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Over ten-thousand divine commanders, and a million divine warriors, arrayed orderly under Ji Hao's nine dragons chariot.

In hundred neat square arrays, all divine commanders and warriors looked passionately at Ji Hao, who was standing on the chariot, holding the Gold Crow seal. They were creatures generated from the will of the world, and the meaning of their lives was — Following orders and discipline, fighting for the heaven.

In the current Pan Gu heaven, Ji Hao was the only divine emperor with an edict from the world itself.

Immediately, these divine commanders and warriors pledged all their loyalty and passion to Ji Hao. Under Ji Hao's order, they would go through the most dangerous area in the universe; under Ji Hao's order, they would even forget about themselves.

Divine warriors and commanders were the most terrifying war machines in Pan Gu world. Except for the instincts of following orders, they had nothing left but the will of fighting. They had no sense of fear, hunger, or tiredness. Under the will of the world, they would fight to the death!

Looking at this strong divine force, that even the word 'elite' was not enough to describe, Ji Hao was delighted, but also a little panicked. So suddenly, he had received an edict from the world. He had truly done quite a lot good things these years, hadn't he?

However, Ji Hao had no time to do much of thinking at the moment.

The moment he held the seal in his hands, he sensed the deepest, most original will of the entire Pan Gu world. The world was cheering for the emergence of a new divine emperor. The pure, strong happiness soon occupied Ji Hao's mind and made him laugh with all of his heart.

The power of the Pan Jia sun inside Ji Hao's body had been rising ceaselessly, and so was its quality. It had been achieving the level of the Pan Gu sun.

The natural powers in Pan Gu world surged to Ji Hao and drilled into his body. He didn't need to make an effort to absorb the natural powers. The Pan Jia sun served like an enormous stove; it swallowed all natural powers, easily transformed them into the sun power, and stored them inside Ji Hao's body.

Ji Hao spread his palm. Under his will, a wisp of golden sunlight flew into his palm and soon condensed into a golden liquid. Within the blink of an eye, the golden liquid became a fist-sized golden crystal.

A crystal condensed from the pure sun power! Sensing the scorching power contained the crystal, Ji Hao soon came up with tens of methods to create spell symbols and fire bombs for mass destruction.

A Jia Clan commander with four red eyes marched to Ji Hao, roaring in rage. Without saying a word to Ji Hao, he raised his giant hammer and smashed at the head of a golden-armored divine commander while yelling, "You damnable things! You killed my families!"

The moment this Jia Clan commander attacked, he died.

He was no stronger than an ordinary Magus King. Seeing these golden-armored divine commanders arrayed so obediently, he thought they wouldn't fight back anymore!

He didn't know that these divine commanders followed nothing but Ji Hao's orders.

The moment he swung down his hammer, the eyes of the golden-armored divine commander turned purely golden, completely emotionless. The long spear held in the divine commander's hands penetrated the Jia Clan commander's chest, just as the latter raised his hammer. A shrill swishing noise was caused.

Surrounding the divine commander, another eight divine commanders moved simultaneously. Following the high-pitched swishing noises, eight long spears sank into the Jia Clan commander's body. As the nine divine commanders shook their wrists together, his body was torn apart.

The non-humankind army marching out of the city burst into raging growls!

Just now, they all saw these scary golden and silver armored warriors slaughter all landlords and their families around the city, piling their corpses up outside Liang Zhu City.

When these scary enemies suddenly kneeled and saluted to Ji Hao, non-humankind warriors had already suspected if Ji Hao, if the humankind had actually ordered these golden and silver armors to slaughter non-humankind landlords!

When a non-humankind warrior rushed up in fury and attempted to take revenge against these golden and silver armors for his families and was killed easily, all non-humankind warriors who witnessed the whole process were infuriated.

"This is a scheme! Damnit! This is a scheme of these lowly barbarians!" a Yu Clan commander, whose families all lived in a mansion outside the city, screamed in his family territory.

He pulled out his sword and shouted, "Kill these lowly barbarians! And, Marquis Yao Ji Hao is the planner of the whole thing!"

High up in the air, countless metal plates dazzled with eye-piercing electric light, diving down towards Ji Hao and the arrays down on the ground.

From the higher sky, Yi Di burst into resonant growls. Under his order, groups of Eastern Wasteland archers and their fierce flying mounts encircled these Jia Clan warriors from all directions. Ji Hao was Yi Di's brother. He would never watch anyone bully Ji Hao, even though it now appeared that Ji Hao was the bully.

On the ground, non-humankind troops marched towards the divine arrays.

In the meanwhile, all marquises and earls who were friendly with Ji Hao gave their orders and sent out their troops against the non-humankind army. The human force and non-humankind force quickly interwove, as all swords were pulled out and all bows were pulled open. A cruel war was right on the verge of breaking out.

On the city wall, Piji Nu and the other Yu Dynasty emperors had been shouting and yelling at Emperor Shun. They could not understand why on earth did those fierce, brutal divine warriors suddenly become obedient rabbits the moment they saw Ji Hao.

Was this truly a scheme of the humankind? Did they send out an elite force to slaughter all non-humankind landlords around the city to weaken the non-humankind?

But, that elite force was from the heaven!

Piji Nu and the other eleven non-humankind emperors were so confused that they were even being driven crazy.

Ji Hao snorted coldly. Sensing the warm and intimate will of Pan Gu world, he slowly raised the seal held in his hands.

Three-hundred miles away, above a ten-miles-tall mountain, a strange sparkle emerged. Next, a human-head-sized golden thunder bomb appeared in the sky. Quietly, the small golden thunder bomb landed on the mountaintop at lightning speed.

An earth-shaking boom was generated. The ground quaked intensely, and the ten-miles-tall mountain disappeared instantaneously, amidst the blinding golden light.

A golden mushroom cloud rose, expanding slowly in the air.

Visibly, a golden impact wave spread in all directions, reaching to Liang Zhu City within the span of a couple of breaths. It raised a hurricane and swept across the ground, peeling off a half-foot-thick layer of earth.

Swoosh! When the impact wave brushed across the bodies of the twelve emperors, they were completely suffocated.

Ji Hao silently raised his hand. Following his move, thirty-six-thousand golden thunder bombs appeared in the sky, above Liang Zhu City!

All non-humankind beings immediately stopped shouting and yelling, but stared at all thunder bombs condensed from the golden essence sun fire in a blue funk.

"Do I need a scheme?" Ji Hao dropped his hand and asked the twelve emperors calmly. "Wake up Red Lei and his teammates. Let's get the answers!"

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