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"Caw?" Mr.Crow excitedly wielded the staff. The staff was antiquely styled, as long as his body. The head of the staff was a three-legged Gold Crow, with spread wings and fiercely, widely opened eyes. Its sharp claws emitted a faint golden light, making it look especially ferocious.

Mr.Crow moved, as his broad golden robe fluttered in the air. Leaving arc traces in the sky, he pounced, smashing the staff in the air. Every strike he made vibrated the space and caused a thunderous bang.

Ji Hao locked Mr. Crow's body with his spirit power. After being appointed as a divine god by Ji Hao and absorbing the sun power, Mr. Crow's power soared. But still, he was no better than a high-level Divine Magus. Nevertheless, once the Fuso staff fell into his hands, his sense of power began improving rapidly, soon reaching the level of Supreme Magi, but still not stopping.

From the staff, an incredibly strong power had been flowing into Mr. Crow's body, strengthening his body, purifying his soul, improving his nature, and building a foundation for his cultivation of Dao. Mr. Crow didn't need to cultivate himself. By simply holding the Fuso staff, his cultivation and power would be improved.

"The old Fuso waited for too long. Without a hesitation, it agreed to serve as Mr. Crow's spirit supreme treasure." Ji Hao nodded delightfully. This was indeed a surprise. Ji Hao didn't expect The Fuso tree to agree to follow Mr. Crow so soon. Perhaps, the old tree had truly been too lonely for too many years.

Ji Hao scanned across the broad and empty place, shaking his head. No living creature was here in this small world of sun; no one had ever come in for long. How many years had this place been like this for? How many years had this old tree stood here all alone?

Once, powerful creatures laughed and played under its crown. East Emperor Taiyi, and ancient Gold Crows, they all disappeared from the world. As a creature with a soul, these lonely years must have been difficult for the old Fuso tree.

"Mr. Crow, be friends with old Fuso." Ji Hao clicked his tongue and said. "Don't use old Fuso to hit cats or dogs or other insignificant ones. Don't use old Fuso to beat anyone unless he or she is important enough, because that would be humiliating." Ji Hao said grinningly to Mr. Crow, then gave a complicated glance to the Fuso staff, which had been releasing a great heat and an infinite light. Turning around, he walked to the tallest building in the golden palace.

As the power of the sun coiled around Ji Hao, everything about this whole palace had been printed in Ji Hao's heart.

Ji Hao easily passed through numerous paths and corridors and unsealed countless natural divine seals, as if he had been here for many times. At last, he reached the tallest building, which was tens of thousands of meters tall, and all empty. The throne that East Emperor Taiyi used to sit in stood in the palace all alone.

Behind the dazzling throne was a soft sphere of golden light wrapping a small independent space, which was created by an unimaginably great power.

A golden pond, three-thousand-miles in diameter, occupied almost the entire small space. A glistening golden liquid was contained in the pond, pure and clear, emitting a magical, refreshing aroma.

Every other hour, a bean-sized drop of golden liquid would drip down from the dense golden clouds above the pound. The pearl-like golden drop would bounce tens of times and cause a series of silvery tinkles, then slowly merge into the pond.

This was the essence of the sun, a pure natural treasure generated from the sun crystals. Back in the ancient era, East Emperor Taiyi fed Gold Crows with the sun essence and allowed them to have strong bodies and great powers within a short span of time.

Looking at this full pond-full of sun essence, Ji Hao was thrilled.

He had a large batch of followers from the dragon-kind and the phoenix-kind, but in the end, these dragons and phoenixes weren't his most loyal followers. Ji Hao couldn't trust them completely. Indeed, they had to follow Ji Hao's orders, but somehow, there was always some gap between them and Ji Hao.

Ji Hao needed a strong force, which was absolute elite, completely trustworthy, could do anything for him, and would follow him to the end of the day. This force also needed to be able to coordinate with him, a divine emperor. The force needed to match his power to the greatest extent, and absorb the improvement gifted from a divine emperor.

"You are the suitable ones, caw!" Ji Hao smiled and cawed gently to Mr. Crow.

Turning around, he took out his divine seal and threw it up into the sky, generating a thunderous boom. A three-thousand and six-hundred meters long golden mirror descended from the roof of the palace. Within the blinding golden light, the Gold Black Mountain in Southern Wasteland emerged in the mirror.

This was the Divine Sun Palace. Everything from everywhere the starlight reached could be clearly seen through this mirror. Ji Hao saw the tens of towering mulberry woods on the mountain, and the mulberry woods down the mountain. He also saw the shrilly cawing, boundless group of fire crow hovering in the sky.

For countless years, these fire crows, which possessed a thin trace of Gold Crow bloodline, lived together with the Gold Crow Clan people. They were the sharpest eyes and ears of Gold Crow Clan people, the most loyal, reliable partners on battlegrounds, and the guardians of the holy realm of Gold Crow Clan.

The fire crow family had a huge population, over ten times greater than the total population of Gold Crow Clan. About a billion fire crows lived in Gold Black Mountain. Every morning, when the sun rose, the shrill and resonant 'caw, caw' from millions of fire crow was the worst nightmare of the little Ji Hao. That endless 'caw, caw' would force one to roll out of one's warm bed!

"Come on, come one, you all!" Ji Hao locked his fingers together and waved towards the mirror.

Back in Southern Wasteland, near the Gold Black Mountain, many Gold Crow Clan people, who were surprised by the sudden change that happened to their bodies, saw a magical scene. They saw a golden light beam pour down from the sun and condense into a path, embossed with Gold Crows.

A familiar and incredibly strong power was released from this path. All fire crows on Gold Black Mountain sensed it. They cawed thunderously, madly flapping their wings as if they were all out of their minds. Led by the group of oldest, largest fire crows, they flew towards the path like a giant dark cloud, covering the sky.

In the Gold Black Mountain area, all fire crows were driven crazy, and so were the ones in other areas of Southern Wasteland jungles.

Countless fire crows flew to the golden path, as fast as they could, with all their strengths. While flying, a similar broad golden path emerged in front of them, and they happily flew in.

The entire sun was shaking slightly. The sun essence dripped from the golden cloud quite slowly, but all of a sudden, an explosion happened. More and more sun essence fell from the cloud, seeming like a heavy, golden rain.

Countless fire crows flew out of the mirror, happily hovering around Ji Hao. They ruptured their scalps slightly, each shedding a drop of spirit blood. They offered their spirit blood to Ji Hao, to merge into his divine seal. Afterward, they dove into the golden pond, which was expanding rapidly.

After every drop of spirit blood merged with the seal, the power of the great Dao of sun would descend on one fire crow, to protect it from being stuffed to death by the sun essence, which contained a giant amount of sun power.

All five crows sank into the pond and quietly curled their bodies, letting the essence sun fire drill into their bodies, remolding them and bloodline. Gradually, the third claw started to grow from the bellies of the largest, oldest fire crows.

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