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In the mansion of a Xiu Clan landlord outside Liang Zhu City, the corpses of hundreds of non-humankind nobles, servants, and slaves lied on the ground in straight lines. The owner of the mansion was a young Xiu Clan man. His head was chopped off and put on an iron stick, which stood on the tallest roof of the castle in the mansion.

Red Lei stood by the iron stick covered in blood and crossed his arms over his chest, coldly looking at the towering wall of Liang Zhu City.

"I like killing people at dawn. Useless troubadours always say that dawn is the most beautiful moment for living beings to wake up. But I, like to stop their lowly lives the moment they wake up!"

Slapping his chest with his right hand, Red Lei could still feel the unbearable pain caused by the heavy punch from Ji Hao, which punctured his chest that day, and the tremendous terror that descended when his life was under threat. With a sulky face, he said through gritted teeth, "Today, I will kill more. Before our great master arrives, they won't live one day in peace!"

Tens of divine commanders wearing Qilin scale armors and holding long spears floated behind Red Lei, treading on blazing metal rings. Their eyes were lusterless, but looking at those eyes, one could know that they were struggling from time to time. Dim wisps of light wove into strange spell symbols in their eyes. Every time when the expression of struggle rose in their eyes, the dim spell symbol in each of their eyes would dazzle and suppress their wills.

Red Lei turned around. In surprise and praise, he looked at these strong, high-Divine-Magus-level warrior commanders from the heaven and said, "Extraordinary creatures! Perhaps, the quality of this Pan Gu world is much higher than our master expected."

"This kind of supreme organ of authority generated naturally by the world to rule the world and balance the circulating of natural powers…Heaven? Among all worlds we have conquered, only the great world Pan Lin had a similar organ, but we ruined it before it matured."

"But, the heaven in Pan Gu world is so intact, so mature, and has the power to produce new divine gods and warriors to replenish itself. So amazing! By controlling this heaven, we can almost control this world."

"Dishi Cha, that low-grade poor noble, did he use the treasure given by our master on the Divine Origin Pool in the heaven? A wise choice though! Look at these people, strong warriors generated from pure energies, who can freely control the powers of the basic natural elements in this world, with no fear of death, and are brave and skillful… How perfect!"

"But now, they are my slaves. Haha, the warriors who are supposed to maintain the balanced circulation of natural powers of this world have become the slaves of ours, the invaders! Great Master, your wisdom is so amazing!"

Red Lei laughed loudly and turned around, looking at the wall of Liang Zhu City as he said coldly, "Go, kill everyone you see outside the city, every last one of them. Yu Clan people, Jia Clan people, Xiu Clan people, and their servants, slaves, or barbarians in this world, kill them all, but don't make any noise!"

Tens of divine commanders kneeled on one knee, bowed to Red Lei submissively and said 'yes'.

Their golden Qilin scale armors glowed with a faint golden light, making their skin seem slightly dark. An indescribable aura of killing surrounded them. At the moment, these divine commanders looked like devils from hell.

They split up into groups of five, based on their different natures. From the forest around the mansion, large groups of divine warriors in flood-dragon scale armors rose into the sky, following behind these commanders.

These divine warriors were elites from the Divine Origin Pool, each one of them as strong as a high-level Magus King. They followed behind their commanders expressionlessly, scattering in all directions.

Hundreds of thousands of non-humankind landlords lived around Liang Zhu City. They each had one or a few towns as their territories, with a large number of non-humankind beings living there. Pan Gu world was rich and fertile. In this world, these non-humankind beings had lived a wonderful country life for countless years.

Ji Hao, the Glorious Domination, and the four men swept across the city for a couple of times in a row, but unlike those high-grade nobles in the city, who suffered traumas, these landlords living outside the city didn't lose anything.

But with this dawn, these non-humankind landlords, who had been enjoying their peaceful, leisurely lives, started the darkest day in their lives.

Led by tens of divine commanders, hundreds of thousands of divine warriors swept across their territories like merciless gods of death.

The blade lights and sword shadows sliced broken the cool breezes blowing at dawn; the scent of blood spread speedily along the wind. Red Lei had given his order to kill. Wherever these divine warriors and commanders reached, countless non-humankind landlords, their families, servants, slaves, and even pets were all slaughtered.

In order to threaten the humankind with a strong military force, the twelve emperors in power had brought away all the military strength from these landlords' territories. Their territories were never so empty, with no power left to defend against these divine warriors and commanders.

"The scent of death and fresh blood, the perfect combination of violence and slaughter… I like it." Red Lei transformed into a red stream of light, approaching Liang Zhu City. "This is such a rich world! You low-grade poor things should never enjoy it. This world belongs to us, and us only! You low-grade poor nobles, you aren't even qualified to be our slaves!"

Red Lei broke into the city, walking quietly and quickly on a street, easily killing every non-humankind warrior he saw.

Through the street, he walked to the large light streams generated by the descending natural reward power. "Natural reward? Or, the grace of the world? Ah, ah, some people in here must have down something that pleased the original spirit of this world, or the great Dao. That's why so much natural grace is descending!" With an evil grin, Red Lei murmured to himself.

"If I make the heads of those lucky people into a book, it would be quite nice." Red Lei giggled as he moved quickly through streets and alleys like a ghost. Everyone who saw him died in his hands.

Gradually, Red Lei came to the nearest few streams of natural rewards light. A couple of strong human marquises and earls stood under the light streams, laughing loudly. While enjoying the pleasant sensation brought by the natural reward power, they were congratulating each other.

During the flood-control mission, these marquises and earls led a batch of their people cleared water channels and carved the spell symbols in quite a few important parts of the great formation. The motherland wouldn't be formed if it weren't for them.

The world was fair and selfless. They made their contribution, hence earned rewards from nature.

Narrowing his eyes, Red Lei watched these human beings showering under the golden light and the purple mist. He gave a twisted smile and pulled out an oddly shaped, sawtoothed longsword.

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