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When the first cannon fodder troop of dark-kind slave warriors and non-humankind warriors marched out of Liang Zhu City, all divine warriors and commanders guarding outside the city moved simultaneously.

They raised their long spears high, while the surrounding natural powers were activated and condensed into small tornados above their heads, drilling into their weapons.

Bright spell symbols flickered quickly on their long spears. Followed by deafening thunders, bowl-thick thunderbolts were released from their weapons, immediately drowning the non-humankind troop coming out of the city.

Some of the tens of thousands of dark-kind warriors and hundreds of thousands of non-humankind slaves were blown into ashes, while some had their chests ripped open. Some lost their limbs, lying on the ground while screaming in pain. A layer of earth was peeled off by the divine thunder, now covered in tens of thousands of differently sized hole.

Watching this, all human leaders and non-humankind leaders on the city wall gasped in shock. The divine army hadn't descended to the mortal world for many years. Today, with a small move, these divine warriors and commanders gave everyone on the scene a soul-deep shock.

They were powerful; they attacked fiercely, with especially neat and uniform moves, as if they all shared one mind. Looking at them, all the others' had their hearts sinking.

"Your Majesty!" Piji Nu shouted.

Deep and rumbling drums could be heard. The gates on the southern side of the city opened, from which, heavily armored human warriors marched out in perfectly ordered arrays. In the air, the shrill screams of large fierce battle birds echoed through the clouds. These strong birds flapped their wings and carried up Eastern Wasteland archers, disappearing into the clouds.

Yi Di trod on the back of a giant eagle, holding his thunder-running bow as he whistled resoundingly. Hearing his whistle, countless Eastern Wasteland archers raised their bows and whistled sonorously as well. Their whistles mixed with the birds' screams and created a tense atmosphere.

Hundreds of thousands of metal plates dazzled deafeningly with electric lights as they silently rose into the sky. Standing on each plate was a Jia Clan warrior in heavy armor. They were holding all kinds of weapon, staring at the divine warriors and commanders outside the city with twisted faces.

All non-humankind warriors were so angry by now. Liang Zhu City was already miserable enough. Countless people had gone missing, and landlords that lived around the city were slaughtered. The heavy losses had been driving these Jia Clan warriors crazy and turning them into bloodthirsty beasts.

On the city wall, tens of judges under Hao Hao's lead carried up Red Lei and the other Sun and Moon Knights, who were still unconscious. Someone slapped them violently and tried to wake them up. Divine warriors and commanders suddenly showed up outside the city, which must have everything to do with the twelve of them. If Red Lei and his teammates could order them to put down their weapons and surrender, a cruel battle would be saved.

However, the twelve knights were frightened too badly, added with the fact that they suffered a brutal beating from Si Wen Ming and a group of prince earlier. The few judges tried their best, but the twelve remained unconscious, never showing a sign of waking up.

Ji Hao and hundreds of Yao Mountain warrior commanders marched out of the city. He activated the nine dragons chariot once he stepped out of the city. A hundreds of meters wide fiery cloud carried up all Yao Mountain commanders and himself.

Yao Mountain warriors leaped up from the ground and landed on the fiery cloud. In the rolling cloud, wisps of blazing light condensed into red spell symbols, imprinting on their armors. This was a support system provided by the chariot, that all warriors under its owner's command would be protected by the magical essence sun fire on the fiery cloud.

Standing before the throne on top of the chariot, Ji Hao narrowed his eyes.

The power of the great Dao of sun descending from the East Emperor Taiyi filled up Ji Hao's entire body. He spread his arms and let extremely thin beams of golden light shine from his pores, merging with the warm light of the Pan Gu sun, which was rising from the east.

The great Dao of sun, which belonged to the East Emperor Taiyi, merged perfectly with the Pan Jia sun. Ji Hao's body glowed with a blinding light as he seemed to become the second sun in this world. The nine dragons chariot immediately sensed the great Dao power from Ji Hao. As a result, the enormous chariot gave a resonant buzz and suddenly came 'alive'.

The nine dragons drawing the chariot raised their heads and roared towards the sky.

From the chariot, rosy clouds rose and quickly shifted shapes in the sky, forming layers of flame-like spell symbols. Back in the ancient time, East Emperor Taiyi ruled the world and awed all living beings, and now, his majestic power burst from the nine dragons chariot again.

High up above the masses, Ji Hao was looking down at all creatures. The soul-level pressure, the terrifying waves of soul power spread out overwhelmingly like a tsunami.

On the ground, divine warriors and commanders had gathered and formed a giant battle formation already. But all of a sudden, a tremor went through their bodies. Over ten-thousand divine commanders and a million divine warriors were frozen. They raised their heads and looked at Ji Hao, who stood on the chariot, glowing with an eye-piercing golden light, surrounded by an immeasurably great natural reward power.

On this day, at this moment, the heaven had a new ruler!

Ji Hao inherited East Emperor Tayi's great Dao of sun and his supreme treasure, the nine dragons chariot. Additionally, he inherited East Emperor's majestic power. If this were all, these divine warriors and commanders would be awed at most, and wouldn't dare to attack him. But above all, Ji Hao made his contribution to the world, and had attained a tremendous natural reward power.

In this era of chaos, when the world had no ruler, Ji Hao met all conditions to be the East Emperor!

The East Emperor Taiyi was an ancient emperor created by the world itself. These divine warriors and commanders were also created by the world through the Divine Origin Pool, as guardians of the world's highest power. When the heaven was not ruled by anyone, and when the power of East Emperor Taiyi was seen again in the world, something that even Ji Hao never expected happened.

The dim light flickered quickly and intensely in the eyes of all divine warriors and commanders while they trembled intensely.

With an exotic magic treasure, Dishi Cha sealed their minds. But now, the seals were broken. Their eyes dazzled. Those lusterless, unfocused eyes were suddenly brightened up, as glittering as the stars in the night sky.

"Your Majesty!" Tsunami-like roars erupted from the chests of all divine warriors and commanders, whose minds were freed. They agitated the natural powers and burst into thunderous shouts, kneeling under the nine dragon chariot in happiness.

Suddenly, the golden light of natural reward power surrounding Ji Hao's body flew out. The golden light and the purple mist twisted and interwove in front of him, while an indescribable natural will descended from the heaven. The Pan Gu sun released a splendid, even brighter golden light, which landed on the interweaving golden light and purple mist.

Ji Hao's natural reward power slowly condensed into a golden seal, shaped like a three-clawed Gold Crow with spread wings.

"Wo-w!" Having spent quite a lot of time with Ji Hao, Si Wen Ming had learned some strange words from him. At the moment, seeing Ji Hao's natural reward power condensing into a seal, Si Wen Ming exclaimed out loud. He didn't even know what else to say.

"The world's edict!" murmured Emperor Xuanyuan, "Good boy! The world admires him. He has succeeded East Emperor's throne!"

"DDamn!" In a long distance away, Wuzhi Qi, who gave the nine dragons chariot to Ji Hao, shouted out. His eyes nearly flew out of his sockets.

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