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"Killing the barbarians awarded by the world, under the witness of the world's spirit! This is a supreme hunting experience! This is conquering and ruling, this is the supreme power, the power that's beyond the will of a world!"

Red Lei wielded the sawtoothed sword as a fierce vibe of violence and killing that belonged especially to Pan Yu world was generated around his body. He looked like a burning red sun as he momentarily flashed across the one-thousand-meters distance between the few marquises, earls, and himself, darting to behind them, less than three-hundred meters away from them.

The dark-red sawtooth sword was swung in the air. While Red Lei approached the few marquises and earls, nearly a thousand elite human warriors on his way were killed, without having a chance to fight back. Those were three Magus kings, thirty-eight Senior Magi, and nine-hundred, forty-three elite warriors. They failed to even see Red Lei's face clearly before their heads were sent up into the sky along with streams of blood.

"Killing, violence, the strongest power in the universe!" Red Lei roared with thrill. His fierce power coiled on his sword while his blood was boiling, his strength soaring. By killing nearly a thousand human beings, he attained a greater Red Sun power. His power was boosted to an extreme level, then broke through and grew three times stronger.

The Red Sun gifted him a greater power. By now, he was three times stronger than his usual peak-state.

The more he killed, the more violently and brutally he killed, the more power Red Lei could attain. This was the essence of the Red Sun, the largest difference between the high-grade nobles from Pan Yu world and low-grade nobles who were born in other worlds, such as Piji Nu and his people.

Red Lei laughed out wildly, raised his long sword, and aimed at an earl, who was showering under the golden light.

At this very moment, a rosy light illuminated the sky. The Pan Gu sun had risen from the eastern horizon, shining its inexhaustible light on the earth. Everything in the world had a beautiful golden rim.

About a hundred miles away from Red Lei, Ji Hao was looking at the Pan Gu bell and Pan Gu sword floating in front of him in delight.

The Pan Gu bell looked as lusterless as before. Merging with the Taiji cloak and the Taiji creation cauldron, the sense of power released from the Pan Gu bell had grown much stronger than before. On its heavy, simply designed surface, a faintly visible, strange airstream had been flowing.

Pan Gu Dragon Mark, now called the Pan Gu sword, had lost its bright luster. Same as the Pan Gu bell, it was now simply shaped with smooth lines, gray in color, and completely lusterless. No decorative patterns existed on its surface, but somehow, it had a fierce vibe that would shake people' hearts.

Ji Hao gripped the sword, narrowed his eyes, and laughed to the mysterious man inside his spiritual space, "An axe? My Abba may like that style, but I am learning the art of sword. I can't help it. My Shifu taught me Yu Yu's sword art, not Yu Yu's axe art!"

Through Ji Hao's eyes, the mysterious man looked at the Pan Gu sword with pity and said, "This sword is nice, but not as good as the giant axe that opened up the world back then. Little guy, I have you tell you that hacking people with an axe is the best. Axe, that's a weapon for men…Swords, well, a bit sissy!"

Ji Hao felt like vomiting blood. The mysterious man had learned bad things over these years.

'Do you dare to say that to Emperor Xuanyuan? He's a sword master too, alright? With his Xuanyuan sword, how many evil beings did he slaughter? How many heads of non-humankind monsters and evil creatures did he chop off?' Thought Ji Hao.

All of a sudden, Ji Hao's blood boiled. Somehow, the spirit of the world caught his attention. Even though Ji Hao had traded off his natural reward power for Pan Gu's remaining body pieces, his soul still maintained a tight connection with Pan Gu world's spirit.

The light of the Pan Gu sun shone on the entire world. At this moment, the Pan Gu sun became Ji Hao's eye. Everything showering under the sunlight was under Ji Hao's close watch. He saw the few human marquises and earls who were still accepting the natural rewards power, and Red Lei, who swung his sword towards an earl.

Ji Hao smiled, coldly and fiercely. Then, he raised his right hand and conveniently locked his fingers together as he said, "Bro, lend a hand!"

This 'bro' was the Pan Gu sun!

Pan Gu world's spirit woke up. It had been in a deep sleep all this while, but now, it woke up and made a move.

Liang Zhu City was just illuminated by the rising sun, but all of a sudden, it was dark again. The entire area thirty-million miles in radius around the city was darkened. In this area, the light of the Pan Gu sun gathered rapidly under the control of Ji Hao's will, till it was compressed into a hair-thin beam of light!

Sizzle! This extremely thin beam of sunlight flashed across the sky, accurately towards Red Lei.

Red Lei's face twisted. He sensed the greatest fear in his journey of life. He felt that the entire Pan Gu world had become his enemy, and a terrifying power was coming at him through the space.

Driven by his instincts that originated from the Red Sun, Red Lei raised his sword again and swung forward.

Sizzle! As easily as cutting a piece of tofu, the beam of light, which was compressed from the sunlight in the area with a radius of thirty-million miles, cut the blood-red, dazzling sawtoothed sword in Red Lei's hands into two.

Red Lei shirked hysterically while his armor suddenly fell apart and flew away from his body, merging back together before his body and shielding him. Meanwhile, he opened his mouth and reluctantly let out an exquisite, multi-edged crystal.

The light beam landed on his armor. The armor glowed with layers of light and then shattered. The golden armor turned into a strand of smoke instantaneously and dissipated in the air. Red Lei vomited blood. He flicked his finger and sent the human-head-sized crystal heavily towards the light beam, while flashing across the space and attempting to run.

Puff! The red crystal was penetrated by the golden light beam.

But after all, this crystal was Red Lei's final life-saving treasure. It managed to block the light beam for about one-thousandth of a second. Within this short span of time, Red Lei moved his body away and dodged the golden light beam, which was aimed at the erect eye between his eyebrows. The light beam thus brushed gently across his crotch area.

Without feeling anything, a leg of his was cut off entirely.

Red Lei lowered his head immediately. Looking at his torn leg, he screamed with a dry voice, raising his fleeing speed by thirty percent.

The light of the Pan Gu sun soon filled up the dark area. The warm sunlight also poured on Red Lei's body. Suddenly, a shred of shadow flashed through the air above his head. With the sunlight, which existed in every corner of this world, Ji Hao easily surpassed Red Lei and blocked his way.

Wearing a long shirt made from a coarse cloth that he stole from Si Wen Ming's bag, Ji Hao carried the new Pan Gu sword and smilingly stopped Red Lei, who had one leg of hs cut off.

"Red Lei? Are you still thinking about leaving after you killed so many of our warriors?"

"Easy though. Look at my sword… I reforged it with my natural reward power. Let me stab you one time with my sword. If you survive, I'll let you go!"

Ji Hao gave a large grin. Seeing his grinning face, Red Lei sensed a sharp coldness from deep down his heart.

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