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Above the sky, in an unfathomable place in the starry void, a purple mist had been flowing like water streams. Within the mist, beautiful cranes hovered leisurely, holding Ganoderma and spirit herbs with their beaks.

In the boundless purple mist was a virid mountain, covered in caves, with mist coiling up from them. Clearly, countless rare spirit herbs and plants were growing in them.

On top of the mountain was a towering old-growth tree. Large, crystalline, white flowers bloomed on its dragon-like twisted branches, while a refreshing aroma spread along the wind. Sniffing it, one would cool down, and the spirit and soul would both be comforted and settled.

Under the tree was an oddly shaped large stone, serving as a natural tea table, surrounded by three stone blocks. Sitting on the stone blocks were Spirit Wa, Donggong, and Ximu. Spirit Wa made the tea herself, pouring Donggong and Ximu each a cup of tea with a lovely green color.

When the will of the world merged with the golden light of the Pan Gu sun, condensing Ji Hao's natural reward power into a seal, Spirit Wa raised her pair of long and slim eyebrows. She then chuckled and said, "This kid, I've been paying close attention to him since he was born in Southern Wasteland. I thought, even though he is meant to be someone special, he would have to go through a very long period of time before that."

Slightly narrowing her almond eyes, Spirit Wa picked up her teacup, took a slight sip, and continued, "Unexpectedly, this kid grew so fast and reached such a high achievement. Succeeding to the throne of the East Emperor Taiyi? Good!"

Spirit Wa smiled glanced at Pan Gu Motherland, then said, "Wuzhi Qi, that monkey did a good job this time! I need to think about how to reward him when the disaster is overcome."

"Spirit Wa, is Wuzhi Qi under your guidance?" Hearing her, Donggong raised his eyebrows too and asked.

Spirit Wa again gave a faint smile. She didn't admit it, but neither did she deny. However, her mysterious smile seemed to give all the answers.

Ximu was shaking her head slowly. Slightly frowning, she emptied her teacup, then gave a muffled-thunder-like deep growl. Looking at Spirit Wa in confusion, she asked, "Spirit Wa, why did you pay attention to Ji Hao kid? Hundreds of millions of barbarian kids like him will be born in Southern Wasteland each year, isn't that right? Yet, you paid attention to him since he was born? You did have the spare time and mood, didn't you?"

Spirit Wa chuckled, but didn't explain. Fiddling with the exquisite teacup in her hands with her ten slim fingers, she turned to the west side of Pan Gu Motherland and said, "Back Then, brother Pan Gu created the world, and we guarded him. Brother Pan Gu didn't have to fall. Those two played dirty tricks in the darkness, don't I know that?"

"Pan Yu world people invaded. Except for us, only that silly Yu Yu truly fought against the invaders. Sadly, we hadn't recovered from the injuries yet. As for Yu Yu, hm, the one who stabbed him in the back and nearly killed him…" Spirit Wa stopped taking. Her ten fingers sparkled with a bright light, and the teacup held in her hands, as well as the tea contained in it, disappeared suddenly, but reappeared in the following moment.

"Donggong, Ximu," A long while later, Spirit Wa smiled and continued, "This time, we won't make a move until they beg us to. We honest people can't suffer the loss every time, can we? This time, they have to promise us enough benefits. Otherwise, their Dao will no longer pass on in Pan Gu world."

Donggong and Ximu looked at Spirit Wa thoughtfully.

Spirit Wa chuckled and kept talking for a short while. Abruptly, she threw the teacup outside the purple mist. Her movements seemed to be easy and convenient.

A violent thunderbolt tore apart the starry void. Along with a shrilling noise, the teacup struck on the heaven, as heavily as a mountain.

Dishi Cha stood by the Divine Origin Pool, with a long-necked golden bottle held in his hand. He had been carefully pouring a dark, sticky liquid into the pool from the bottle. A nice aroma was emitted from the liquid. At that time, he heard the rumbling thunder suddenly, and sensed a terrifying power coming straight at him. Instinctively, he raised the golden bottle to defend himself against the teacup.

Followed by a thunderous bang, the golden bottle burst with layers of dazzling golden light and condensed into a strong defensive screen. The teacup sparkled brightly, then penetrated one-hundred and twenty thousand layers of golden defensive screens created by the bottle, shattering the bottle instantly. Thin cracks appeared on the teacup, but still, it remained tough as it crushed Dishi Cha's hands and landed on his chest.

A thick golden armor appeared on Dishi Cha's body. The teacup broke the armor and generated a shrill series of growls from Dishi Cha. Following his voice, the teacup penetrated his body and flew out from his back, leaving a human-head-sized hole in his body.

Vomiting blood, Dishi Cha thudded against the ground, twitching without being able to control his body anymore.

Above the sky, in the starry void, Donggong and Ximu looked at Spirit Wa in surprise. "Spirit Wa, why did you make a move yourself to deal with someone like that?"

Spirit Wa carelessly crooked her finger. A new teacup appeared in his hands as she smilingly raised her head, looked at the higher sky, and said, "For an unknown reason, I am in an especially good mood today. So…I beat someone for fun!"

In the Westernmost side of Pan Gu Motherland, above a barren mountain area in a silent space, which was surrounded by thick linden woods created with a great magic power, Priest Mu leaped up suddenly.

A clear light flew inside his eyes. Through the immeasurable space, he saw what happened outside Liang Zhu City.

"An Edict of the world? The throne of a divine emperor? Damnit! How can Ji Hao kid deserve a worlds' edict?" Priest Mu's never-changing bitter, wrinkled face twisted. A despairing power of quietus spread from him, dragging the entire silent space into a suffocating stillness.

Remaining silent for a long while, Priest Mu finally breathed out a steaming hot stream of air, and sat down slowly under the linden tree.

Not far away, sitting in front of him, Priest Hua suddenly opened his eyes and began talking slowly, "Brother, we have to depend on the humankind to develop our great sect. We need to merge the natural fortune of the humankind with our great Dao, upon which, we can control the world and rule nature. If we had attained the supreme results of Dao and become the rulers of Pan Gu world, how could Ji Hao kid ever be lucky enough to receive a worlds' edict?"

Priest Mu slowly nodded and said in a bland tone, "Dragon, Tiger, Lion, and Mammoth did a good job this time. They broke into Liang Zhu City and saved countless human slaves. From now on, all those people are our pious disciples. They have also taken a large number of non-humankind beings captive, and killed countless non-humankind beings. I have already sensed that the natural fortune belonging to our sect has enhanced further."

Showing a faint smile on his bitter face, Priest Mu continued slowly, "The great Dao is long, difficult to pursue. We can only walk step by step forward, with determination. The ocean of fire, the mountain of blades, the thorns, the poisonous snakes, we will step over them all."

Raising his head and looking in a certain direction above the sky, Priest Mu carried on, "We will kill anyone who dares to hinder us."

A bright five-colored glow emerged on Priest Hua's face. His voice suddenly changed as he cursed, "That kid Ji Hao is so annoying. How could he ever ascend to the divine throne? He really should die…"

Priest Hua giggled and narrowed his eyes at Priest Mu, as he said evilly and flirtingly, "Brother, how about you and me kill Ji Hao together? Hehe, you and me together, who should we be afraid of?"

Priest Mu's expression changed immediately, as he hurriedly gave a heavy slap on Priest Hua's forehead.

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