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When Liang Zhu City was like a pot of boiling soup, the northern side of Midland was especially peaceful and quiet.

This was the northernmost area of Midland, far away from Pu Ban City and Liang Zhu City. A small number of people from a few special families lived in this area. Because the natural powers in this area were extra active, disastrous calamities happened frequently, and this area was inhospitable to human beings. Therefore, even the most hard-working non-humankind patrol didn't want to waste their time in this area.

A thousand miles tall mountain range, which extended from the east to the west for an immeasurably long distance, quietly towered up in the northernmost side of this area. During the flood, the water descended from the sky, pouring down along this mountain range southward. The soaring mountain range gave the flood a terrifying power. As a result, wherever the flood swept across, all forests were destroyed.

The flood was gone, and the thriving life-force of Pan Gu world had been helming the trauma left by the flood. On this long and extending mountain range, the rich soil was already covered in a vividly green layer of grass and moss, but the destroyed forest wouldn't grow back so easily.

Over a hundred Longbo Country people carried giant baskets, walking on the mountain range with heavy steps. Among them, the strongest few were about one-hundred and fifty miles tall. Their heads were even above the clouds, and their breaths had been causing whirling airstreams. The shortest few among them were children, but even they were taller than twenty miles. Their tender faces were filled with childishness while they giggled happily, lightheartedly taking out 'saplings' from their baskets and carefully planting them on the mountainside.

Those were actually hundreds of meters tall, thousands of years old ancient trees. But to these Longbo Country people, those were 'saplings' indeed.

They held their saplings carefully, created deep holes on the mountainside with their fingers, then slowly planted them in the holes. Longbo Country Maguspriests stood aside, casting a spell loudly, with their bodies coiled in a dense green mist. Strong green power condensed into giant spell symbols and descended from the sky, landing heavily on the saplings.

The saplings began shaking intensely. Nourished by the earth power and green power, they started growing speedily. Before long, the hundreds of meters tall saplings reached thousands of meters in height, with luxuriant foliage, and fruits clung to the branches.

Longbo Country people laughed while looking at these fast-growing 'saplings' with satisfaction.

As long as these trees yielded their fruits, they would mature and then fall off, or be brought away by birds or beasts. In a few years, the forest in this mountain range would thrive again. With the fertile forest, large groups of animals would gather in this area. By then, people living in this area would be able to earn their living.

A Longbo Country warrior had his stomach grumbled. He complained as he untied a thousands of meters long whale corpse from around his waist. This Longbo Country warrior was about one-hundred and twenty-mile stall. In his eyes, this whale, which might be an enormous being to ordinary people, was just a small fish.

He opened his mouth and chewed the whale. Soon, he swallowed it entirely. Rubbing his belly, this Longbo Country warrior suddenly burst into a raging growl towards the sky, "Gong Gong, damn you! You raised the flood and destroyed our forest! Meat! Our meat! We can't even eat our fill!"

The group of Longbo Country people all began cursing Gong Gong.

Without the forest and the groups of animals, it was truly not easy for these giants to fill their bellies. Fortunately, the human emperor in Pu Ban hadn't forgotten them. Under the emperor's order, Maguspreists from the Magi Palace brought them large amounts of whale meat, shark meat, and giant octopus meat! However, all aquatic foods tasted fishy, so Longbo Country people could eat some of it once in a while. But, how could they live on just fishes?

Meat, they loved eating fleshy wild beasts, swallowing them with the hot and fresh blood. Meat was Longbo Country people's favorite! Could fishes even be counted as meat?

They poked their fingers into the ground, created deep holes, then planted the 'saplings' in them. Afterward, Maguspriests cast the spell to make the trees grow. Soon, a new area of greenery was added to the mountainside. Over a hundred Longbo Country people moved forward slowly in a straight line, leaving large areas of greenery behind.

At daybreak, the leader of this troop suddenly gave a thunderous growl.

All Longbo Country people stopped and looked at their leader confusedly. This one-hundred and fifty miles tall warrior growled rumblingly, leaped up to thousands of miles high, and dashed to the top of the mountain range.

Treading on the mountaintop, this warrior widely opened his eyes as he looked at the northern sky alarmedly.

Dense watery clouds were boundless and endless, covering the sky and rolling over. The dark watery clouds pressed down, as if the sky had collapsed. Along with countless bolts of thunder, the clouds seemed to bump against Midland.

The Longbo Country warrior leader roared out loud and closed his eyes tightly. A while later, he opened his eyes and released two blood-red beams of light from those eyes. Through the dark watery clouds, he saw a vast continent wrapped in watery clouds, approaching Midland slowly.

In the southernmost side of this continent was a boundless sea with raging waves. On the sea, countless enormous beasts had been pushing the waves, roaring towards the sky in fear.

"This, this…Is this the Northern Wasteland that I heard from my great-grandfather's stories? That great water… Is that the North Sea?" The warrior leader was trembling intensely. "My great-grandfather said he went to Northern Wasteland for a hunting trip when he was young, and it took him whole five years to get to there! My great-grandfather was a fast runner, but even he spent five years to cross the void…Such a long distance… Northern Wasteland…Northern Wasteland!" He even screamed.

Suddenly, the warrior leader dashed down the mountain while yelling, "Run! It's gonna crash into Midland! Great ancestor souls, bless us! Northern Wasteland is gonna crash into Midland!"

The group of Longbo Country people dropped the baskets on their backs and began running south rumblingly.

They leaped high and far like birds flying in the sky. With one single step, they could cover hundreds of miles. Within merely ten minutes, they rushed over ten-thousand miles away. Behind them, birds were darting and beasts were rushing wildly. All living creatures had been fleeing southward desperately, roaring in despair.

From the east, south, west, and north, four continents, which were as enormous as Midland, were wrapped in boundless dense rolling watery clouds, and had been approaching. Because of their tremendous sizes, the continents seemed to be flying slowly, but in fact, they flew tens of thousands of miles per second.

What was even more astonishing was that the four fleetingly flying continents didn't shatter Midland. Instead, because of an indescribable magical power, the moment the four continents and Midland touched each other, they merged into one perfectly, without any impact or vibration, as if the five continents had always been a whole.

In Ji Hao's spiritual space, the mysterious man, who had been resting, suddenly opened his eyes and sighed with excitement, murmuring, "Pan Gu Motherland, finally…is formed…Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao kid…You have indeed made boundless beneficence to this world!"

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