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Through some mysterious kind of connection, Ji Hao watched the creation of Pan Yu world. But, it ended all of a sudden.

The endless darkness coiled on his body, wave after wave, like glue. Except for the power of destruction, all natural powers in the surroundings were dispelled, and all natural laws were blocked. Ji Hao wasn't able to borrow any power from the surrounding environment, and could only depend on his own power.

Deep roars could be heard, following which, wisps of light gradually emerged in the boundless darkness.

In the dark-red, evil light, Ji Hao saw Red Lei, Dim Cloud, and the other Sun and Moon Knights, floating in the midair in a circle. Twelve spheres of light floated above their heads, with the colors of the three suns and nine moons. Behind them, a dense dark mist had been rolling quickly.

Along with a deep, rumbling growl, they were swallowed by the dark mist. The mist coiled and slowly wove into tall, humanoid figures; thirty- meters tall, purely dark, with a deep sunken eye between the eyebrows that was sparkling deeply with a red light.

Suddenly, all twelve tall figures opened their eyes and released strong blood-red light beams from them. The light beams landed on Ji Hao's body with an overwhelming sense of evilness and violence, that seemed powerful enough to destroy the entire universe. The power of destruction wrapping around Ji Hao's body was set ablaze. The red fire of destruction mixed with wisps of dark mist scorched Ji Hao's body, causing him an unbearable pain.

The long shirt given by Si Wen Ming was burned out, and so were his dragon leather boots. Ji Hao didn't manage to react timely. He sensed a sharp pain, then his skin was gone, exposing his crystalline, colorless muscles.

Snorting heavily in pain, Ji Hao hurried activated the Pan Gu bell.

Streams of Chaos power poured down like water streams, wrapping him tightly. The fire of destruction crazily attacked the Chaos power and generated dark bolts of thunder, ceaselessly releasing a dreadful sense of destruction which could be sensed by Ji Hao.

The world-destroying thunder was powerful enough to penetrate a world and kill all its living creatures.

An intense collision took place between the Pan Gu bell and the power of destruction from Pan Yu world. This was almost like a direct conflict bursting between Saint Pan Gu and Giant Pan Yu, through Ji Hao and the twelve Sun and Moon Knights, countless centuries after the two worlds were created.

It wasn't a large-scale conflict. However, the world-destroying thunder it generated was at a fairly high level, that even scared Ji Hao.

"Ji Hao!" Red Lei, who was now a single-eyed giant, laughed out loud. His voice was filled with the most original will of destruction, without even a spark of wisdom. At the moment, Red Lei was controlled by his will of destruction. His independent consciousness was suppressed completely, and he had already become a monster which knew nothing but destruction.

Or, he had become a clone of the terrifying giant who created Pan Yu world, inheriting a part of the giant's destructive instinct and power of destruction.

"This is the original primordial spirit from Pan Yu world, the noblest, strongest bloodline!" Red Lei roared with a hoarse voice, "We, all living creatures in Pan Yu world, our supreme goal is to trace to the origin and raise a primordial spirit!"

Red Lei growled as he marched to Ji Hao with one single step along with rolling dark smoke, and swung a palm down towards his face.

Ji Hao gave a resonant shout. The Pan Gu sword split up and released two beams of sword light, with the nature of sun and the extreme negative. Red Lei' vision was blurred. One beam of sword light penetrated his palm, while the other beam flashed across the darkness and pierced into his erect eye before he even noticed.

Red Lei sneered. He punched on the Chaos power released from the Pan Gu bell, swiftly and violently.

"This is the ultimate power of the three suns and nine moons!" He roared, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, I am invincible now! You can't harm me!"

Buzz! The Pan Gu bell vibrated slightly, extracting a giant amount of energy from Ji Hao's body.

The Sun and Moon Samsara formation built by the twelve Sun and Moon knights isolated the space and dispelled all natural powers. Therefore, the Pan Gu bell couldn't extract energy from the surrounding environment either. To defend against Red Lei's punch, the bell could only use Ji Hao's power.

If Ji Hao were an ordinary Qi cultivator with limited power, even under the protection of the bell, defending against one punch from Red Lei could consume up all his energy. After that, he could only allow himself to be trampled under the feet of the twelve Sun and Moon knights.

Nevertheless, the current source of Ji Hao's energy was the Pan Jia sun. He had the power of an entire natural power.

Trapping Ji Hao with the Sun and Moon Samsara formation and wearing him out? The Twelve Sun and Moon knights indeed had a good plan, but, it wouldn't be so easy for them to actually implement it.

"That's all?" Ji Hao moved, forced back for about ten steps by Red Lei's punch. But, he remained perfectly unharmed.

"That's all?" Red Lei laughed wildly, spreading the endless will and desire for destruction and violence with his laughter. "When your power is consumed up, when you can't control this bloody bell anymore, when you can only suffer the destructive power of the Sun and Moon Samsara with your body, I will break your bones one by one, pull our every tendon of yours, then cut you into pieces!"

Red Lei launched a thunderstorm-like series of punches while laughing. Each of his strikes was heavy enough to injure a Supreme Magus severely.

Ji Hao floated in the air and watched Red Lei's fists punching down over and over again. He opened his erect eye and locked Red Lei up with his strong spirit power. With the secret of the sky-opening move, he was trying to find Red Lei's fatal weakness.

The move of sky-opening was always successful, but today, it had become too slow.

The great Dao of destruction shielded Red Lei. It was a natural law from another world, the most original, core strength of Pan Yu world, the highest great Dao of nature of that world. Ji Hao attempted to find the weakness in Red Lei's destructive power within a short span of time, but it was difficult, awfully difficult, extremely difficult!

In his spiritual space, the mysterious man stood up, clenched his fists, and widely opened his eyes. From his eyes, two beams of blue light were released, illuminating Ji Hao's entire spiritual space. "Pan Yu?" The mysterious man snorted, "Create a world with the power of destruction? No, not only the power of destruction, but also the other disgusting powers! Rottenness, collapse, destruction, evilness… What a disgusting guy…"

"En, your Dao is interesting!" In the mysterious man's eyes, complicated marks of the great Dao poured down like waterfalls. He was trembling slightly, as he had been observing the dark mist and sensing the power of great Dao contained in it, with all of his ability.

In Ji Hao's lower abdomen, the five-colored cauldron began beating like a heart. Earlier, the cauldron had swallowed a large number of non-humankind souls and forcibly sealed Great Liberty, and at the moment, it had been transforming all of them into the purest original soul power, for the mysterious man to absorb.

Replenished by the original soul power, the mysterious man's faint body turned clearer and clearer, and his sense of power grew stronger and stronger.

Ji Hao suddenly staggered forward, as Dim Cloud rushed up and threw a heavy kick at him.

The twelve single-eyed giants besieged him, beating him violently!

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