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The twelve emperors in power, the surviving power elders, and the leaders of large non-humankind families stopped doing their work and looked at the rolling dark clouds of destruction in the sky, stunned.

"Sun and Moon Samsara!" Piji Nu trembled as he stutteringly squeezed out a few words through his gritted teeth, "The highest secret of natural law utilization! The largest difference between the high-grade nobles and us! If we had the power of the Sun and Moon Samsara…we would have occupied Pan Gu world long ago!"

"Unless we can learn it ourselves, how could the high-grade nobles and the great beings behind them ever give us this kind of an ultimate secret of destruction?" Polo Jia murmured, "What a scary power! What an intoxicating sense of power! I can even feel that every cell of my body is shaking because of the fear."

"Cut the crap!" As a female, based on her special power of intuition and the fragility buried deep in her bones, Yemo Luoye spoke out her major concern, "Twelve Sun and Moon knights, true Sun and Moon powerful beings, the strong ones showered under the lights of the three suns and nine moons…If Marquis Yao Ji Hao fails to stop them, and if Emperor Shun and the other human beings fail as well, what should we do?"

Trembling slightly, a trace of despair emerged on her beautiful face as she continued, "Do you still remember the manuscripts left by our ancestors? Do you still remember the endless despair they had when they were searching for resources to live in the endless Chaos?"

"People died moment after moment. Everyone could die at any time. There was no future, no hope to be seen, until they luckily came near Pan Gu world through a Chaos swirl."

"Do you remember their cries, their tears, their wails, their despair in the manuscripts?"

"High-grade nobles are always heartless and cruel. We are 'sinners' who have been hiding Pan Gu world and all surrounding worlds from them. What will be our fate?"

Yemo Luoye looked at the others and continued tremblingly, "I don't want to be like our ancestors. I don't want to be forced out of this world, into the hopeless Chaos, living a vagrant life forever…vagrant forever!"

"Things are not so bad!" No one around Yemo Luoye responded. After a long, long while, Fan Hai squeezed a smile out of his face and said, "Let's see how the human beings will handle this. If they are strong enough to fight back, we will join hands with them and fight back together…If, if Sun and Moon knights are truly unstoppable, we…Perhaps, we can still be nobles!"

Slowly licking his lips, Fan Hai subconsciously lowered his voice and said, "If we are willing to become slaves, we may survive. After all, we're Yu Clan people, and we have noble Yu Clan bloodlines. If we are willing to become slaves, give up all our powers and resources, survival won't be so difficult!"

Before Dishi Yanluo and the other emperors made their voices be heard, Fan Hai hurriedly added, "I'm not afraid of death. I just want to say that there will be a hope as long as we're alive! Isn't that right? Back then, our ancestors nearly destroyed the humankind, but now their clan alliance is so powerful!"

The group of non-humankind beings glanced at each other. Yemo Luoye let out a long breath and said, "Hmm, let's see, let's see…"

Blinking her eyes, she suspiciously glanced at the people surrounding her, and said, "I have to warn you in advance, that right now, we have shared interests. If you have any decision to make, don't keep it from the others."

Blinking quickly, she continued with a proud smile and a bland tone, "You all know that my dear younger sister, adorable Yemo Shanye, has a pretty good relationship with some human leaders. And my loyal, reliable old servant, my favorite old butler, the one I respected the most, Yemo Shayi, is in Ji Hao's service now!"

Yemo Luoye chuckled proudly.

'Damn you, b*tch!' Dishi Yanluo and the others cast slow glances at her blooming-flower-like, beautiful grinning face, and cursed in their heads.

Didn't everyone know how many hysterical tricks she played back then for bringing Yemo Shanye back? Now what? Yemo Shanye had actually become a good card for her to develop a relationship with the humankind?

On the wall of Liang Zhu City, Emperor Shun and four former human emperors stood in a line, silently looking at the dense dark cloud of destruction in the sky, which made everyone quite uncomfortable. Si Wen Ming and the other younger elites stood quietly behind the five emperors, also gazing at the sky with serious looks.

"Sun and Moon Samsara? A destructive power generated from the combination of the powers and the great Dao of the three suns and nine moons?" Shennong said blandly, "Back then, if the invaders had such power…"

"If so, we might have been destroyed already, right? Haha, back then, human beings were far weaker, far, far weaker. Back in that age, we weren't even as strong as these kids, like Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao!" Emperor Xuanyuan laughed delightfully.

Emperor Xuanyuan sighed and continued, "It has been so many years, and we have made it. We human beings are getting more and more powerful. Many kids are disappointing, but more and more are not. This is good, wonderful! Even if we may face more, stronger enemies, old people like us shall have no worries!"

Pressing his hands on an embattlement, Emperor Xuanyuan, the most combative one among all human emperors, slightly clenched his ten fingers. His fingers sank deep into the wall as he said, "Good! Let our boys give a try and see how strong, how capable are these so-called true Pan Yu world noble monsters!"

Raising his hand, Emperor Xuanyuan shouted with a bright voice, "Boys, get ready to fight. Are we going to watch our brother risk his life against the masters alone? Go, fight these new monsters. Every one of you should feel them out before their army arrives."

A sharp beam of light flashed across Emperor Xuanyuan's eyes as he continued mercilessly, "There are only twelve of them now. If you can't defeat twelve monsters…you shouldn't complain even if you die!"

Si Wen Ming silently pulled out his sword and stomped his foot heavily against the ground. A dense dark-yellow cloud condensed from pure earth power spread from under his feet. Treading on the cloud, he broke into the dark cloud like a reverse shooting star.

"Kill!" Si Wen Ming didn't make a speech. Instead, he gave a strong shout and swung his sword towards Red Lei.

Elite human beings flew up one after another and broke into the dark cloud.

As Emperor Xuanyuan said, Ji Hao was their brother. How could they watch their brother suffer the beating from a group of non-humankind monsters alone?

Taking advantage of number?

In Pan Gu world, which intelligent species had a larger population than the humankind?

While Yu Dynasty emperors were running a discussion about surrendering, human warriors had already pulled out their swords to fight!

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