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The space was all dark, where indescribable, violent forces clashed against each other and brewed, producing terrifying creatures. In the endless darkness, Ji Hao sensed something bad.

If one mixed death with blood, and added enough of rotten corpses, in combination with the ashes of zombies which had died millions of years ago, and covered the whole thing with a golden, shiny paint, then left it in a moist corner to mould for centuries, the smell Ji Hao sensed would be generated.

The smell made Ji Hao sick, as he felt that every cell in his body was polluted. From his body to his embryo of Dao, the unconformable feeling was killing him.

Ji Hao was driven to the edge of collapse. At this moment, the mysterious man snorted coldly and released two beams of blue light from his eyes. The blue light expanded into a warm screen and shielded him.

The screen was as dark and disordered as the space, without directions, without space and time. But contained in the screen, the power released by the mysterious man was as warm as a mother's arms. It comforted Ji Hao and calmed him down, letting him sense a strong power of creation, and a thriving life-force.

The power belonging to the mysterious man, and the one released jointly by Red Lei and the other eleven Sun and Moon knights, were two opposite extremes.

The extreme rottenness and death versus the extreme power of creation...

Ji Hao was shielded in the screen between death and creation. His one foot stepped in hell, the other foot stepped in heaven. He clearly sensed the differences of the two opposite powers, from which, he seized a magical opportunity.

"Phew!" He took a long and deep breath. Around his body in the boundless darkness, a blood-red eye, which had the extreme greed and disorderedness, the needles evilness and violence, and the ceaseless destruction and death, suddenly opened.

A dazzling red light rose and slowly illuminated the surrounding space, allowing Ji Hao to see things.

An immeasurably enormous giant curled up and floated in the darkness. From Ji Hao's angle, the giant's head was hundreds of times larger than the Pan Gu sun.

The giant head was hideous, looking like a granite statue. It was bald. The nose, lips, eyebrows, cheekbones, ears, all lines were simply straight; interwoven fine wrinkles existed on the edge of every line.

Above the nose bone of the giant was a deep, sunken eye socket, occupying half of his forehead. In the eye socket, a giant, blood-red eyeball had been rolling agitatedly, releasing a suffocating sense of destruction.

"Destroy!" The giant abruptly opened his thick lips and bared his sharp teeth. He widely opened his mouth and gave a deep growl from the deepest area of his soul. It was not a mature language, but through the intensive soul power vibration, Ji Hao clearly understood him.

Followed by a creaking noise, the giant's mouth grew even wider. A black and red gust of wind blew out of his mouth, bringing out a strong scent of blood. Wherever the wind swept across, even the darkness was polluted to look like rotten gravy. He opened his mouth large and greedily devoured the mutated darkness. The more he devoured, the brighter his eyes shone with the blood-red light. The power released from his body grew greater and greater, as the coverage of the blood-red light expanded wider and wider, and he became stronger and stronger.

Slowly, the giant stretched his body and gave another thunderous roar.

He didn't mean anything this time. Instead, he was purely channeling the restless desire of destruction in his heart. But what enraged him was that it was all dark around him, with nothing existing. He wanted to destroy things, but he couldn't find anything to be destroyed.

He opened his erect eye, as widely as he could. A nearly tangible, blood-red light stream was released from that eye, slowly.

The giant laughed with a hissing voice. He reached out his hand and gripped the blood-red light, then slowly pulled it out of his eye. Following a sizzling noise, this blood-red light condensed into an odd weapon, giving an evil feeling. It was a twisted longsword, looking like a poisonous snake. Its edge was full of bumps and hollows, with saw-like teeth. The entire sword was thickly covered in barbs.

Judging merely by the twisted, strange shape of this sword, one could tell how twisted and cruel this giant was.

While laughing, the giant wielded the sword and split up the boundless darkness. Immense space cracks were created, letting in the vast Chaos power, generating the earth, the water, the wind, and the fire. With the boiling natural powers, a new world began to be created.

Mad roars could be heard from the space cracks, from all directions. Countless Chaos monsters discovered a new world which was forming. Driven by the instincts of predators, they crazily marched towards this new world.

They wanted to kill the owner of this world, occupy it, infect its original spirit, and become the new rulers of this world. If they succeeded, this new world would become their sturdiest nest in the boundless Chaos, based on which, they would be able to absorb the Chaos power to strengthen themselves, and evolve ceaselessly.

The giant laughed wildly. He was thrilled. Facing all Chaos monsters from every direction, he actively attacked and started a crazy massacre. His twisted longsword swept across the space and killed countless Chaos monsters. Every Chaos monster he killed became an embossment on his sword.

"Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!" The giant roared. Overwhelming sound waves shattered countless Chaos monsters around him.

The giant's power of destruction affected the Chaos monsters' spirit blood, mixing with the blood shed from the giant's body after he was injured. The mixture brewed in the natural power waves for a long period of time and generated the first generation of living creatures of this world.

The first generation of creatures that crawled out of the natural power waves were single-eyed giants. They roared thunderously and joined the tangled battle. These giants did not only attack all Chaos monsters madly, they also insanely attacked their 'father', the original giant who created them.

The war lasted for countless centuries. From the waves of natural powers, a new generation of creatures walked quietly out. They looked almost exactly the same as human beings, each with one pair of eyes. They were also twisted and cruel, but clearly, they were much smarter and cunning. Instead of joining the war recklessly, they hid in every area of the primitive world and tried to understand the great Dao of nature to control this world.

The third generation of creatures that walked out of the natural power waves were three-eyed Yu Clan people that Ji Hao was familiar with!

As appendages, they survived under the protection of two-eyed people.

Then, the four-eyed Jia Clan people were created, brutal and combative.

At last, the five-eyed Xiu Clan people with high intelligence were born.

Before six-eyed, seven-eyed, and even thousand-eyed species emerged, the single-eyed giant, who created the world fell.

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