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"Back when Pan Gu created the world, he wanted to create an intact motherland, with the five natural elements, and Yin and Yang supporting each other, with balanced natural laws, flawless, perfect."

"However, hundreds of millions of Chaos monsters attacked, and Pan Gu fell before the motherland was completed. The powers of the five natural elements split up and generated five continents, the Midland, Eastern Wasteland, Southern Wasteland, Western Wasteland, and Northern Wasteland, with different natures."

"Eastern Wasteland is covered in forests, Southern Wasteland has the most volcanos, Western Wasteland is rich in mineral resources, Northern Wasteland has a sea, and Midland has the most fertile soil. It is the most nourishing continent, most suitable for human beings to live and develop on. Therefore, it became the base of the humankind."

"All Streams to the Final Land, this great formation drew the inexhaustible water power from the twelve water worlds. The four wastelands were brought to the Midland like boats drifting on the water. The five continents merged, and formed the motherland!"

"From now on, the Yin and Yang, and the five basic natural elements will circulate in Pan Gu Motherland, and the motherland will become an unprecedentedly rich and fertile land. Dragons, phoenixes, human beings, all species generated from Pan Gu's body will become the invariable owners of Pan Gu world."

The mysterious man laughed thunderously, shaking Ji Hao's spiritual space. Meanwhile, nourished by the endless natural reward power, his body and embryo of Dao both felt to be 'swelling', even to be 'full to bursting'; the feeling was seriously weird. The natural rewards descending on him this time were way too much, that Ji Hao's eyeballs even bulged out.

After all, even Saint Pan Gu failed to achieve what they had done this time. One could say that by bringing the five continents back together, they completed the great Dao of nature of Pan Gu world, making Pan Gu world 'perfect'.

The world sensed it, and was thrilled because of the completion of the great Dao of nature, so it wouldn't be stingy with the reward. Tremendous natural reward power descended, beyond anyone's imagination.

Back then, Emperor Xuanyuan led human beings and fought against the non-humankind. Because of him, human beings struggled to survive, and the human civilization was saved. But, even he didn't attain as much natural reward power as Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming, the key person of the flood-control mission, did today.

The entire All Streams to the Final Land great formation was designed by Si Wen Ming. Si Wen Ming led his people and built the formation bit by bit himself. Therefore, over fifty-percent of all natural reward power went to Si Wen Ming. The vast natural reward power, the purple-golden light, wrapped Si Wen Ming up, that his body even seemed to melt in the splendid light.

Standing right beside Si Wen Ming, Ji Hao opened his erect eye and looked at him. Within the dazzling light, Ji Hao clearly saw that a thorough change had been happening to Si Wen Ming, from the body to the soul. Every cell of Si Wen Ming's body was filled up with the natural reward power, becoming golden, shining, and coiling in a purple mist. His body now had a pearl-like luster, as bright as stars and as beautiful as rosy clouds.

Magical natural marks coiled and settled inside Si Wen Ming's body, rapidly turning his body into a sacred body of natural reward, that no evil or disaster could harm. With this new body, in Pan Gu world in the future, no magic, curse, formation, and other attacks based on the natural powers in this world could do any harm to Si Wen Ming. In this world, no toxin, natural or artificial, could hurt him either.

In the future, wherever Si Wen Ming stayed, the weather in this area would be great, and the harvests would be bumper. Wherever Si Wen Ming went, people in that area would live a thriving life.

Every word Si Wen Ming said would deliver the power of the great Dao of nature; the wind, the rain, the thunder, the snow, the world would follow his words.

His soul was also filled to the brim by the natural rewards power, shining with a golden light and surrounded by a purple mist. Same as his sacred body of natural reward, his soul was also immune to all magic and curses in Pan Gu world.

The torrent of natural reward power had also been surging into Ji Hao's body ceaselessly.

Ji Hao felt his body was slightly hot. Streams of Chaos power slowly spread from his body. Except for slightly improving his physical strength, the natural reward power given by Pan Gu world didn't change his body too much. However, his embryo of Dao widely opened its mouth and wolfed the natural reward power, as if it had been starving for years.

Ji Hao felt that his vision was brightened up, and suddenly, he clearly saw the entire Pan Gu world. He was like a fish which had been living confusedly in a dark water tank, but all of a sudden, the tank turned transparent, and a bright light shone in, allowing the fish to clearly see everything in the surroundings.

Pan Gu world revealed all its secrets to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao raised his head and saw countless giant stars floating in the sky, slowly orbiting without any change. He saw the complicated, immense great Dao of nature of Pan Gu world, and the slightest change happening at every moment under the vast system of the great Dao of nature.

The four seasons, the plants growing, the wind, frost, snow, dew, the life, the death...

He saw the starry void above the sky. Clearly, he saw billions of natural stars, and countless cultivators stuck in those 'transparent' stars, dead, dying, or crazily growling, or closing their eyes and focusing on cultivation.

Ji Hao even found Si Xi at the first glance. Si Xi was trapped in an enormous dark-yellow star. A dense yellow mist had been corroding his body. He closed his eyes, with no expression change happening on his square face. He sat there ever so silently.

Ji Hao also saw the Netherworld, the eighteen parts of the hell. He saw the struggling souls in the blood pool, the fire ocean, the blade mountain, and the sword forest; he heard their screams. He even saw Netherworld Priest squatting by the blood pool, laughing and punching a deputy elder back into the pool over and over again.

"Eh?" Netherworld Priest snorted and raised his head. As a bright light flashed across his eyes, he laughed out loud and nodded to Ji Hao, who had been looking at him across an immeasurable distance. He then waved his hands and let the space be suffused with the thick Netherworld mist. Afterward, Ji Hao could not see anything in the Netherworld anymore.

"Hah!" Ji Hao chuckled. Netherworld Priest discovered him. He was a prehistorical powerful being indeed.

Turning around, Ji Hao suddenly saw Priest Hua and Priest Mu, sitting with crossed legs in the westernmost area of this world, in a place with a splendid glow.

Ji Hao hurriedly stopped looking, but still, Priest Hua and Priest Mu discovered him simultaneously. They weren't as nice as Netherworld Priest. Without a hesitation, they launched a sharp beam of light towards Ji Hao.

Buzz! The natural reward power wrapped around Ji Hao's body quaked slightly. Priest Hua and Priest Mu' dazzling beam of light flashed across the space, yet failed to cause any harm to Ji Hao. At the moment, Ji Hao was accepting the reward from the world, and the entire Pan Gu world was his strongest shield. How could Priest Hua and Priest Mu ever hurt him now?

Ji Hao looked around and saw everything in this world. The shadows of every part of the great Dao of Pan Gu world were left in his embryo of Dao. As his embryo of Dao kept absorbing the natural rewards power, these shadows grew clearer and clearer. Ji Hao understood the natural powers deeper and deeper, and could control them better and better, thus growing more and more powerful.

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