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In Liang Zhu City, Ji Hao floated in the air, about ten-thousand-meters above the ground. The melting-glass-like fire on his body glowed brightly, illuminating the area tens of miles in radius.

Hundreds of large-scale teleporting magic formations had been sparkling. Large groups of warrior carried large boxes, which were made from gold, silver, jade, and other precious materials, filled with top-grade magic crystals with all natures, thousands of years old magic herbs and spirit plants, and other treasures, ceaselessly into the teleporting formations. The boxes were piled into hills.

Every time a teleporting formation blinked, countless boxes filled with precious treasures would be sent to the territory of human beings.

The non-humankind beings had been plundering Pan Gu world's resources for countless years. They built numerous secret treasuries under Liang Zhu City and inside mountains. Earlier, Ji Hao and his people had swept across the mansions of all large non-humankind families. But back then, the time was too limited, and he only had the time to bring away his non-humankind captives, without a chance to search through all treasuries.

The four men and their disciples stayed in the city for days. However, they only took away some easily found things. Before they could unseal the important treasuries hidden in secret locations, Ji Hao broke the city. Therefore, ninety-nine percent of all treasures in Liang Zhu City were still in good keep. Forty-percent of these treasures now belonged to the alliance of human clans, and thirty-percent belonged to Ji Hao.

In an opened fire jade box, a few fist-sized, ragingly burning red fruits were exposed in the air. Seeing these fruits, Ji Hao's eyes shone. As he crooked his finger, three fruits flew out of the box.

These were fire elf fruits, growing deep in lava. Nourished by earth meridian essence fire power, this kind of plant would sprout in three thousand years, then mature and yield fruits in ten-thousand years. The amount of essence fire power contained in one fruit equaled to a high-level Divine Magus' full power.

Ji Hao threw a fruit to Mr. Crow, who cawed happily and caught the fruit with his beak. He was in no rush to eat it. Instead, he kept poking it with his claws, proudly showing his treasure off to the surrounding warriors.

The pair of fire dragons coiled on Ji Hao's arms were much more impatient than Mr. Crow. Once Ji Hao put two fruits on his palms, they hurriedly swallowed them, then began twisting their bodies excitedly on Ji Hao's arms, letting out strong fire flakes from time to time.

Si Wen Ming walked over with large steps, laughed delightfully, and said, "Ji Hao, Emperor Shun said that the Magi Palace would be first in the line for the treasures we're shipping back. Hah, we found a good deal of great materials, enough for us to forge a batch of top-grade magic treasures."

"There was a batch of books and texts. I've already let my people ship those back ahead of the other treasures. I dare not put those in the Magi Palace. I told Huaxu Lie and Lie Mountain Kang to secretly send the books and texts to a secret place in the Magi Palace, to keep them safe." Si Wen Ming put his mouth near Ji Hao's ear, lowered his voice, and continued. He was too excited, that even his voice sounded strange.

"Puppet designs, drug formulae, spell symbols, formations, alloy techniques…They are far more knowledgeable than us. As long as we can absorb their knowledge and keep developing based on it, in the future, the non-humankind monsters will no longer be our opponents."

Si Wen Ming's eyes shone brightly with excitement. The books and texts found in the libraries in Liang Zhu City were the results of the wisdom of Yu Clan, Jia Clan, and Xiu Clan people, accumulated over countless years. As long as the humankind could absorb and digest all the knowledge of the non-humankind and keep on developing, without a doubt, the humankind would become incomparably powerful one day.

Stronger armors, sharper weapons, larger flying forts, more ingenious formations and spell symbols…Within a short period of time, the human civilization would roughly stand on equal footing with the non-humankind.

Based on the large population of the humankind, and the giant number of elite military forces formed by Divine Magi and Magus Kings, once the human civilization caught up with the non-humankind civilization, Pan Gu world would certainly belong to the humankind!

Ji Hao grinned, then bumped his fist against Si Wen Ming's fist heavily.

He narrowed his eyes and pondered for a while, then took out a snow-white, jade-like turtle shell, and carefully handed it to Si Wen Ming.

"Uncle Wen Ming, this is a cultivation method, which can help the cultivators to efficiently improve the souls and spirit power, called Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words. Don't ask where it comes from, and don't ask how I got it either. All in all, this is a 'clean' cultivation method, not related to anyone."

"Choose trustworthy people and teach them this. I've experienced the breakthrough into the level of Supreme Magus, so I now understand that as long as the soul and spirit of a human Divine Magus are strong enough, he or she will be able to replace the spirit of a natural star with his or her own soul seal. I hope that in the coming future, more Supreme Magi can emerge among human beings."

Pointing at the sky, Ji Hao grinned again and continued, "One day, our people may turn the heaven into our territory too."

Si Wen Ming raised his eyebrows and stared at Ji Hao for a long while. He gripped the turtle shell tight with both hands, with blood veins bulging from the backs of his hands. Apparently, he was shocked by the Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words given by Ji Hao.

A cultivation method that could improve the souls and spirits of human cultivators?

Generations of capable human beings had spent countless years of effort to negotiate with the phoenix-kind, but failed to attain even pieces of any soul magic from them. And yet, Ji Hao simply provided one just like this?

Si Wen Ming didn't even know what to say. If this cultivation method provided by Ji Hao truly had the effect to rapidly improve human cultivators' souls and spirit, not to mention any other possible result, his father, Si Xi, could be saved. As long as Si Wen Ming found Si Xi and told him to learn this cultivation method, allowing him to quickly improve his souls and spirit till he was able to control the natural star that he merged with, Si Xi would be able to absorb the star immediately and become a true Supreme Magus!

In a certain way, this cultivation method Ji Hao provided would not only bring the humankind a brighter future, it would also save Si Xi's life!

Clenching his right fist, Si Wen Ming gently punched on Ji Hao's chest, then smiled and said, "Are you interested in being the leader of the Magi Palace? I want to make some changes to the Magi Palace, to give it a better structure and allow it more space to raise talents. I want to turn it into the source of the true wits of human beings, and a gathering place for the most powerful Magi."

"I need a reliable, strong, wise, and open-minded person, who is willing to contribute to the humankind, to help me." Si Wen Ming looked at Ji Hao smilingly and said, "It now appears that you're the only eligible person."

The leader of the Magi Palace? Ji Hao smiled and responded, "Yeah, in fact, I have many ideas too. I'd like to try them in the Magi Palace."

The two of them glanced at each other and grinned. Abruptly, Ji Hao heard the mysterious man murmuring something about 'boundless beneficence'. What boundless beneficence? And 'Pan Gu Motherland', what Pan Gu Motherland?

All of a sudden, the ground under their feet quaked slightly, and next, two tremendous purple-golden swirling clouds emerged in the sky.

Immeasurably great natural reward power descended from the sky, looking like two enormous waterfalls as they surged into Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming's bodies. In other areas of Liang Zhu City, relatively smaller swirling clouds emerged too, and streams of natural reward power began flowing into the bodies of stunned people.

Ji Hao quivered, then he closed his eyes and immersed in the magical feeling.

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