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Outside Yao Mountain City, in a carefully trimmed patch of woods, under the moist, cool shade, zoysia grasses had been shaking without being blowing by a wind, emitting a refreshing aroma. Heng Luo and her friends were mounted on red foxes, slim leopards, and other accompanying spirit creatures of theirs, playing in the woods while laughing with silvery voices. Occasionally, green light spots would drift out of their fingertips, merging into the zoysia grasses.

Qing Fu led a group of young boys and girls, wearing short shirts made from coarse clothes, and surrounded a large tree, observing the growing state of the zoysia grasses. She squatted by a few sprouting zoysia grasses, explaining to the young boys and girls about the nature and effects of zoysia grasses, and how to estimate years of growth of zoysia grasses based on all features. The group of kid listened carefully.

"Zoysia grasses can cope with almost all symptoms. It's gentle and nourishing. About thirty percent of all magic drugs have zoysia grasses as an ingredient." Qing Fu gently looked at these boys and girls and said, "We have more and more people in Yao Mountain City, so in the future, we will be needing more and more magic drugs. Relying on ourselves is always better than relying upon others. It can't be wrong for us to grow more medicinal herbs."

Looking at these zoysia grasses, Qing Fu felt a bit helpless. The history of Yao Mountain City was too short. Even though these special woods were now taken care of by Heng Luo and the other jungle spirits, the oldest zoysia grass had only been growing for about ten years. These zoysia grasses were not even as old as the wild ones found in the forest that belonged to Gold Crow Clan back in the Southern Wasteland, not to mention the ones growing in medicinal herb bases of the few mentionable large human families and clans.

As a master of magic drugs and poison, Qing Fu deeply understood the importance of magic medicines to a human clan. However, medicinal herbs could only accumulate their powers over a long time. Unless she was the legendary Green God, who had the power to grow all plants in the world, as a magic drug and poison master who was not even a Magus King yet, what Qing Fu could do?

While sighing, Qing Fu paused suddenly. He heard the rumbling voice from the sky, which seemed to echo through the entire world. The voice wasn't talking with the human language. Instead, it used an ancient language which was extremely hard to understand. But magically, Qing Fu and all children around her understood what the voice said.

'Under the witness of the world, Qing Fu, is the Goddess of Green'?

Qing Fu raised her head in panic. She raised both arms and spread a dense green mist to shield the children around her. Back in Southern Wasteland forests, she had seen quite some spirit creatures who were good at creating visions and sounds to confuse human beings and shake people' hearts. Falling into their traps, one could lose a soul, a few spirits, or even the entire original soul.

She worried that some evil spirit creatures might have come to the woods around Yao Mountain City. These children were the seeds of the art of magic medicine who were carefully cultivated by Qing Fu. She would never allow those evil spirit creature to take away their souls.

All of a sudden, from the whole forest around Yo Mountain City, all plants moved without being blowing by a wind, shaking while releasing a pure and strong grin power, which gathered quickly to Qing Fu.

High up in the sky, in the starry void, all stars with a nature of green shone simultaneously. Green star lights descended from the sky and mixed with the green power released from all forests and jungles in Pan Gu Motherland, condensing into an enormous swirl, drilling into Qing Fu's head.

Qing Fu slightly trembled. All secrets regarding the Dao of green revealed themselves to her. She suddenly figured out many questions that had puzzled her for a long time. Shee sensed the world, and immediately understood what had truly happened to her.

"Ji Hao, my good boy! How come you are a divine emperor now? My, Qing Fu's kid, the little Ji Hao from Gold Crow Clan, is a Divine Emperor now!"

Qing Fu stood under the tree, stunned. Shee couldn't believe all this. The sunlight and the green power flew ceaselessly into her body as the world rebuilt her body. Inside her body, natural marks of the great Dao of green emerged one after another. In the woods, all zoysia grasses began growing rapidly, and a thick aroma spread out.

"They can be oracles of Green." Glancing at the group of children stood around her, who were all stunned as well, Qing Fu pointed her finger at them.

Fist-thick green light streams poured down from the sky and quickly remolded the bodies of these children. Their bodies emitted the aromas of plants, and their powers soared.

Within a couple of breath, the hundreds of children became oracles of Green, with high-Magus-King-level powers. Under their wills, strong gales were raised, green lightning bolts burst from the surrounding forest, and the thunder vibrated the earth.

"Ayaya, Aunty Qing Fu!" Along with a group of beautiful and sprightly jungle spirits, Heng Luo rushed out from the woods and asked, "What happened? What happened? A voice said Divine Emperor Ji Hao appointed me as a Deputy Goddess of Green! What is 'Green'? A Deputy Goddess of Green? Me! Really?"

Heng Luo suddenly understood what happened. She raised her head and looked at the sky, stunned.

She was a free jungle spirit who lived in Southern Wasteland jungles, with no worries, doing whatever she liked. But how come she suddenly became a Goddess in the heaven? Above the masses? This was such a massive change of identity. Heng Luo felt that she had to go ask for some booze from Stone and Treeman to clear her mind.

In Yao Mountain City, in a military camp, Ji Xia and a large group of Gold Crow Clan commanders had been supervising the practice of Yao Mountain Territory warriors.

'Soft balls', 'p*ssies', 'junks', 'idiots', all kinds of bad languages had been bursting from his mouth, exploding above the heads of all warriors like thunders.

Suddenly, a raging fire descended from the sky, stirred up scorching airstreams as it condensed into a giant swirl. In the sky, all stars with a nature of fire sparkled simultaneously. A strong fire power gathered from all directions, surging into Ji Jia's body.

Bong! Ji Xia's muscular body grew taller by about three-feet. His clothes were burned out. Instead, a red armor created by the world itself appeared on his body. Lavlike fire rose from his body as Ji Xia's long hair turned red, fire flakes spurting out from his eyebrows and eyeballs.

"The God of War? Commanding all divine warriors? Hah! Ji Hao, good boy! Are you telling your father to kick a*ses? Hah! Scums from the Dark Water Serpent Clan and Bi Fang Clan idiots who bullied us back then…Under the order of the heaven, I will lead my warriors to punish the evils. I may let you live because I have mercy, or I may kill you, because I am supposed to! You shall all wash your necks and wait for your Master Ji Xia!"

Ji Xia growled towards the sky. Along his voice, red light streams poured down from the heaven, merging into the bodies of the group of important Gold Crow Clan commanders around him. Instantly, their bodies burned intensely as well.

In Yao Mountain City, a stream of fiery light landed on the head of every Gold Crow Clan person, every single one of them.

As old people said, 'when a man gets to the top, all his friends and relations get there with him'. Without pressure and within his authority, Ji Hao gave all the remaining divine positions to Gold Crow Clan people.

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