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Si Wen Ming was an 'ordinary' human being. Therefore, the world rewarded him with a sacred body of nature reward, and an unbreakable soul.

Ji Hao was a 'cultivator of Dao'. Therefore, the world gave him an opportunity to penetrate all secrets of the universe, and revealed the entire great Dao of nature before his eyes, letting him learn and memorize and them.

By now, the understanding about the world gained by Ji Hao within a moment was as deep as the result of a hundred years of severe cultivation based on his normal efficiency.

Normally, he needed to pursue the profound mystery of the world with great efforts to cultivate himself. But now, what he had been pursuing drilled straight into his embryo of Dao and left clear traces in it.

Even though Ji Hao could not yet understand the meaning of the traces left by the great Dao of nature, he had 'recorded' them in his embryo of Dao at least. In the future, he would be able to look back and face the great Dao of nature straight at any moment he wanted. The other cultivators pursued the great Dao in a hard way, like children fumbling in a small dark room, while Ji Hao sat in a broad room ablaze with lights, under the guidance of a tutor named 'nature'.

The difference between Ji Hao and ordinary Qi cultivators was as great as the distance between the heaven and the earth.

The melting-glass-like fire burning on Ji Hao's body turned clearer and clearer, more and more crystalline. It glowed softer and softer, seeming to be more and more harmless. However, Ji Hao clearly knew that this understanding about the great Dao of sun of Pan Gu world had already reached an extreme level, and at the moment, the temperature of the fire burning on his body surface was three times higher than before, when he first merged with the Pan Jia sun.

Mr. Crow and the pair of fire dragons stuck close to Ji Hao. They had followed Ji Hao all these years. Today, they all attained a decent amount of natural reward power. Mr. Crow's feathers were more and more beautiful, while his sense of power turned more and more sacred. The scales of the pair of fire dragons grew stronger and stronger, while a steadily enhancing prehistorical sense of power was released from their bodies.

Abruptly, Mr. Crow and the pair of fire dragons roared together towards the sky. Their voices were resonant, ripping the space surrounding Ji Hao. The visible ripple spread out, wave by wave.

Mr. Crow and the pair of fire dragons lowered their heads. With worry but determinedly, they each took a small bite of the melting-glass-like fire from Ji Hao and swallowed it. Their bodies immediately blazed up. Their own spirit fire started to be replaced by the essence sun fire from Ji Hao, as their bodies and souls began evolving with the help of the natural reward power.

"Smart!" Ji Hao smiled and started sending a stream of fire into the body of each of the three creatures endlessly. At the moment, his heart of Dao was strong and clear, nearly merged with the great Dao of nature itself, which allowed him to control the fire perfectly. While strengthening Mr. Crow and the pair of fire dragons, help them improving to a perfect state. Ji Hao had also been carefully keeping their bodies and souls on the verge of collapse. It was painful, unbearably painful, but could bring them the greatest benefit.

"And, I am now going to…" Ji Hao raised his head, his eyes dazzling with a golden light. Through the sky, he saw countless slowly orbiting stars.

"The great Dao is extremely austere. The Pan Gu bell is enough to defend, while Pan Gu Dragon Mark is enough to attack. As for the other things, I have the sun power in my control, my body is a stove… Concocting magic pills, forging magic treasures, creating formations and talismans, what can't I do?"

Narrowing his eyes, Ji Hao calculated for a while. With the help of the immeasurable natural reward power, Ji Hao's thinking ability had reached an extreme degree. Soon, he finished the calculation. As he pointed his finger out, the Taiji cloak, Taiji creation cauldron, and Taiji universe mirror flew out of his body.

The natural reward power descending from the sky split into two streams, one landing on the Taiji creation cauldron and the Taiji cloak, and the other on the Taiji universe mirror. Ji Hao let out a mouthful of golden flame which melted the three supreme treasures into a sphere of golden and shiny liquid, amidst the splendid lights of the natural reward. The Pan Gu bell and Pan Gu Dragon Mark flew out of his body. The bell swallowed the cauldron and the cloak. Right afterward, layers of patterns of sun and moon, stars, mountains, and rivers flashed across the bell. Next, the figure of a giant quietly emerged inside it.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark swallowed the mirror. Afterward, a bright, flickering light was added to the sword, making it look even sharper than before.

"Little guy, are you willing to give up the incoming natural reward power?" In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man abruptly asked.

"What if I am?" Ji Hao instantly threw the question back. He knew that this old man would never say useless words, and once he talked, good things would happen.

"If you are, make requirements to Pan Gu world with the incoming natural rewards for you! Didn't you extort those non-humankind beings with a high proficiency?"

The mysterious man chuckled and said, "Pan Gu had fallen, but many pieces of his body didn't become living creatures. Pan Gu fought against hundreds of millions of Chaos monsters, and pieces of his body were chopped or sliced off by those Chaos monsters, scattered in this world, hidden by the great Dao of nature."

"Make a deal with Pan Gu world with all the incoming natural rewards for you, and let it give you the remains of Pan Gu's body to forge your sword." The mysterious man murmured.

"The Pan Gu bell is made from nearly the entire spine of Pan Gu, while your sword…Two front teeth? It's a bit embarrassing. If the others knew the truth, the name of your sword would be changed into 'Pan Gu front teeth sword'. I would be so ashamed if the other people knew."

Ji Hao wanted to laugh. 'Pan Gu front teeth sword'? It wasn't a bad name! And why would you be ashamed?' thought Ji Hao.

But he couldn't truly say this. Hurriedly, he asked, "How should I communicate with Pan Gu world?"

The mysterious man clicked his tongue, reached out his hands, and quickly drew a strangely shaped spell symbol that seemed to contain all shapes in the world, in the spiritual space. "Use this Pan Gu spell seal and infuse it with all your following natural rewards power."

Ji Hao reached out a hand too and drew the same spell symbol before his face. Under his will, the natural reward power descending from the sky all poured into the spell symbol. As Pan Gu world quaked slightly, Ji Hao sensed a muddled spirit.

Ji Hao narrated his requirement to the spirit with the simplest language.

In the next moment, the natural reward power descending from the sky suddenly sped up, soon being absorbed by the spell symbols. In the meanwhile, wisps of light began sparkling magically around Ji Hao's body. Within the dim light, different shaped pieces began emerging that looked like rotten wood, rusty iron, and coarse rocks at the first glance. All these pieces flew into Pan Gu Dragon Mark.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark vibrated intensely, as Ji Hao sensed its wild joy.

Swallowing hundreds of thousands of pieces, a thorough change happened to the sword.

Through Ji Hao's eyes, the mysterious man looked at the reforged Pan Gu Dragon Mark and murmured, "You have the Pan Gu bell, so call this Pan Gu Sword then…What a shame! Why don't you like using an axe? I always felt that hacking the enemies with an axe is the best!"

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