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"Fainted?" Emperor Shun walked over while frowning as he looked at the twelve knights and said, "Those are just small Gu bugs. It's not like we're chopping off their heads, yet they fainted? With such a low psychological quality, no matter how strong they are, they are no one to be afraid of."

Emperor Xuanyuan snorted scornfully.

As an ancient human emperor who had slaughter countless evil beings, he looked down upon these weak beings who fainted because of a few tiny bugs. He agreed with Emperor Shun, that the ones who fainted because of a few bugs are not enough to be the humankind's enemies!

"Shun, ministers, go take a look. Something happened outside the town." Hao Tao walked over in a great rush and said with a deep and strong voice, having a strange tone.

Ji Hao and the others walked onto the city wall and gazed out.

They saw a group of divine commanders wearing golden Qilin armors leading countless sky warriors in silver flood dragon armors, raising a gale and sending countless bloody corpses to Liang Zhu City.

Three-eyed Yu Clan people, four-eyed Jia Clan people, five-eyed Xiu Clan people, dark-kind slave warriors, non-humankind slaves... Their corpses were piled up orderly into a straight wall, standing in the empty area ten miles away from the city.

The corpse wall had been growing higher slowly. The gale brought the strong scent of blood into the city, making people sick.

One whole hundred golden-armored divine commanders, and a hundred-thousand silver-armored divine warriors, guarded in a straight line by the southern side of Liang Zhu City, holding their weapons and remaining silent. Their eyes were lusterless. From time to time, dim lights sparkled in those eyes, within which, spell symbols had been suppressing their independent consciousness.

"What are they doing?" Looking at the wall of non-humankind corpses, Emperor Shun seemed to be as surprised as Hao Tao.

"Gong Gong occupied the heaven, and Dishi Cha colluded with him. Did Dishi Cha take over the heaven after the Gong Gong Family failed?" Si Wen Ming rubbed his chin as he frowningly looked at these divine commanders and warriors and said, "That'll be a trouble. According to the elders in my family, the Divine Origin Pool in the heaven can continuously create new divine gods."

Large human families and clans with long histories, such as Si Wen Ming's You Chong Clan, all had numerous links with the ancient heaven. Therefore, they knew some deep secrets of the heaven.

The Divine Origin Pool had a dreadful power of creation. The regeneration of top-grade divine gods like the five divine emperors might be extremely slow, but lower-level divine commanders and warriors could grow like fragrant-flowered garlic in spring, with abundant resources.

Back then, all ancient divine gods had fallen, leaving no one to control the heaven. Therefore, the Divine Origin Pool was suppressed to an extreme level.

If Dishi Cha knew how to activate the pool and make it run at full-speed, he would have a strong army of divine commanders and warriors under his control. Among the ones guarding outside the city, the golden armored ones were at the level of Divine Magi, while the silver armored one were all as strong as high-level Magus Kings!

Human armies, core commanders, and elite Senior-level warriors could not be compared with these freaks from the Divine Origin Pool in the heaven! Besides, all human warriors were born with fragile bodies, and needed to cultivate themselves severely for their current strength. Unlike human beings, the bodies of divine warriors and commanders from the Divine Origin Pool were all generated by pure natural powers, while their spirits were given by the heaven itself.

In terms of military force wastage, human beings might not be able to rival a fully activated Divine Origin Pool.

Piji Nu and the other non-humankind emperors walked over quickly. Seeing the wall of corpses standing by the city, the faces of all eleven male emperors paled immediately. They immediately figured out the whole thing and began cursing Dishi Cha with the evilest language they knew.

Only Yemo Luoye showed a weird smile when she saw those corpses outside the city. What a narrow-minded woman! Most of core members of her Yemo Family had gone missing. Today, seeing the corpses of so many landlords who lived outside the city, she actually felt balanced, much more comfortable than before!

More and more corpses were sent up.

Everything stuck to Red lei's plan. He planned to scare all non-humankind beings in Liang Zhu City with violence and blood, and make them despair, letting them suffer endlessly before their fates were finally decided.

Piji Nu snorted, then turned around and bowed to Emperor Shun, "Your Majesty, as your allies, we hope that the humankind can help us to destroy the enemies outside the city, and save our people. If they continue slaughtering our people so rampantly, we would suffer too serious a loss."

Emperor Shun frowned. Pointing at those divine commanders and warriors in golden and silver armors, he asked coldly, "Do you know where they are from?"

Piji Nu and the other Yu Dynasty emperors glanced at each other. When the non-humankind invaded Pan Gu world, numerous world-shaking wars were started between the non-humankind and the heaven. Back then, human beings were weak, and the heaven was the main force fighting against the non-humankind.

If the divine families represented by the five divine emperors didn't have internal conflicts and consumed too much of their strengths, the non-humankind force that invaded Pan Gu world back then might not have been able to break the ancient heaven. Therefore, how could Piji Nu and the other Yu Dynasty emperors not recognize these expressionless, man-shaped battling machines?

"We are willing to offer whatever we can afford for you to help us defending against these powerful enemies." Piji Nu sighed helplessly. "This time, we have already suffered a severe loss. We have to save our strength, otherwise…"

Emperor Shun nodded slowly. With a bright and strong voice, he gave his order. "Gather the army and prepare for the war…Send all newly incorporated warriors to the battlefield!"

Hao Tao pointed out his finger. Following his move, a fiery light rose into the sky and reached tens of thousands of miles high, then exploded. A dazzling sphere of fiery light covered the sky with a radius of nearly a million miles. Every human warrior in Liang Zhu City saw the fiery light.

Sonorous horns could be heard from every area of the city. Marquises and earls in the city roared passionately and gathered their troops.

Ji Hao split up the crowd, then came to Piji Nu and the other emperors. Emperor Shun was a kind and generous person, Si Wen Ming was too ashamed to mention some certain kinds of things, while the four former emperors were too scornful to do it. Therefore, as a young human being, Ji Hao was left to handle some 'dirty' things.

"This time, we will help you…Our humankind wants a half of all dark-kind slave warriors you have, and non-humankind slaves, ten for each slave warrior family. We also want twenty years of food rations for all these slave warriors and slaves. What do you think?" Ji Hao put forward his condition.

Only slaves and slave warriors, and a small amount of food, which was not even worth mentioning?

The twelve Yu Clan emperors glanced at each other and signed the agreement with Ji Hao right on the wall.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, then picked up the agreement scroll, walked to Emperor Shun, and put it into his sleeve. Afterward, he began shouting and yelling as he led a group of Yao Mountain warriors and marched down the wall.

"Good kid…What a cheeky boy…You need to learn from him!" Emperor Xuanyuan laughed very loudly.

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