directions, they alertly moved towards Ji Hao. They wished they weren't in their man shapes at the moment, because if they were still in their dragon shapes, they would have coiled on Ji Hao's arms long ago.

Ji Hao proceeded along the path without being able to tell how long he had walked, until an immense golden sun appeared in front of him.

The immeasurably huge Pan Gu sun had been spinning slowly while glowing blindingly, releasing an inexhaustible heat and light. Above the sun was a thousands of miles wide, magnificent palace, floating quietly.

Golden buildings, golden pillars, tiles and bricks, golden plants, especially the towering golden Fuso tree standing in the middle, were all blazing and spreading a thriving life-force.

The Fuso tree was a magical tree created by the world along with ancient Gold Crows.

Back then, when the East Emperor Taiyi fell and the bloodline of ancient Gold Crows disappeared, this Fuso tree was left in here for countless years.

When Ji Hao and Mr. Crow drove the nine dragons chariot speedily to the palace above the sun, this towering, thriving Fuso tree, which had been giving an endless light and heat, suddenly quivered. It was like an elderly human being abruptly woken up from a dream.

A soft, extremely gentle Chaos power reached to Ji Hao and Mr. Crow, coiling around their bodies like an old human being that stood by the door of his house, welcoming his grandchildren. An indescribable, strong warmth embraced Ji Hao and Mr. Crow, surrounding them tightly.

The Fuso tree was way too powerful. Back when Pan Gu created the world, it failed to attain a human shape, till the prehistorical era of this world, it was already impossible for it to attain a human shape by cultivating itself. It couldn't leave the sun. It had been standing here, waiting quietly…Perhaps, it didn't even know what it had been waiting for. But, all these years, it stood in here.

Ji Hao and Mr. Crow flew out from the chariot and quickly came to the Fuso tree.

Silently looking at this tree, which had the purest sun power in the world, Ji Hao began talking respectfully.

"Old Fuso, I learned about you from the will of nature. It's so lonely in here. Come with me. This is Mr. Crow, who has been taking care of me since I was a child. He is my general manager now, and needs a spirit supreme treasure. Are you willing to follow him?"

A faint beam of light shone from the tree and scanned across Mr. Crow's body.

The sun quaked slightly. The tree didn't make a sound, but it did make a decision. It airily flew up and shrank its enormous body. At last, it became a golden staff and fell in Mr. Crow's hands.

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